Do you have a designated chair in your bedroom that is always overflowing with your clothes? Congrats! You have successfully identified your bedroom storage problem.The first step to organising your bedroom is to have enough storage for all your things. But not everyone can afford a spacious home with big bedrooms considering the astronomical real estate prices. For a decluttered look, bedrooms need to be designed to look spacious with the help of smart storage solutions. Storage does not have to be bulky and space-consuming! There are so many types of sleek storage units available for your small bedroom makeover so that you will never run out of space for all your things! 

How to Make the Best Use of Storage Space in Your Bedroom?

Here are a few of our smartest storage solutions that solved real-life bedroom storage problems for our homeowners

  • Heavy-duty storage shelves
  • Catch-all cabinets
  • Stud-space cabinet
  • Cabinet roll-outs
  • Wall shelves
  • Multifunctional furniture
  • Hydraulic bed

#1: Heavy-duty Storage Shelves

Keep a mix of open shelves and closed cabinets in your bedroom

When we say storage, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Yes, shelves and cabinets. A heavy-duty shelf is a must-have for your bedroom. While most apartments come with a bedroom wardrobe for clothes, having an extra shelf can be very beneficial for storing all your knick-knacks. And who said a heavy-duty shelf has to be bulky? Nowadays, there are several sleek designs available in the market that are perfect for a compact bedroom.

#2: Catch-all Cabinet

Catch-all cabinets have dedicated space for different things to help you organise better

Organisation is key to making your small bedroom look spacious. If you are planning on a bedroom makeover, the first thing that you must do is get yourself a catch-all cabinet. A catch-all cabinet is a closed unit that comes with segregated shelves and racks to separate and store all your toiletries, accessories etc. If you are someone who keeps things lying around and can never find your keys, makeup, charger etc, this cabinet will be a Godsend for you!

#3: Stud-space Cabinet

bedroom-makeover-stud-space cabinet-storage-above-bed
The space above your bed is often underutilised, and thus…

Before we get into stud-space cabinets, you first need to understand what a stud is. Studs are boards that support the walls of your home. They are often used for hanging heavy items like entertainment units and photo frames. While the studs provide extra reinforcement for hanging heavy items, the dead space between studs, known as stud space, serves as effective niches where you can fit in cabinets, which are known as stud cabinets. The biggest advantage of a stud cabinet in a bedroom makeover is that it is fitted on the wall, saving floor space. 

#4: Cabinet Rollouts

They are perfect for hanging sarees and trousers

Bending over to search for that elusive scarf at the back of your wardrobe and you get a terrible spasm in your back — sounds familiar? A storage cabinet should be two things: spacious and accessible. This is where cabinet rollouts come in. A cabinet rollout is nothing but storage  fitted into your cabinet or wardrobe that comes with a mechanism enabling it to be pulled out of the storage unit. Commonly used for keeping sarees, ties, formal wear etc, cabinet rollouts are convenient and also elder-friendly.

#5: Wall Shelves

Wall shelves also serve as decor on bare wall but they are functional too

While we love innovative storage units, the dependable wall shelf will always remain our favourite! While wall shelves are must-haves in homes of all sizes, they are especially useful when you have a small bedroom to save on floor space. They are easy-to-install and rental apartment-friendly as well. With diverse designs and colours available both online and offline, wall shelves should definitely be part of your bedroom makeover.

#6: Multi-functional Furniture

Always look for furniture that serve at least two purposes

One of the most helpful compact bedroom makeover tips is to use multi-functional furniture. When space is scarce, you don’t want to cram up the room with multiple pieces of furniture. For instance, in the above image, this unit serves four purposes — a study unit, a TV unit, pooja unit and a dresser. This makes it an invaluable piece of furniture for a small bedroom design

#7: Hydraulic Beds

Store anything you don’t need on a regular basis here

The bed is the focal point of your bedroom and that one furniture item that you can’t do without. Guess what, it also takes up a lot of space. So why waste the space? Instead of buying an usual bed, get yourself a hydraulic bed with storage. Hydraulic beds have plenty of storage space within them, making them ideal for  storing less-used, heavy items like blankets and woolens. 

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When you run out of space in your bedroom, look into your bathroom

But what if you have run out of space in your bedroom? There is no rule that things that belong in the bedroom should always remain in the bedroom. The bathroom is one area where you can store your accessories and other small items. Be it in the form of bathroom cabinets or wall shelves, your bathroom provides ample storage space, which should not be wasted.

Success Stories of Our Storage Solutions

The following are some of the compact Livspace homes that we transformed into stunning spaces with the help of smart storage and expert design.

#1: Twin Hydraulic Beds in a Tiny Bedroom

A pop of yellow for a cheery vibe!

This Mumbai bedroom was tiny but had to fit in two people. Our designer added single hydraulic beds that would serve dual purposes. The study unit is sleek and comes with open storage shelves. And clearly, the family is thrilled for they said:

“We are very pleased with the overall project execution. Neha has done wonders with the interior designs, giving us a splendid home to come back to everyday, while sticking with  the timeline and budget. I would highly recommend Livspace to anyone who would like to get their interior done on time and within a stipulated budget.”

— Livspace Homeowner, Dipti Shah

#2: Sliding Wardrobes With Lofts

The centre-aligned wallpaper acts as a focal point for the room decor

Sliding wardrobes are a great space-saving option, especially if you compare them to swing door wardrobes. The lofts on top of this wardrobe provide extra storage without taking up floor space. It certainly made the homeowners happy as this is what they said:

“Our designer, Kshama, was very helpful throughout the design process. She did not treat our home design as just a project. It seemed like she was designing her own home! We are thrilled with the entire look of our home.”

— Meghana B, Livspace Homeowner

#3: Heavy-duty Storage Units in White

White makes a space look larger than it is

Even if your bedroom is small, a heavy-duty cabinet and wardrobe are must-haves! So how do you stop the space from looking bulky? Use white like we did! White is that one magical colour which can make any room look spacious. And our clients couldn’t agree more!

“My experience with interior designer Sakshi was mind blowing! She helped me with trendy designs, lights and trendy furniture. Interior work was done perfectly well and clean.”

— Sandeep Katkam, Livspace Homeowner

#4: Mirror and Glass Shutters for the Win!

Mirrors create the illusion of space

This bedroom was small but the owner wanted two wardrobes in that space. To ensure that the room did not look cramped, we added a mirror with the wardrobe — making it a multifunctional piece of furniture. The mirror and the glass shutters in the bookcase also help in creating the illusion of space. And Kruti just loves it!

“As a designer, I was very happy to work with Sumit as he did not shy away from experimenting with colours. He understood my taste perfectly and designed options that were relevant for us. In fact, the design phase moved rather quickly for us!” 

– Kruti Gala, Livspace Homeowner

#5: Sleeping Between Twin Wardrobes

A serene blue and white theme that is so contemporary!

The owner of this bedroom had quite a huge collection of clothes and wanted a large wardrobe. So, to optimise the space, we added the bed in a niche between two large sliding wardrobes. Works for the couple and here’s what they have to say:

“Binal, our designer, deserves a big thank you for her impeccable designing. And we also want to give a shout to the entire Livspace team for the painless experience of setting up our dream home!”

– Neha Jaggi, Livspace Homeowner

If you are planning on a bedroom makeover, be sure to add some smart storage solutions from the above options for an organised and clutter-free home. For more help on designing a bedroom, reach out to our expert designers.

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