Most homeowners prioritise the decoration and design of their living rooms over their bedrooms but these spaces are just as important. Bedrooms are more personal and this privacy can allow you to be who you are. And that is a liberating feeling! In your bedroom, you are not decorating to impress your guests but to create a space that makes you comfortable. Hence, the bedroom styles that you pick must resonate only with you (and your partner, if applicable). Thus, bedroom design ideas are essentially personalised.

Things to Remember While Finalising Bedroom Design Ideas

  • No matter what bedroom design ideas you choose, it’s important to remember that the tranquillity of the space should not be compromised 
  • When you pick bedroom styles, stay true to the aesthetics or design language of that style
  • Without proper lighting, even the best bedroom design ideas will not have the desired effect

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The Best Bedroom Design Ideas Inspired by Iconic Styles

#1: Traditional Indian Bedroom Design Style

The curtain here is made of traditional Kanjeevaram silk sari

‘Inspired from temples and palaces’

The best part about using traditional Indian bedroom styles is that you can use the rich fabrics of our country for soft furnishings. In this bedroom, a Kanjeevaram sari is repurposed as a curtain! Cool, isn’t it? You too can use an old dupatta with traditional prints like dabu, ajrak, buti, among others to make cushion covers, quilts, bed sheets and other soft furnishings. Go all out with traditional prints and patterns as well as rich colours. Pick solid wooden furniture with intricate carvings to stay true to this bedroom design style. 

#2: Colonial Bedroom Design Ideas

bedroom-design ideas-colonial-bedroom-four-poster-bed
Four-poster beds and ornate fans are typical of this bedroom design style

‘Old-world charm’

This bedroom design style came to us from the British, who had an insatiable appetite for collecting culturally significant artefacts. Be it African masks or tribal totems, one was likely to find an eclectic ensemble of these in the colonial-style, large bedroom designs. The easiest way to have a colonial bedroom is to pick a four-poster bed made from locally available dark-coloured wood and a decorative fan with a light. You can also use rattan cane furniture and tropical plants like areca palm to use as decor elements for these bedroom design ideas.

#3: Mid-century Modern Bedroom Design Style

bedroom-design ideas-mid-century modern-bedroom-wooden-bed
You can always see the legs of mid-century modern furniture

‘Form follows function’

Ergonomic layouts were popular bedroom design ideas from these times, and still remain so. Use fresh shades like teal, orange, mint etc, instead of the primary colours. In patterns, go for chevron, herringbone and other geometric shapes. For a mid-century modern bedroom design style, you must expose the legs of all the furniture pieces. Also, this style originally evolved for apartments. Thus, it’s well suited for homes with compact bedrooms and can still be counted among the latest designs for bedroom interiors.

#4: Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas

Straight and seamless bedroom design ideas that look uncluttered are currently it

‘It’s not even a style’

Contemporary happens to be the most misunderstood among the bedroom styles. To begin with, it is not a style but an extraction of different style elements that are currently trending. So what’s contemporary today may not be so in 10 years’ time. Currently, for instance, a clean layout, uncluttered design and straight lines, like we see in this bedroom, are contemporary. Also, neutrals, greys, whites and the occasional pop of colour are some of the relevant bedroom design ideas.

#5: Art Deco Bedroom Design Style

Velvet, crystals and glitz all the way in this bedroom design style

The Great Gatsby style’

The art deco style comes out of a Parisian art movement and is suitably flamboyant for its origin. Think glitz and glamour for your art deco bedroom design ideas. Imagine metallic tints with novel materials like lacquered wood and ebony. Opt for plush upholstery and fine fabrics for soft furnishings. The sunburst theme is a recurring pattern used in this style. The crystal lights you see in this bedroom are typical to the art deco style. If you need bedroom design ideas for a very big space, this is one of those that are perfect as large bedroom designs. 

#7: Bohemian Bedroom Design Ideas

Plants are used as decoration in this bedroom design style

‘Thrown together’

Don’t like rules? Then try bohemian decor for your bedroom. These bedroom design ideas prescribe a deliberately mismatched collection of items that seem as though they are ‘thrown together’ but make sense organically. This bedroom, for instance, has a vintage mirror and a low-height rattan-cane bed. Matched with it is a distressed side table. The most important aspect is the use of plants in this bedroom design style.

#8: Minimal Bedroom Design Ideas

Notice the use of texture in the whites in this bedroom design style

‘Less is more’

Minimalism is not just a design style but a lifestyle choice that urges people to get rid of excess and live with the bare essentials. In terms of design, this means striping a room down to its most basic requirements. You must understand that though minimalism is a belief in ‘less is more’, it does not imply frugality. However, every piece of furniture or design element in the bedroom design style must have a purpose. Also, this style is anti-ornamentation; so, you must use patterns to create visual interest. Minimal bedroom design ideas restrict the use of colours to pastels, neutrals, browns or whites.

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#9: Minimal Glam Bedroom Design Ideas

Minimal settings but plush finishing for this bedroom design style

‘You won’t find this anywhere except India!’

Globetrotting Indians might believe in the minimal bedroom styles, in theory. After all, haven’t all of us been raised on a generous dose of Bollywood and it’s love of glamour? There is plenty of drama and at least a little bit of bling flowing in our veins. To find a middle path, Indian bedroom styles follow what is known as the minimal glam style. It sticks with a simple layout and uncluttered design of the minimal style but when it comes to finishes, soft furnishings and accessories, going plush is allowed. While taking bedroom design ideas from the minimal glam style, remember that you can have colours but do exercise restraint while picking them. Articles

#10: Eclectic Bedroom Design Style

How many bedroom design ideas can you spot?

‘The jack of all trades’

You like the lighting accessories of art deco but the layout of the minimal bedroom design style. And isn’t the ergonomic furniture in the mid-century modern style so chic! If your heart is set on different aspects of many styles, go eclectic with your bedroom. You can enjoy a smattering of different bedroom styles by mixing and matching their features. While there are no rules, the space should come together organically and not look kitschy. A word of advice — it’s very easy to go wrong with using many bedroom design ideas, so you best employ an interior designer.

#11: Industrial Bedroom Design Style

Raw and rugged finishes are used in this bedroom design style

‘Unfinished business’

If you have walked into any of the new pubs in the metros, you would be familiar with industrial decor. This bedroom design style originated in the early 1900s in the USA, when factories and warehouses were shifted out of city limits. These abandoned spaces were later turned into low-cost housing — referred to as loft apartments — using whatever materials were available, like pipes, ducts, ropes, machine parts, wheels etc. Industrial bedroom design ideas have a deliberate unfinished look about them. Rugged finishes like exposed brick walls, cement screed or distressed paint can give your bedroom a classic industrial look.

#12: Zen Bedroom Design Style

Fix the ‘chi’ of your home with these bedroom design ideas

‘Does it spark joy?’

The zen style comes to us from Japan, just like Marie Condo, and hence it is fitting to say that this bedroom design style sparks joy! Go for low furniture and soft lighting to recreate the tranquil vibe of an Asian bedroom. Coupled with whites and muted shades, a zen bedroom is very good for sleep. Also ensure that you keep the furniture sparsely spaced out, which means you need fewer things in the room. Knitted rugs and rattan blinds are some of the inherent bedroom design ideas. Moreover, the zen style states that having a waterbody with flowing water inside the bedroom helps rejuvenate energy.

#13: Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas

The sheer curtains maximise natural light in this bedroom design style


If you enter your bedroom and feel like you have walked into an IKEA store by mistake, you’ve got your Scandinavian bedroom design style on point! These bedroom design ideas, originated in bitterly cold Scandinavian countries, stress on ‘hague’, which is a Danish word for a unique, cosy sense of well-being. The stress is on creating warmth by using light-coloured wood and maximising natural light by not blocking it. Like the minimal bedroom styles, you must only have the bare essentials in your bedroom for this look. Incidentally, this is one of the best bedroom designs for compact spaces.

#14: Farmhouse/Cottage Bedroom Design Ideas

The rustic vibe from this bedroom design style reminds you of a farmhouse

‘A style for the countryside’

This style comes to us from Germany, where homes built in the country were very different from homes in cities. The current trend is to adopt some specific bedroom design ideas from farmhouses or homes built on barns in city homes. The most identifiable factor of this style is the use of wood. Also, as barn houses tend to be large, the furniture is accordingly bulky and slightly dated. Comfort is key in this kind of style and the ideas are usually meant for large bedroom designs.

#15: Tropical Bedroom Design Ideas

This bedroom design style is big on leafy and floral prints

‘As hot as the tropics’

Firstly, topical design is all about ventilation because you are combating the heat of the tropics! So bedroom design ideas from this style fit right into the Indian context. Secondly, we see the use of fresh and cool colours like green, blue, teal, and so on in this bedroom design style. Another distinctive feature of this style is the use of leaf or floral patterns in upholstery, wallpapers and soft furnishings.

#16: A Grand Millennial Bedroom Design Style

This bedroom design style is a mix of seemingly archaic collectables

‘We’re young but we love vintage’

Before you get to style, let’s first clarify who a grand millennial is! A grand millennial is a 25-to-30-something who is too exhausted with the monotony of design (both at home and in fashion) they see on the average Instagram feed. Though young and restless, they are a new breed of traditionalists who like to ‘collect’ things from the past.

The main bedroom design ideas for the grand millennial is layering homes with personal collections to express themselves. Thus, a grand millennial bedroom would include many seemingly archaic elements that are part of their personal ‘collection’. For instance, the candle stands and gramophone speaker on the TV cabinet in this bedroom definitely echo the grand millennial bedroom design style.

#17: Maximalist Bedroom Styles

Repeating patterns is the bedroom design style here

‘More is more’

Maximalism, as the name suggests, is a style that makes the maximum use of colours, repetitive patterns and precious showstoppers for an extravagant and lavish look. As Indians, we are culturally inclined to hoard. Thus, the maximalist style suits us very well. However, this bedroom design style requires a keen eye for detail and knack for bringing things together with careful intent. No colour is excluded from the maximalist palette and includes the use of patterns like paisley, chevron etc. If you want a bedroom that looks busy, this is your style!

#18: Transitional Bedroom Design Ideas

There is both the old and the new in this bedroom design style

‘In transit, between time periods’

This style is best described as a space where bedroom design ideas of two different time periods exist. The transmission from one period to another is covered by this style, as though showcasing the evolution of aesthetic trends over time. Bedroom design ideas that are transitional have old and new elements within the same space. This bed, for example, is a modern modular piece. The console, however, is antique. The mirror, with its sunburst design, is from the 1920s.

#19:  French Classical Bedroom Design Style

See how curvy the furniture in this bedroom design style is?

‘Oh so Francois!’

Like everything classical, the French classical style harps on symmetry in shape and dimensions. The curvy silhouettes of furniture pieces in this bedroom are reminders of a bygone era and are more elegant and less functional. The floral or vine prints are decidedly French. The colour palette is mostly white with hints of pastel and pinks. This is one of the bedroom styles that was prevalent in Paris from the 1880s to the 1920s.

#20: Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

Fluted wall panels and a hint of metal make this bedroom design style modern

‘Not the same as contemporary’

If we go by the calendar, the modern era ended in the 1950s. Everything that came after that is postmodern. Though historically correct, this would be a very limited way of looking at modern bedroom styles. In fact, how the common person understands the term ‘modern’ is quite simple. Whatever is not traditional is modern just by exclusion. In the Indian context, modern would mean straight lines, fluted panels, portrait mouldings on walls and a move towards modular furniture. Backlighting or profile lighting is also an aspect of modern bedroom design ideas.

#21: Hollywood Regency

bedroom-ideas-hollywood-regency bedroom-green-wall
This large bedroom design has deep colours and oodles of glamour

‘Dream away’

These large bedroom designs are from the golden age of Hollywood, which was the 1930s era when film sets were as opulent as they get. There were no bedroom design ideas that were too lavish when it came to a Joan Crawford movie! So when this translates into a home decor style, the bedroom in question must look dreamy and detailed above all else.

We can easily draw parallels with Bollywood here. A Hollywood Regency bedroom design style is what you can see in celebrity homes like Shah Rukh Khan’s Mumbai mansion. While it may not look doable or realistic, this style resonates with a majority of the Indian homeowners as it is highly aspirational.

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