Home may be where the heart is but the bedroom is where your soul resides. It is your peaceful sanctuary, the place where you retreat at the end of a tiring day. No wonder we invest so much of our time choosing the perfect interior design for the bedroom. And when it comes to bedroom decoration ideas, there are so many options to choose from. 

In this article, we’ve curated a list of modern bedroom decoration ideas based on styles, colours and users! Read on to know all about bedroom decor ideas.

How to Begin Your Bedroom Decoration Process?

Judge your room by size, light and ventilation, and then research relevant ideas. You can, then, come up with a layout that suits your needs and works the best for your room at the same time. After this, you should rework your ceiling, walls and floors before you start placing/building your furniture.

Trending Colour Combinations for Your Bedroom Decoration

There are many colour combinations that are trending these days and most of these tones are earthy, to say the least. The colour green is becoming popular in most trendy homes as it gives your bedroom an exotic vibe. Green, when paired with wooden textures, creates a warm and woody ambience that will always stay in trend.

Essential Furniture That You Must Include

In a bedroom, the most essential pieces of furniture are beds and storage. You can later choose to include a study table, dressing table, bedside tables or extra seating on the basis of the space left in your room. Soft furnishings for bedroom decorations include curtain/blinds, rugs, throw pillows and blankets. Apart from this, you may even like to rework your lighting and ceiling design to highlight your furniture in the best way possible.

What Is the Best Way to Design and Decorate a Cosy Bedroom?

Bedroom decoration ideas that make your room look cosy are the ones that include warm colour palettes, plenty of sunlight and natural textures around the room. Hence, go for lighter colours and use warm finishes like wood to make your bedroom look cosier.

15 Stunning Bedroom Decoration Ideas

#1: Cosy and Airy Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Retain the openness of your bedroom with less lofty storage

One of the best small bedroom decorating ideas is to avoid building lofts and saving the spaciousness in your room. Moreover, the mix of open and closed shelves reinforces the roomy impression, just like this room in the picture above. You can also choose lighter and muted colour palettes to enhance lighting. Using wooden furniture in such rooms is an added advantage because it makes your room look cosier.

#2: Elegant and Luxurious Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Creating a luxurious look is possible in lower budget sizes too

The size of your budget will influence a lot of decisions regarding your bedroom decoration ideas. But you should know that there are many budget-friendly alternatives available to get that bedroom design of your dreams. For example, take a look at the bedroom decoration in this picture, it has wallpaper instead of texture paint to achieve similar results.

#3: Neutral and Charming Bedroom Design

A neutral colour combination for bedroom enhanced with darker highlights and white contrasting ceiling

This bedroom decor idea is a viable one for millennials. Although it has different tones of just one colour (grey), it manages to be charming because of the pleasant colour balance in it. Make sure you reinforce the greys with little black highlights and full white/light colour ceilings to avoid making the room look dull and dark.

#4: Colourful and Bright Bedrooms

Colourful walls create a happy and energetic atmosphere

Another bedroom decoration idea that is suitable for a young people involves bright and happy colours. These colours make them feel cheerier and more energetic compared to the muted tones. Since creating a pleasing colour balance with this idea can be tricky, you can always fix this issue with colourful soft furnishings. Take an example of this room in the picture above, it has blue and peach colour curtains near the windows to balance the blue used in the bed.

#5: Traditional and Humble Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Old-school but beautiful bedroom design for older people

Using vintage furniture in your modern layouts is a trend that keeps returning. Additionally, most traditional or old furniture is made of wood, which is considered to be a vastu-friendly material for your home. So, if you are trying to make vastu-compliant bedrooms, then the traditional furniture pieces can be your go-to options.

#6: Modern and Woody Bedroom Decor Ideas

A wooden-panelled accent wall for modern master bedrooms

It is not necessary that the wooden elements you use for your vastu-compliant bedroom decoration should be traditional or vintage. You can use modern wooden decor ideas like wooden panelling to create a modern design instead. Since the accent walls are the highlights of your bedrooms, they have a critical role in defining how your room is finally perceived. Hence, it is important to stay consistent with your aesthetics throughout the room.

#7: Scandinavian and Minimalist Bedrooms

Scandinavian designs usually render bright and spacious bedrooms

These Nordic aesthetic principles are great for small room decor ideas and even better in rooms with low ceiling heights. This is because their light-coloured and minimal furniture concept lets the rooms be bright and spacious at the same time.

#8: Bohemian and Homely Bedroom Decors

The Bohemian bedroom decoration ideas have softer lines that give a comfy vibe

While Scandinavian designs are known for their clean and straight lines, the curved and soft features in Bohemian bedroom decoration ideas add comfort to your space. You can make your bedroom look cosier with these chic ideas while keeping it bright at the same time.

#9: Bedroom Decor for a Bachelor’s Haven

Integrated furniture is a great small bedroom interior idea

Bedroom designs in India usually take into consideration the small spaces due to the compact size of our apartments. Bulky storage units take up too much space in small rooms. Hence, bachelors can instead, make use of these innovative space-saving ideas to combat free-space issues.

#10: Bedroom Decor for a Fashionista

This bedroom has improvised Victorian-inspired furniture that your fashionista will love!

Different bedrooms, different requirements; don’t worry, we have ideas for all. For people or kids who enjoy dressing up and looking their best, you can opt for a celeb-like vanity table. This table, in the picture above, for instance, has a mirror surrounded by light bulbs to throw a straight light at the user so they can have a salon-like experience at home!

#11: Bedroom Decoration Ideas for a Teenager

Teenagers connect the most with custom bedroom decor ideas such as this one

A common behaviour seen in teenagers is their constant need to project their personalities in their surroundings. This means that their bedrooms are typically a reflection of themselves. Usually, such bedroom decorations require custom ideas and a lot of space to enable their growth.

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#12: A Shared Bedroom Decor for Your Kids’ Room

An innovative space-saving furniture deisgn for kids’ bedrooms

Planning free space in shared bedrooms can be challenging but not so much with our shared bedroom ideas. There are so many innovative and clever designs for kids’ bedrooms that offer free space for their learning and growing. These designs are often expensive but completely worth it.

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#13: A Glamorous Bedroom Decoration Idea Using Mirrors

This small bedroom design uses mirrors to amplify light in the room and make it appear larger

The use of mirrors can create magic in warm bedrooms. The warm light reflecting from these mirrors can amplify the size of your small bedroom. Not to discount the fact that how fancy and luxurious this makes you feel. However, mirror cladding is not cheap, so go for this idea if you have the budget for it.

#14: A Bedroom With a Fancy Poster Bed

A traditional bedroom decor in Chettinad style with a poster bed

The European style poster beds are dreamy, to say the least. In India, these are generally made of solid wood like Burma teak wood. Since almost all colours pair well with wood, your primary wall colour becomes an important factor in creating any kind of ambience in your room. Warm colour will make this room zestful while cool colours can induce the sense of relaxation.

#15: A Roomy Bedroom With Space-Saving Furniture

bedroom-decor-ideas-with-hydraulic beds
Don’t waste the space under your bed!

If you have a small bedroom, hydraulic beds are great for your bedroom interior! Adding enough storage in compact bedrooms can be difficult. This is where these beds come in. Hydraulic beds make use of the space inside the frame, converting it into storage space.

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5 Bonus Bedroom Ideas for Indian Homes

Wait, there’s more! Here are some of our favourite Indian style bedroom designs.

#1: One With a Full-Length Headboard

A comfortable place to rest your head

Look how this unique headboard livens up the entire bedroom decoration. This ceiling-to-floor headboard is not only striking but also perfect for a good night’s sleep!

#2: One With a View

Bedroom decoration ideas that bring focus on your view

If you are one of those lucky few who enjoy a bedroom with a view, make the most of it! The view should be the focal point of your bedroom design. Avoid placing any furniture in front of the window/door. Also, use full-length curtains to amplify the look of your bedroom decoration.

#3: One With a Relaxing Decor

Bring vibrance and elegance in one frame with these bedroom decoration ideas

Who would want to get out of bed if they had such a gorgeous bedroom! Whether it’s the pretty, floral wallpaper or the comfy couch in a striking blue, we love every aspect of this room!

#4: One With Some Golden Glam

Golden brass highlights for an ultimate art-deco bedroom decoration

Art deco interior style has become quite popular in India. It makes use of these golden brass or stainless steel highlights that make your interiors appear plush and expensive. You can use these shiny accents in your bedroom decoration to lift-up the style of your room.

#5: One With the Cottage Vibes

Modern bedroom furniture ideas for a traditional touch

When confused, go with wood! Cottage-like interior adds a timeless charm to your bedroom design and is easy to maintain. Moreover, there is no such thing as too much wood! From the flooring to the ceiling, you can add wooden elements to every aspect of your hotel style bedroom decor!

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1. When Decorating a Bedroom, Where Do You Start?

Yous should start by finalising the best layout for your room and then, establishing the colour palette.

2. How Can I Decorate My Bedroom?

You can start by picking the colours for your walls and finishes for your furniture.

3. What to Put in Your Bedroom to Make It Look Nice?

If your theme is not turning out to be as good as you imagined, try changing the lighting design in your bedroom.

4. How Can I Decorate My Bedroom With Simple Things?

You can choose a trendy wallpaper for your accent wall, and get wall fixtures and show-pieces that match the theme of your bedroom.

5. How Do You Decorate a Small Bedroom to Make It Look Bigger?

You can paint your walls in light and muted colours, and add mirrors to regulate more light in the room to make it seem spacious.