Paint is a powerful design element. From creating the illusion of a spacious room to making your heirloom artefacts blend in with modern furniture, wall colour for living spaces can change the way you feel about your home. However, one of the most intimidating parts of designing a home is picking a home interior colour combination. Moreover, there is no perfect paint colour for your living room. Your lifestyle, taste and emotions play a major role in how your living space turns out.

To make this design process easier, Nippon Paint’s expert recommended colour palettes and mood boards can help you pick the ideal theme for your living room. Subsequently, Nippon Paint’s Colour Vision 2020-2021 is based on human emotions and thought process so, you too can find your design space. Curated by Nippon Paint India’s president, Mahesh S. Anand and colour researcher, Dr Kaustav SenGupta, this forecast proves that colour is all about life, and vice versa.

Wall Colour Combination for Living Room #1: Bright Orange & Blue
wall colour combination for living room-sofa designs-tv unit-window
Paint Colour: Orange Originality & Dark Secret Blue

Colour expert Dr. Kaustav SenGupta says, “Colours are omnipresent in our daily lives and a fundamental aspect of human perception. Individual human cognition, experience and behaviour as social swarm influence the color tendency.” Therefore, appealing to the youth, bright colours like orange and blue represent curiosity and mental force. Therefore, Qur!ous, as the name suggests, celebrates the freedom to ask questions, get surprised and learn more.

Wall Colour Combination for Living Room #2: Deep Blue & Neutrals
wall colour combination for living room-blue wall-white sofa-bookshelf-dining table
Paint Colour: Termont Blue & Yellow Chimes

Celebrating the power of individuality is Flawsome. Therefore, with shades ranging from deep purples and blues to pastel greens and yellows, this palette encourages DIY experiments with colours which represent personal statements. So if you can resonate with this theme be sure to get as creative as possible.

Wall Colour Combination for Living Room #3: Grey & Deep Blue
wall colour combination for living room-Blue wall-grey paint wall-lounger-sofa designs
Paint Colour: Sherlock’s Cap Grey & Termont Blue

The focus of the colour forecast is the celebration of all walks of life with heartwarming stories woven into each category. Here, Purpassion is ideal for those who like to end their day in a tranquil environment to self-reflect can opt for cool toned colour combinations like this one. Shades of blue and grey that can signify passion for purpose as well as peace.

Wall Colour Combination for Living Room #4: Pastel Shades
wall colour combination for living room-purple wall-orange wall-plant
Paint Colour: Daylight Orange & Forever Young Purple

If you too are inspired by intellectualism and creativity, this theme is for you. A home doused in pastels makes for a blank canvas while adding the slightest bit of colour. Consequently, pastel purple and orange are a contrasting yet complimentary combination.

“Color Vision 2020-21 is a well-researched and detailed indigenous color forecast which celebrates the zonal and youth color-tendencies of this very nation. Nippon paint Color Vision forecast website is free-to-access and explorative in nature. It is also well segmented so that the designers, architects, design students and design enthusiasts can refer the stories for their color inspirations and designing.”

-Mahesh S. Anand, President, Nippon Paint India

Wall Colour Combination for Living Room #5: Muted Neutral Tones
tv unit-sofa designs-white walls
Paint Colour: Velvet Touch & Whispering White

Discovering your own voice while finding your true and natural self has never been more important. So, if you are keeping it natural, keep it neutral. Furthermore, neutrals from N.O.W are always a timeless and unrefined way to express oneself. Opt for white and beige tones for a good old classic look.

Wall Colour Combination for Living Room #6: Classic Blue & Yellow
blue wall-yellow wall-white sofa designs
Paint Colour: Blue Mercury & Sunday Morning Yellow

Celebrating love and positive interactions all around is LO+VE. Considered a predominant theme by Nippon Paints, it says the love of well-being will define homes. Promoting health, comfort and positive vibes is the understated combination of blue and yellow.

Wall Colour Combination for Living Room #7: Orange & Neutrals
wall colour combination for living room-sofa designs-tv unit-window
Paint Colour: Orange Pop & Khaki Pack

Inspired by Kolam, a South Indian tradition of drawing colourful designs with powder, this colour palette is has a zonal influence. Subsequently, it portrays rich reds and blazing oranges keeping true to its inspiration. Blendentity is a theme conceptualised for those who believe in respecting individuality in a group.

Wall Colour Combination for Living Room #8: Shades of Green
green paint walls-dining table-sofa designs
Paint Colour: High Trek & Parrot Green

Soul Code represents the journey or self discovery. Moreover, characterised by various shades of green, the combinations are endless. The vital question, “Who am I?” serves as the first step to understanding roots and traditions. Consequently, from turquoise to teal, shades of green can energise and provide stability.

Additionally, Nippon Paint has perfectly captured everyday life into their themed colour palettes by conducting workshops and discussion groups with people belonging to various spheres- from musicians to entrepreneurs. If you are trying to stay on top of your design game while being true to your personality, this colour forecast will help you dominate the design world.

“We sincerely hope that this open-to-access color forecast will be widely used by architects, interior designers, product designers, visual artists and students for their inspiration and reference”.

– Dr. Kaustav Sen Gupta, Colour Researcher, NIFT

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