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9 Space-Saving Kitchenette Design Ideas That Are Perfect for Compact Homes

What is a kitchenette? Find out in this guide as we take you through the features of a kitchenette, a round-up of some design ideas, and what to look out for while planning your own kitchenette design


Kitchen Trolley Design Ideas: 10 Trendy Kitchen Trolley Designs for Your Kitchen

No need to walk around the kitchen looking for your pots, pants and condiments! Have everything organised within easy reach with smart kitchen trolley design ideas. From the types of kitchen trolleys you can use to how to use each of them, find all the information you’re looking for!


The Greatest Kitchen Cost Guide With 10+ Small Kitchen Design Ideas Under 100 Sq. Ft.

This guide will not only give you small kitchen design inspiration, but also provide the most realistic cost estimates that you might need if you want to design or renovate your kitchen. From cost of kitchen components to the starting price of an L-shaped kitchen, we give you all the details


A Helpful Guide on 7 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Materials and How Best to Use Them

From kitchen cabinet materials to finishes, this is your complete guide to making the right choices for your modular kitchen


35+ Latest Kitchen Colour Combination Ideas for Small, Medium and Large Kitchens

Explore our top kitchen colour combinations that are not only trendy, but also timeless, vastu-compliant and unique!


How to Choose the Best Kitchen Sink Designs – Types, Prices, Materials and Maintenance Tips

Get all the information you need for choosing the best latest kitchen sink designs for your home (Price included)!


The Best Guide to Help You Understand Standard Kitchen Dimensions for Your Home

Countertop, sink, refrigerator and more—this list of kitchen dimensions will help you design the perfect kitchen


9 Tall Unit Designs to Explore for Your Kitchen and Why They’re Recommended by Designers

Wondering what all the hype for kitchen tall units is about? Our designers can give you some insight!


An Easy and Comprehensive Guide on Low Cost Modular Kitchen Price

This is your go-to guide to get all the details on low cost modular kitchen price. From designs to kitchen accessories, this guide will help you renovate your kitchen.


What’s a Semi-Modular Kitchen? Everything You Should Know Before Converting Your Conventional Kitchen

Why not skip all the extra civil work costs if you’re on a budget and get a semi-modular kitchen instead

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