Kitchen backsplashes have become the hottest new focal point of kitchens—and we love indulging in them too! And why not? Not only do they safeguard your kitchen from splatters and splash, they can infuse new personality into your kitchen. Given the variety of kitchen tiles design out there, from porcelain to glass and tiles to wood, the options are plenty.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite kitchen wall tiles designs and backsplash kitchen cabinet combinations. You can opt for those that are complementary or contrasting in colour or design. Whatever the case, however, you can be sure that the effect you get is stunning each time.

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How to Choose the Best Kitchen Tiles

The problem here is one of abundance of choice; there are way too many options available in the market. So, how do you embark on getting the perfect kitchen tiles design for your home? Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Determine the location: If you live in a rather dusty area, getting finishes that are low maintenance like glass or ceramic makes sense.
  • Budget it properly: Before getting sold on looks, it is important to consider your budget for the backsplash. A marble backsplash is costlier than ceramic, for example. Thus, do not make this decision without fixing your budget.
  • Pay attention to colour: This goes without saying. To create colour continuity, you need to consider the rest of your house too. If you are too confused, you can opt for universal colours like white, blacks or reds.
  • Consider your lifestyle: This is absolutely essential. If you are making a show kitchen, luxe elements can be preserved for a longer duration. However, in heavy-duty kitchens, try to opt for more durable materials.

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Best Backsplash Trends in 2022

Solid-slab backsplash with stunning marble prints

In 2022, Livspace homeowners have been going all out with their backsplash and kitchen tiles designs. This year, don’t be afraid to experiment with types of tiles patterns, colours, and materials. Moreover, low-maintenance and sleek backsplashes are all the rage. This means that solid-slab wall kitchen tiles without tile lines and grout collecting in them are a great option.

Apart from marble and its classic appeal, here are some other backsplash alternatives that will inspire you to cook up a storm. Take a look at these kitchen wall tiles design ideas and you’ll be sure to find one that suits your space and your needs:

1. Moroccan Tiles for Kitchen

Get Moroccan tiles as they are handmade to ensure quality

Wouldn’t you just love to work in this kitchen with such gorgeous kitchen wall tiles? On gloomy days, this Moroccan-inspired tiles design in myriad hues will brighten your mood.

Here are 8 stunning ways to use Moroccan tiles.

2. Pastels and Patterns in Kitchen Wall Tiles

Make the backsplash tiles the star of your kitchen

If your kitchen wears neutral colours on cabinets and walls, then the backsplash should stand out with kitchen tiles designs in stunning colours that complement the neutral shades. We’re crushing on this unique modern kitchen wall tiles design combination.

3. Origami-Printed Tiles for Kitchen

Adopt the origami kitchen tiles design

Origami tiles for the kitchen is such a fun idea for your backsplash. The colourful print in this kitchen wall tiles design complements the mix of black and white cabinets to paint a happy picture.

4. Modern Kitchen Tiles Design With Honeycomb Patterns

Bring in the hexagonal impact in your kitchen

Kitchen tiles designs with a honeycomb pattern, anyone? This interesting pattern creates visual intrigue while white modern kitchen wall tiles make this space bright.

5. Copper-Coloured Tiles for Kitchen

Follow the trends with dark-hued kitchen wall tiles design

Infuse your kitchen design with some copper-focused magic by getting a backsplash in this rich colour. For a simple kitchen wall tiles design, match it with the wall cabinets that will also give it a seamless look.

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6. Mosaic Dado Tiles for the Kitchen

Create a style statement with dado tiles for kitchen walls

Introduce some mosaic magic in your kitchen with this subtle orange-tiled backsplash. Simple but elegant, these kitchen wall tiles will suit any personality.

7. Aqua-Coloured Tiles for the Kitchen Wall

Opt for a simple kitchen wall tiles design and colours like teal for your space

A perfect shade for light-coloured cabinets, this aqua-coloured kitchen tiles design is a visual treat. Give your kitchen a breezy appearance with this modern kitchen wall tiles combination.

8. Monochromatic Tiles for Kitchen

Steal the focus with zig-zag-patterned modern kitchen tiles designs

A monochrome kitchen wall tiles design with kaleidoscopic patterns is all you need to give your kitchen some character. Pair your kitchen tiles designs with wooden kitchen cabinets to turn your space into a stunner.

9. Geometric Patterns in Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles

Pick kitchen tiles design in geometric patterns

Catch up with the current kitchen tiles design trend and add some eye-catching geometric patterns to balance the neutral colour palette.

Did you know that backsplashes don’t necessarily have to be made of kitchen tiles? Learn about the different types of backsplash materials you can use.

10. Granite Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Swap solid slabs of granite with any kitchen tiles design to get a trendy look

You don’t have to stick to modern kitchen wall tiles but can also go for granite as a classy choice for a backsplash. It is just the balance that this dark-coloured kitchen needed.

11: Modern Kitchen Walls Design With Lacquered Glass

Use a glass backsplash to create a modern kitchen tiles design

Take the backsplash game up a notch and add a pretty lacquered glass to your kitchen. This choice of green adds a chic look to the setting.

12. Chequered Tiles for the Kitchen

Choose a bold chequered kitchen tiles design for your kitchen

Ready for a game of chess? Chequered designs are visually appealing and pair well with white kitchens—especially a simple kitchen wall tiles design with a retro theme.

13: Hand-Painted Tiles for the Kitchen Wall

Add a unique touch to your home with one-of-a-kind tiles

Have you considered hand-painted tiles for kitchen walls? Consider getting these beautiful patterns that add to the ambience of the space.

14: A Mix of Patterned Dado Tiles for Kitchen

Feast your eyes on this patterned kitchen tiles design

Go Moroccan with these stylish kitchen wall tiles. We love the way so many unique patterns combine to give the kitchen an eye-catching appearance.

15. Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles With Strip Designs

Adorn the kitchen with a striped wall backsplash design

Shimmering strips may be a good idea to enhance the oomph factor of your kitchen! Don’t you think this kitchen wall tiles design looks stunning against the white backdrop?

16: Glass Backsplash Kitchen Wall Tiles Design

Get a sleek and simple kitchen wall tile design with glass

Another addition to the shimmering option, these glass tiles placed together are all you need to make your simple wall kitchen tiles design glamorous.

17: A Modern Kitchen Tiles Design With Marble Backsplash

Add a luxurious element to your a kitchen with marble kitchen tiles design

Want a luxe kitchen? The fastest way to add sophistication to any kitchen is to add a marble backsplash. Pair it with solid-coloured cabinets for an elegant finish.

18: A Subtle Kitchen Tiles Design for a Minimal Look

Continue the kitchen countertop onto the walls for a complete look

Some of us don’t like kitchens with loud colours. In which case, a minimal  kitchen tiles design is the best idea. Pair white on white to easily bring your minimal kitchen to life.

19: Decorative Kitchen Wall Tiles Design for A Striking Contrast

Pick contrasting kitchen tiles design for an edgy look

Indian kitchens can give you the best examples of trendy colours. Look at the above kitchen, for example. The yellow cabinets contrast with the hand-painted tiles with unique patterns. Absolutely eye-catching, right?

20: An Antique Yet Simple Kitchen Wall Tiles Design

Opt for a traditional look for your modern kitchen tiles design

Modular kitchens can be adopted to any aesthetic. This membrane-finished kitchen screams vintage with its open shelves supported by Indian-style iron hooks. However, the backsplash steals the show with its Indian-inspired minimal design.

21: Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles in Earthy Neutrals

Create a soothing aura with neutral tiles in an earthy palette

The secret to making a relaxing environment is out—and it lies in using earthy shades. Livspace designers have replicated the vibe perfectly in this kitchen by using earthy neutrals. The kitchen tiles design is a soft beige that blends in perfectly.

22: Go Classic With Subway Tiles for Kitchen Walls

Recreate old-world magic with a subway kitchen tiles design

Subway tiles are the most timeless choice when it comes to the kitchen backsplash. They are versatile and easy to clean. This kitchen embodies all that with a red subway kitchen tiles design and contrasting yellow cabinets.

23: Use Terrazzo for a Modern Kitchen Tiles Design

Lend your kitchen backsplash a durable finish

A terrazzo kitchen tiles design for a backsplash have made a comeback in recent years. They are trendy, low cost and low maintenance. Known for their quirky patterns, Terrazzo tiles make a strong statement in any kitchen.

24: Bring in Spanish Backsplash Tiles for Kitchen

Steal ideas from the Spanish when it comes kitchen backsplashes

Spanish tiles are known for their quality and beautiful varieties. Thus, their patterns fit right into any Indian kitchen.

25: A Chevron-Patterned Kitchen Tiles Design in a Modern Indian Kitchen

Try a rustic touch in your modular kitchen

Chevron-patterned tiles are popular in any Indian kitchen. They can be made with ceramic, porcelain or vitrified tiles. Easy to maintain and available in a huge range of shades, they are well fit for any Indian kitchen.

26: A Kitchen Tiles Design With Penny-Style Tiles

Penny tiles add an industrial vibe to your kitchen

Penny tiles are a luxe choice for most Indian homes. They bring with them a rather contemporary touch. They have been used as accent finishes in most spaces and can do the same to your kitchen backsplash.

Can You Use Kitchen Backsplash Tiles as Floor Tiles?

Look into their pros and cons before selecting backsplash tiles to be used as floor tiles

You can always lend a dash of colour to your floors and use the kitchen backsplashes as flooring. But before you use your kitchen backsplash tiles for flooring, here are a few points to keep in mind.

  • Wall tiles are thinner than floor tiles and can come in a high-gloss finish, making them slippery
  • Not all backsplash tiles can be used as floor tiles. However, floor tiles can be used as backsplash tiles.
  • Lacquered glass cannot be used as a flooring option as it can chip and break easily.
  • When you purchase tiles, make sure to check their grading. Tiles graded in group 1 can be used on walls, but not as flooring.
  • Tiles graded in group 3 and above can be used in kitchens and heavy traffic areas.

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Kitchen Tiles Design Maintenance Tips

Clean your kitchen tiles periodically

Kitchen backsplashes need regular maintenance too. Thus, here are some tips for maintaining tiles you should keep in mind:

  • Avoid stains and smudges by cleaning the kitchen tiles after each cooking session. You can use easily available disinfectants or water and sponge for the same.
  • For extra-stubborn stains, you can use an old toothbrush. Mix equal parts vinegar and baking soda to make a cleaning mixture. Use this on the stains and rub it with the toothbrush. However, for patterned tiles, switch the toothbrush for a soft sponge.
  • Vacuum the sides to get rid of any grout.
  • Deep-clean your kitchen once a month to avoid stains from sitting on the kitchen tiles.

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