Decorating a small bedroom can be a difficult task because you have to balance functionality and visual appeal. These small bedroom ideas will serve as inspiration during your next decor revamp, so get to reading!

Small bedroom ideas #1: Add textures

Add a rug can make a room look bigger

Playing with textures is one way to add dimension to a space without making it seem too busy or overdone. Whether it’s by adding a faux sheepskin rug to the floor or piling on the bed linen, bringing texture into a small bedroom can make it seem more than it actually is. The perk of this trick is that it works even if you choose a low-key or monochrome palette– you can still play things up with tangible texture!

Small bedroom ideas #2: Install wall sconces

Utilise wall space by opting for wall lights

Floor space is obviously precious in a compact bedroom, but the walls are free to take! Make use of this by installing wall sconces instead of traditional table or floor lamps. Oversized sconces make a room seem bigger and add more light, which naturally opens up a space. When off, the sconces double as decor pieces– win-win!

Small bedroom ideas #3: Decorate in pairs

Bring in cohesiveness by adding pairs of furniture

Symmetry is key to making a room feel well-thought-out and balanced, no matter the size. Consider creating symmetry when decorating the room, by placing two of each piece if possible. Two small nightstands on either side of the bed will look more cohesive than a single one. Similarly, paired decor pieces such as scented candles or table lamps double the impact of your choices.

Small bedroom ideas #4: Fewer pieces of furniture

An obvious trick is to follow the less is more technique

Granted, furniture defines the purpose of the room, but in compact bedrooms, it’s wiser to keep furniture down to the bare essentials. For a bedroom, essentials would comprise of the bed and wardrobe. Desks and vanity units are much-loved but they’re not absolute essentials. By keeping the bigger pieces, you create a much grander effect than you could with a mix of tiny furniture.

Small bedroom ideas #5: Add mirrors

Mirrors in all shapes are a good idea

Mirrors reflect light, making a room seem bigger and airier. Standing mirrors function as structural accents while also serving a practical purpose. If you’re low on floor space, consider fitting out your wardrobe doors with mirrors– these fulfil the same purposes but keep your floors free. Circular or geometric mirrors also double up as great wall hangings for over the bed or desk.

Lack of square footage shouldn’t be a downer– as these small bedroom ideas show, it’s a free-for-all to flex creative muscles!

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