Before we get into the discussion about which TV unit design is better, let’s understand the importance of one. An entertainment unit is a focal point in a room towards which all your living room furniture is pointed (Unless you don’t have a television, of course). But although most televisions are wall-mounted currently, a storage unit hides away all the clutter — wires, setup boxes and other accessories.

TV unit design

So here is a detailed review of the pros and cons of each unit, to make it easier for you to take a call.

Fixed TV units:

Fixed TV units can be of two kinds — wall-mounted or floor-mounted.

Wall-mounted units:

TV unit design TV unit design

They are the rage right now! Needless to say, its sleek design and the floating appearance is appealing to many.

Pros: It is evident that fixed wall-mounted designs are more space-saving as they don’t occupy any floor space. Also, since it’s on the wall, it is out of the reach of children. This unit is easier to dust and maintain.

Cons: TVs cannot be placed on the unit, and should also be wall-mounted as they cannot carry too much weight. For rented spaces, this unit can cause some wall damage with nails so be sure to check with your landlord before you get it done.

Floor-mounted units:

TV unit design TV unit design

They are feasible where you don’t want to drill holes in the wall. Thus, a skirting is used to prop the unit. The TV can be placed on the unit or can be wall-mounted as per the viewing height of the user.

Pros: Their fixed nature makes it a practical option in homes where pets and kids are on the run. Accumulation of dust under the unit is minimum as there is a skirting supporting the frame. There is no wall damage in the case of this design.

Cons: Since the TV is your focal point, any rearrangement of living room furniture to another direction or layout is not possible. Although it’s not fixed to the wall, dismantling and reassembling the unit at another place is a task.

TV Stands

TV unit design TV unit design TV unit design

Stand-alone TV units have been in Indian living rooms for a long time now. From minimalist options to a big unit with multiple storage slots for the VCR, or CD Players, we were crazy about the designs. You can choose to place the TV on the stand or wall-mount it.

Pros: The best part about TV stands is that they can be moved around easily. So if you decide to change the layout of your living room, you can do it with least effort. But it’s not feasible in case your TV is wall-mounted. This unit also can bear more weight as it puts the pressure on the floor. It pampers you with choice of multiple designs, sizes and styles compared to the fixed units. Free-standing units with the TV on them is great for rented homes as there will be no wall damage.

Cons: The obvious negative side of the TV stand is that it takes up the floor space. Since, it is moved to a corner or lined up with the wall, cleaning around and beneath it may be a task. More often than not, cobwebs and dust particles tend to accumulate if it is not cleaned regularly. Also, if you have the TV on the stand, there are chances that your kids or pets can knock it over.

Now that you know the pros and cons of both, let us know which is your favourite TV Unit design. Here are some TV units that double up as storage units for your home.


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