Entertainment units, like any other kind of furniture, come in a variety of styles. While each one has their individual preference when it comes to decor, sleek contemporary designs are ruling the roost at the moment. These trending modern TV unit design are typically characterised by clean lines and uncluttered structure.

The following is a curated list from Livspace homes. Some of these are bound to catch your fancy and fire your imagination.

Modern TV Unit Design #1: Wooden Laminate with White Cabinets
wooden tv unit designs-white cabinets
Brown and white

Sleek, classy and glamorous, this TV unit has all the elements of showstopper. The backlit panel makes this minimal entertainment unit stand out.

Modern TV Unit Design #2: Partitioning the Room
tv unit cum partition-wooden tv unit designs
Partitioning the room

This TV unit serves two purposes: the first is that of an entertainment unit, and the second is as a partition. Such TV units can be used to segregate the living and dining areas.

Modern TV Unit Design #3: Contemporary Designs
contemporary tv unit-minimal tv unit designs
Neutral tones

This TV unit with crisp and clean lines is a copybook example of  contemporary furniture. We are particularly enthralled by the manner in which the speakers have been mounted on this unit for uniform sound distribution.

Modern TV Unit Design #4: Monochrome
simple tv unit designs-small tv unit designs
Simply stunning

A back panel and a compact base unit comprise this sleek and utilitarian TV unit. Moreover, the zig-zag patterned tiles of the side panel highlight its monochrome magic.

Modern TV Unit Design #5: Brilliant White Entertainment Unit
white tv unit designs-tv unit cum shelf
Pretty whites

Love whites? Go for the whole hog with white furnishings. TV units in white may tend to look a little flat, so add some wooden tones to keep things interesting.

Modern TV Unit Design #6: Compact yet Interesting
floating tv unit designs-white tv unit design
Floating shelves

Bulky furniture often eats up floor space and makes the room look cramped. So floating TV units like this one are a godsend for small living rooms. You can add an interesting element like the blue cabinets here.

Modern TV Unit Design #7: Peachy Television Unit
sleek tv unit designs-peach tv unit-bench dining set
Peachy and perfect

The peach pop of this TV unit is adding a dash of vibrance to the living room. Additionally, black lacquered glass complements the peach coloured laminate shutters to perfection.

Modern TV Unit Design #8: Floating Entertainment Unit
simple tv unit designs-jaali partition designs
White and minimal

This floating TV unit takes up bare minimum space due to its compact design. Moreover, the clear glass shutters help to accentuate space. Such uncluttered designs are ideal for media walls in small spaces.

Modern TV Unit Design #9: Symmetrical in Black and White
pendant lights for corner-ladder unit design-black tv unit
Black and white

While white opens up space, black adds a sophisticated vibe to the decor. For instance, this TV unit with a combination of open and closed shelves, displays innate symmetry and looks classy by virtue of being black.

Modern TV Unit Design #10: Contemporary Aqua Blue Unit
wooden flooring designs-blue tv unit designs
Vibrant Aqua

A soothing splash of aqua blue makes this TV unit pop against the backdrop of white walls. The design is inherently contemporary with neat lines and a compact structure.

Modern TV Unit Design #11: Entertainment Unit with Floating Shelves
marble flooring designs-jaali designs
Show off your accessories

This TV unit design is a rather uncommon one and you can try it if you have a massive bare wall. The base unit is conspicuously absent. The unit per se comprises a wall-mounted TV and a smattering of floating shelves around it.

Modern TV Unit Design #12: Sleek and Stunning
wooden wall panel designs-glass shelves designs
Sleek white

When space is scarce, a TV unit design like this one is a great pick. The wooden panel behind the TV adds texture to the space while the white base unit provides a sleek look. Moreover, the glass shelf above the TV is transparent and hence doesn’t eat up space.

Modern TV Unit Design #13: Mounted Television Unit
Shelves and more

This wall-mounted TV unit stands in white and brown and brightens up the room. Lighter shades of wood helps to create a well-lit look.

Modern TV Unit Design #14: Minimalism is key
Pretty and minimal

Contemporary and sleek your kind of style? Take cues from this minimal back painted glass TV unit. It looks picture-perfect mounted on the wall.

Modern TV Unit Design #15: Taupe Entertainment Unit
Pretty taupes

Something regal and refined, maybe? How about a taupe unit with a pristine white top? It makes for a perfect addition in a soft-toned bedroom.

Modern TV Unit Design #16: Glossy TV Unit
White and glossy

Something regal and refined, maybe? How about a taupe unit with a pristine white top? It makes for a perfect addition in a soft-toned bedroom.

Modern TV Unit Design #17: Wall-mounted TV Unit
striped wallpaper-wooden cabinet
Warm and woody

Entertainment units can fit in snug nooks as well. Like this one in an ash grey wooden panel coupled with a hollow white unit. We love the pop of chevron in one end!

Modern TV Unit Design #18: Wooden Television Unit
Wooden and traditional

If traditional wooden furniture is all your all-time favourite, you will love this gorgeous chestnut unit. It’s got ample storage as well!

Modern TV Unit Design #19: TV Unit cum Study Table
Bright and cheery

Entertainment units that double as work tops are ideal for the bedroom. Sunny yellow and Persian blue certainly liven up the room as well!

Modern TV Unit Design #20: Sand-coloured Entertainment Unit
Beautiful in the bedroom

This bedroom appears well-lit thanks to a sand-coloured TV unit. The wall-length unit comes with ample storage and open shelves to display pictures and artwork.

Modern TV Unit #21: Ensure Ample Storage
Ample storage in the bedroom

A completely functional TV unit is the star of this room. Featuring ample storage, display and even space as a worktop.

Modern TV Unit #22: Glossy White
Sleek and white

When it comes to something simple yet chic, it’s tough to beat a completely white unit. Especially if it’s glossy and compact!  

Modern TV Unit #23: Warm and Chocolatey
White and Chocolate

A rich chocolate TV panel takes the limelight of the living room. We love how it’s being highlighted under the spotlights from the false ceiling.

Modern TV Unit #24: Marsala and Wood Entertainment Unit
A splash of colour

A sleek marsala unit paired with a light wooden panel takes the centrestage in this living room.

Modern TV Unit #25: Entertainment Unit with Shelves and Storage
wall ledges-storage cabinets-laminate tv unit
Wooden tones

Wall ledges paired with open and closed shelves make for the perfect display-cum-TV unit.

Modern TV Unit #26: Combining work and play
study room-study table-exposed brick wallpaper-wall mounted tv
When work meets play

A television can be part of your work-cum-entertainment room. Just mount it on the wall and back it up with a statement wallpaper like this one.

Modern TV Unit #27: Revolving TV Unit
rotating tv unit-wooden tv unit-stylish tv unit
Turn around

A revolving television anyone? This quirky TV unit has a provision for changing sides so that one can sleep while the other enjoys late night soccer games!

Modern TV Unit #28: Industrial-style Unit
sleek tv unit-simple tv unit-exposed brick wal
Old-world charm

Go industrial with an exposed brick wall as the backdrop for your entertainment unit.

Modern TV Unit #29: Entertainment Unit cum Bookshelf
bookshelf-cum-tv unit-storage-wall tv unit
Keeping it functional

When you have a world of books and files to store and display, opt for a full-fledged wall unit like this.

Modern TV Unit #30: Traditional Entertainment Unit
classic tv unit-white tv unit-grid-style tv unit-drawers
Classy white

We love the concept of drawers with cute knobs and grid-style shelves for display on top, for this TV unit.

Modern TV Unit #31: Classic Wooden Unit
floral wallpaper-wooden tv unit-storage
Etched and carved

All you need sometimes, is a pretty printed wallpaper and a classic wooden TV unit to complete the look of a room. Before you ask, that’s a Sabyasachi wallpaper!

Modern TV Unit #32: Grey and White Entertainment Unit
stone cladding-stone finish wall-wall mounted tv unit
Blending in

Stone-finish wall tiles paired with a grey and white TV unit look fetching in this living room.

Modern TV Unit #33: Sliding Doors on an Entertainment Unit
full tv unit-storage-cum-display unit
display-cum-tv unit-wooden door
Showing off those accessories

How cool is this TV unit? A sliding door that covers the television when you want to highlight your curios. We love it!

Modern TV Unit #34: Floor-standing Unit
wooden wall-big tv unit-floor standing tv unit
A hint of metal

When you love accent walls, then the best wall to create one is the wall behind the television. A fully wooden finish wall sets the right background for your TV unit.

Modern TV Unit #35: Blue and White Entertainment Unit
blue and white tv unit-storage cabinets-display shelf
Liven it up

Work with the colour scheme at home and get your TV unit customised according to that. This one is equipped with all kinds of storage.

Modern TV Unit #36: Light and Shade
stone cladded wall-accent wall-wooden panel-display ledges
A soft glow

A stone-cladded wall and a wooden panel with LED strip lights. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a TV unit?

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