Bar designs for small apartments
Urbanization in India has made most of us scoot from big mansions to settle for matchstick-sized apartments. But smaller apartments don’t necessarily mean giving up on certain luxuries that only the magnificence of a big house would usually allow!

We’re talking about bar units, obviously. Home bars should ideally marry style with functionality to create a party starter. Don’t sulk if you live in a small apartment because we’ve put together a list of clever bar designs to kick off your next big party.

Breakfast bar
Bar designs for small apartments

If you are lucky enough to have an open layout kitchen, which incidentally is great for small apartments, don’t think twice to get a kitchen island installed. You could use the space beneath the island or breakfast bar to stock your liquor. Prop a few high-chairs or bar stools to enjoy a few drinks with friends.

Space-saving rack
Bar designs for small apartments.

Sometimes space constraints restrict us from setting up a separate bar unit. But do not let that be a reason for dry days. If floor space is sparse, opt for a portable wine rack, which is compact and keeps the party going.

Trendy bar design
Bar designs for small apartments

We love how this small, contemporary bar table holds glasses, bottles and leaves plenty of space for bar stools that you can get comfortable on during drinking marathons. Better yet, opt for a wall-mounted table with wall shelving hidden behind to create a nifty, bar area that’s collapsible once the guests leave.

Bar in a box
Bar designs for small apartments

For compact apartments, space-saving furniture like the box bar makes hosting a breeze. This multi-functional piece comes with different compartments in the drawer for bottles, while the table top also serves as a side table.

Corner conundrum
Bar design for small apartments

The deep shelves of this tall tropical cabinet make storing your prized liquor collection a hassle-free experience. The design of the cabinet makes this easy to accommodate in space constrained homes. The best part? Your crystal tumblers, wine glasses and champagne flutes can be displayed too.

Bar table
Bar designs for small apartments

This bar cum table opens its doors to a cornucopia of storage just like the magical wardrobe in the Chronicles of Narnia! This timeless bar furniture can be placed in any part of the living room and can also double up as a table for displaying your favourite accent pieces.

Double-duty sideboard
Bar designs for small apartments

Who doesn’t love multifunctional furniture? You can create your own little bar with this bar cum sideboard unit that also accommodates your crockery.

Open bar
Bar designs for small apartments

Packed with several shelves and displaying a rustic style, is this cabinet without shutters. This is a one-stop solution for all your bar needs. Use it to divide a sizeable living room or back it up against a wall. An ideal piece for a bachelor or bachelorette pad since this isn’t really a good idea if you have kids in the house.

Lounge in style
Bar designs for small apartments

The abstract frame of this home bar will surely add some geometric pizzazz when you entertain next. The stylish shutters ensure your bar stocks are hidden from prying eyes. To complete the unassuming look, place a few potted plants and accents on the table top.

All-in-one bar
Bar designs for small apartments

This bar design will definitely hit a homerun with those whose homes are considered a party hub. Bold on the outside and elegantly designed on the inside with flawless organization for a multitude of bottles. Pair this piece with other transitional pieces for maximum effect.

A compact wine rack
Bar designs for small apartments

This wine rack can easily be transported from one spot to another. With a set of four compartments, two shelves with a slim drawer and table top, this compact piece is a perky party starter for a gathering of four.

Check out the bar design in this home: