When you’re looking for extra storage or display space, there is no solution as simple as wall shelves. They are cheap, practical, easily available, easily installed and (best of all) take up very little space! When you find the right kind of wall shelf designs for your space, you help elevate the aesthetics of your room.

Open wall shelf decor ideas are a great way to make curios, books, condiments and other accessories easily accessible. So bid farewell to bulky storage solutions and take home some of these handy, simple wall shelf designs instead. From the living room to the kitchen, the pooja room to the kids’ room, we’ve got a design for every space.

Decorative Wall Shelves for Living Room Spaces

When it comes to living room display options, most of us make do with the available furniture. But what if we told you there’s no need to settle anymore? With Livspace, you can easily install decorative wall shelves for living room spaces that make a statement. Take a look at some of our wall shelves for living room.

A contemporary shelf with a simple wall rack design
An asymmetrical interior shelf design for open storage
Sleek wooden wall shelves for living room interiors
Scattered, decorative wall shelves for living rooms are stylish and functional

Up for experimentation? Turn your TV wall into a work of art with a scattered wall shelf design like we did for this home. You can also use a combination of wood or laminates to add on to the design of your wall shelves for living room storage.

A mix-wood wall shelf design idea for maximum storage capacity
A fully open, metal-and-ply wall shelves design for living room with an industrial look
A mix of open and closed wall shelves for living room storage
Heavy-duty wall shelves design for living room

Modular Wall Shelf Designs for Bar Units

The shelves in your home bar units need not be simple and common. If you have a flair for experimentation, they can even be modified to make your bar more look more impressive. Take a look at these modular decorative wall shelves to create a stunning home bar. 

A wall shelf design idea for home bars that need a wine glass hanger
Go for simple shelves design ideas for bar units at home

Simple Wall Shelves Designs for Foyers and Passages

Our passages and foyers, although narrow, shouldn’t be neglected. There are many designer wall shelves you can use here to decorate such parts of your home.

Plain wall shelves designs for display items for passages
Sleek and simple, decorative wall shelves like these are best for foyers and passages

Easy-to-Match Wall Shelf Designs for Bedrooms

Did you think of having a display-worthy wall shelf storage unit in your bedroom? The ideal place to use these kinds of wall shelves ideas in your bedroom is the wall adjoining the TV unit. If you do not like the idea of having a television in your room, you can use cube-style display shelves on the wall that cover the entire space. They are ideal to store books and other essentials. On the other hand, you can have simple ledges on the TV unit to display your favourite curios. 

Wall shelf designs for bedrooms can be simple, functional and beautiful at the same time
Flexi-storage offered by the bedroom rack design and the book shelf in this room

You can also install designer wall shelves along the bare walls of your room. Make use of vertical wall rack designs or simple wall shelves for bedroom storage, especially near study tables or reading corners. 

A designer wall shelves idea that matches the theme of the bedroom
Choose wall shelf designs that blend in all styles of interiors, even industrial!
Playful wall shelf designs can also be multicoloured
Choose a vertical wall rack design instead of heavy overhead wall shelves for bedrooms
A narrow vertical wall shelf design for bedrooms that doubles as vanity storage

Clever Wall Shelf Designs for Kids’ Rooms

The main idea of having an open shelf design on the wall in a kid’s room is to store books or toys. It could also be used to display trophies or other achievements. This wall shelf storage unit caught our eye, as it makes efficient use of corner space. The impressive thing about the second wall shelves idea is that it fits perfectly into this nook. It is great from a functional perspective too, given its basket shape, which reduces the chance of books toppling over.

One cannot have too many shelves to keep a kid’s room organised!
Another wall shelves decor idea for corners in kids’ rooms
An open shelf design for kids bedrooms

Handy Wall Shelf Designs for Kitchens

A few open shelves in the kitchen are sure to come in handy. This is primarily because open shelves like these spice racks are easily accessible. Add a line of hooks to it and you can easily hang your cooking spoons and spatulas too! If you like to stock up on groceries and you have overshot your kitchen interior budget, an open pantry can be a life-saver. You could opt for stone wall shelf designs since they are affordable and durable too.

One of the many wall shelves decor ideas for keeping vegetables and spices
An open shelf design on wall to assist the serving counter
A more accessible option for the spices rack in compact kitchens
A simple shelf to keep plants near the window in a kitchen

Safe and Sanitary Wall Shelf Designs for Bathrooms

Whether big or small, the bathroom is one room that never seems to have enough storage space. Creating a cache for toiletries might just be what your bathroom needs. Open wall shelf designs are the ideal storage options for big bathrooms with empty walls. Small bathrooms require elements that have a purpose and are functional, so your safest bet will be to install shelves in wall niches.

Declutter your bathroom with kid-friendly wall shelf designs
A spacious wall shelf to extend the vanity storage
Sustainable glass shelves built in a niche of a small bathroom

Designer Wall Shelves Ideas for Pooja Rooms

A great deal of thought goes into the height at which deities are placed in pooja rooms. Whether you prefer sitting or standing while praying, idols must be kept on a sturdy surface. Propped up against the wall, a bracket shelf is ideal for pooja rooms with heavy idols. On the other hand, floating wall shelf designs go unnoticed and are perfect for photo frames of deities.

Use bracket shelves to make pooja altars for heavy idols
Floating shelves add a dimension to the pooja room
Vertical shelves for placing deity statues and pictures in pooja room

Durable Wall Shelves for Balconies and Utility Rooms

The kind of shelves you choose for your balconies and utility areas must be based on your decor themes and your storage requirements. Take a look at some of the examples by Livspace to make well-informed decisions. 

A lightweight but sturdy wall shelf design for an industrial-style balcony
A planter shelf to incorporate greenery in your balcony design
A practical wall shelves design idea for utility rooms

We believe there’s a shelf design for every room in every home and these ideas should provide ample inspiration! If that has left you wanting more interesting storage ideas, check out which wardrobe should you get for more home interior inspiration. 

Wall Shelves Cost and the Factors That Influence Them 

There are several factors that can affect wall shelves cost. These include the size, materials (MDF, HDF-HMR, or Wood), and the finish of your shelves. Depending on how you select your wall shelf design, these factors dictate whether you can get low cost wall shelves or not.

Materials like wood can be relatively more expensive whereas recycled materials like HDF-HMR are more cost-effective. If you’re keen on low cost wall shelves, consider opting for a wall shelf design made of recycled wood. 

Similarly, the design of your wall shelf also plays a part in how much it costs you. This is largely because customised designs are relatively more expensive compared to ready-made/modular solutions. The standard floating shelves cost can be cheaper than customised shelves since the design is simple and straightforward. 

In terms of finishes, you can choose from laminates, membrane, PU, and acrylic while designing your wall shelves. For more affordable designs, consider going for a laminate finish.  

Types of Wall Shelves Cost

Cost of a 1ft Long Wall Shelf Design

Shelf SizeMDF with laminate finishMDF with membrane finish
300 x 200 x 25₹1,300.73₹1,696.76
300 x 200 x 36₹1,517.37₹2,103.87
300 x 300 x 25₹1,334.02₹1,660.64
300 x 300 x 36₹1,660.64₹2,607.91

The prices listed are specific to laminate and membrane finishes for an MDF shelf. So, if you’re looking for average floating shelves cost for a 1ft long wall shelf, you can expect to pay between ₹1,000 to ₹2,600 on average. Similarly, we’ve listed the prices of MDF shelves under different sizes to give you a more holistic view of costing. 

Here’s what you can expect to pay for larger sizes, ranging from 1 foot 5 inches to 4 feet: 

Cost of a 1ft 5 Inch Long Wall Shelf Design

Shelf SizeMDF With Laminate FinishMDF With Membrane Finish
450 x 200 x 18₹1,191.73
450 x 200 x 25₹1,617.56₹2,257.24
450 x 200 x 36₹1,649.63₹2,573.91
450 x 300 x 18₹1,365.58
450 x 300 x 25₹1,051.37₹2,523.72
450 x 300 x 36₹2,265.55₹3,631.95

Cost of a 2ft Long Wall Shelf Design 

Shelf SizeMDF With Laminate FinishMDF With Membrane Finish
600 x 200 x 18₹1,316.30
600 x 200 x 25₹1,640.40₹2,523.72
600 x 200 x 36₹2,369.88₹3,631.95
600 x 300 x 18₹1,544.63
600 x 300 x 25₹2,213.92₹3,678.68
600 x 300 x 36₹3,215.45₹5,245.02

Cost of a 3ft Long Wall Shelf Design 

Shelf SizeMDF With Laminate FinishMDF With Membrane Finish
900 x 200 x 18₹1,565.42
900 x 200 x 25₹2,568.07₹3,938.68
900 x 200 x 36₹3,026.38₹4,964.02
900 x 300 x 18₹1,902.73
900 x 300 x 25₹3,208.81₹5,475.12
900 x 300 x 36₹4,425.26₹7,537.13

Cost of a 4ft Long Wall Shelf Design

Shelf SizeMDF With Laminate FinishMDF With Membrane Finish
1200 x 200 x 18₹2,213.55
1200 x 200 x 25₹3,201.74₹5,059.64
1200 x 200 x 36₹4,074.89₹6,688.09
1200 x 300 x 18
1200 x 300 x 25₹4,203.70₹7,271.55
1200 x 300 x 36₹5,520.07₹9,714.24

Based on the prices listed above, you can see that the size of your wall shelf design greatly affects the wall shelves cost. The same goes for the material and finish you choose for it. 

Now that you know how much an MDF wall shelf design with laminate and membrane finishes can cost you in terms of size, let’s also look at prices of HDF-HMR shelves. Here are a few for different sizes: 

Cost of HDF-HMR Wall Shelves

Shelf SizeHDF-HMR With Laminate Finish
450 x 200 x 18₹690.39
450 x 300 x 18₹917.58
600 x 200 x 18₹850.08
600 x 300 x 18₹1,149.71
900 x 200 x 18₹1,252.45
900 x 300 x 18₹1,696.96
1200 x 200 x 18₹1,654.83

When compared to similar sizes and finishes for MDF, HDF-HMR seems to take the cake in terms of pricing. Using these prices as a guide, you can now make a more informed decision while narrowing down a wall shelf design for your dream home.

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