Over the past few days, we’ve discussed the growing importance of modular units in your home, be it the living room, kitchen or bedroom. This trend gains momentum as families adapt to compact apartments and opt for clutter-free living spaces.

Choosing furniture that combines functionalities is a clever move when you want to save space without compromising on experience. Swanky television sets accompanied by modular storage units have become a common feature inside modern homes nowadays. These TV-cum-storage units are versatile in form and function and easily complement both contemporary and modern settings in phenomenal ways.

Here are six striking modular units that’ll look exceptionally attractive in your home while they provide ample space for both display and storage:

TV 1

A sleek design like this provides multiple storage options with its shutter-less cabinets to store essentials and floating shelves to display TV remotes, books and knick-knacks. With its clean lines and neutral tones, this modular unit can look flattering in any space and give your home decor an interesting update.

TV 2

The combination of stand alone and wall mounted units make for versatile arrangements while the pops of blue in the monochrome colour scheme certainly adds to the visual interest. Generous amount of storage is provided by the floating units while the sleek stand alone TV unit accommodates all your TV essentials.

TV 3

These wall mounted modular units finished in wood can infuse your space with organic warmth and Japanese  aesthetics. This floating modular TV unit gives ample opportunity to conceal your DVD collections and other equipment while you show off your cherished accent pieces in the uniquely designed wall shelf.

TV 4

A sophisticated piece of furniture like this is any day more than just a modular TV unit; the neutral color palette of browns gives it an elegant look while the plethora of cubbies and drawers makes it the perfect storage solution.

TV 5

This dual toned, wall mounted modular unit looks ever-stylish juxtaposed against a stark white wall. It can showcase all your favourite accent pieces and can also double up as a bookshelf. The blonde wood shutters of this modular unit can easily complement a modern setting while its distinctive structure becomes its eye catching feature.

TV 6

The unique and unmistakable design of this modular TV unit can easily become the focal point of any space. A combination of standalone and floating cabinets team up to create an entertainment center which is high on style and offers maximum storage. The stark black units broken up with bright yellow cubbies gives it an unconventional look which is both fun and refreshing.

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