It is officially that time of the year; along with our Spotify, we wrap up our work and get ready for 2024 which is looming on the horizon. As New Year’s resolutions flow in, new haircuts, new clothes and new inspiration surround us and we no doubt are looking at switching things up inside our homes. Whether it is evergreen or new home interior design trends, our expert at Livspace, Natasha Gomez has rounded up the trends that are going to have their moment in 2024 and bid farewell to those who have run their course.

Interior design trends 2024 #1: Biophilic design proves itself timeless

Grass mats, plants and a miniature waterfall adorn the balcony

As the number of city dwellers rises, so does their need to be close to nature. While this might not be possible for all, we sure can bring natural elements into our homes. 

  • Biophilic isn’t limited to bringing in a few plants on the balcony, it is about seamlessly blending the outside elements inside our homes. 
  • Think earthy colours, water elements, natural softscapes like bamboo, cane and rattan, and designing our house that uses sunlight efficiently.
  • The biophilic design can also be incorporated into your bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms by using simple elements such as plants and windows. 

Tips: If looking after natural materials is a struggle, you can use a combination of natural and fake plants and grass mats to achieve a similar look.

Interior design trends 2024 #2: Welcoming the eclectic

The minimalist design highlights the Indian decor

We usually pick designs that are unique to us and reflect our personalities. Different parts of the room may use different designs with our personality as the upholstery. The trends have been leaning towards an eclectic style with a mix of minimalist and contemporary styles infused with Indian elements. 

Having a minimalist interior design with Indian accents highlights the elements and amplifies a serene presence.

Tips: Personalise your home with things you love, but avoid overcrowding. Leave space for souvenirs from your travels and meaningful items to add character. Let your space tell your unique story.

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Interior design trends 2024 #3: Embracing nature’s palette with earthy tones and coastal hues

Beach or forest person? The majority of the answers might be both as that’s what is directing the trend for 2024.

Take your pick from coastal hues, forest green, warm terracotta or Pantone colour of the year

Expect warm and neutral tones. The natural theme extends itself beyond design and flows into the colour palette. Get playful by using colour combinations that match the ambience of the house and your personality. As we are cornering ourselves into the nooks of the city, using nature-inspired colours will allow us to stay in touch with the beauty of nature.

Tips: To make your space seem larger, use a white palette like raw cotton or salt white. You can also make your home look warm by using paints with a soft glow for the ceiling and walls.


“Personally, I stay away from contemporary glam style as it makes the space seem more like a hotel rather than a cosy home.”

Natasha Gomez

Interior design trends 2024 #4: Textures and patterns to look out for

 LimewashLimewash texture is gaining popularity for a
sophisticated yet rustic look.
Fabric laminateFabric laminates top the charts and add a touch of elegance.
 Floral printWhat’s more? Floral and bold prints on fabric
are scaling the trends right now.
RattanLeaning towards the eclectic and bohemian trend,
natural fabrics like jute, rattan and bamboo
can be used for upholstery and wallpaper.

Interior design trends 2024 #5: Sustainability choices for the win

Incorporate eco-friendly elements in your space to welcome sustainability

Recent interior design trends are also leaning towards sustainability. Along with aesthetics and functionality, eco-friendly elements are an important factor for homeowners. Here are some ways to incorporate the same:

  • Using modular furniture instead of custom-made designs
  • Choosing and sourcing local materials
  • Opting for a minimal design where form follows function
  • Smart lighting that is flexible with colour and intensity while consuming less energy
  • A LOT of plants!

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Interior design trends 2024 #6: Furnishings and furniture to wishlist now

Living roomPartitions and L-shaped sofas help us make the most of our space.
Pooja roomOpt for glass fluted doors and easy-to-maintain tile or stone cladding.
Dining roomMarble tables with sleek metal legs take centre stage.
BedroomElevate your space with a sought-after dresser unit
featuring a modern, backlit design.
BalconyDurable and water-resistant furniture made of wrought iron
is preferred for durability.
KitchenEmbrace a modern look with membrane shaker shutters,
quartz, gola profiles and flute glass units.

Eclectic styles are on the rise:

  • Blend the best of minimalist and contemporary designs with a distinctive Indian twist, incorporating handicrafts and other decorative elements
  • Example: Pair ikat print cushions with contemporary interiors for a unique touch

Smart furniture choices:

  • Living room interior design trend 2024: Opt for sleek L-shaped sofas with comfy recliners
  • Bedroom: Hydraulic beds remain a preferred choice for functionality
  • Newest kitchen designs: Minimalist and industrial styles are scaling the charts


  • Living Room: Choose a sleek and non-bulky L-shaped sofa with faux leather, rexine and leatherite upholstery for a modern look.
  • General: Go for sleek, handleless units with push-to-open features for a touch of chic.

Interior design trends 2024 #7: Whimsical wonders of kids’ rooms

Let your child’s imagination fly high with these design inspirations

Usually, kids’ room designs stand out from the common theme of the entire house and it is so for a good reason. Growing kids need a room that triggers their imagination and matches their ever-changing style. Here are a few recommendations based on the latest interior trends:

  • To avoid cluttering, use beds with lots of storage. While bunk beds are great for saving space, kids quickly grow out of them. Recently there has been a rise in single beds with ample storage drawers underneath them
  • Lacquered glass is a great choice for kids who tend to confuse the walls to be their canvas
  • Place the study table near a window to allow natural light to flow through and inspire the little ones
  • Get creative with the wallpapers, everyone deserves to have some fun!

Interior design trends 2024 #8: Elevate your bathroom designs with the upcoming trends

Refresh and rejuvenate with bespoke bathroom designs

Bathrooms are no longer just a place for personal hygiene and a space to store toiletries. They are an energising haven and a sanctuary – a space to get ready for the day ahead or to unwind and relax in the evening.

  • You can turn the smallest bathroom into a spa with earthy colour tones. The trendy colours for the year mentioned above will whisk you away to a tropical paradise
  • Include a mix of different storage units like baskets and open shelves with closed shutters to prevent the space from looking too closed and bulky
  • To make the bathroom look spacious, use mount magnetic strips and floating vanity units that are in this season 


  • Provide waterproof partitions to divide the wet and dry areas. Ensure that proper waterproofing is done with a good slope to keep the bathroom dry longer
  • Pick a good colour to use as a highlight wall
  • Add great lighting or pretty scones along with decorative mirrors

Interior design trend 2024 #9: Lighting designs that will steal the show

Let your home shine with unique fixtures

The lighting in our homes can make or break the look we desire. The current interior design trends suggest that 2024 is the year for layered lighting that will draw your eyes to the surroundings around it. Use different styles and kinds of lighting depending on the colour of the walls and the design of your home. Lightings with natural elements, decorative wall scones, soft luxury fixtures and smart lighting are taking centre stage in the lighting design world.

  • Layered and understated lighting works great with industrial-style design
  • Smart and controlled lighting allows you to create a new look without bringing in new elements
  • Use eclectic lamps and fairy lights with an Indian touch to add that traditional look to contemporary spaces

Interior design trend 2024 #10: Dreamy wardrobes for the superstar in you

Wardrobe designs that you will fall in love with

A well-designed wardrobe is a secret recipe that will help you start your day right. Recently, walk-in wardrobes and floor-to-ceiling sliding shutters are making the rounds and we’re here for it! 

  • A walk-in wardrobe is every person’s dream. Imagine walking into the space and everything laid out in sight, ready for you to pick and dress your way to success.  Always aim to declutter and increase hanging space by picking the right hanger system
  • For wardrobe colours, as per the latest interior trend, it is recommended to pick a muted tonal colour that matches the wall of the room. This provides a seamless appeal and makes the room more spacious
  • The smart wardrobe designs to look out for are the wardrobes which include shutters with grooves and infills

Interior design trend 2024 #11: Bespoke home offices

Home office designs that foster productivity and creativity

With the hybrid working model taking a permanent residence, workspaces in our homes have levelled up in style and functionality. Along with ergonomic furniture, minimalist designs are being incorporated into the space to channel productivity. 

  • Declutter your space to minimise distractions. A minimalist setting allows creativity to flourish and helps you concentrate on the tasks at hand 
  • Place your desks close to windows or balconies to allow natural lighting and fresh air to seep in
  • Feel free to add succulent or miniature plants in your workspace to bring in positivity and earthy accents

Interior design trend 2024 #12: Curvy elements to adorn your space

Embrace the curve because they’re here to stay!

Gone are the days of sharp and dramatic angles. The interior design trends for 2024 are all about warm curvy features and soft rounded elements that can break the monotony of design. 

  • Curved arches add a touch of sophistication to our living rooms making them a welcoming space for our guests
  • While sharp angles are consistently used in kitchens for their clean look, curved countertops bring in balance and flow by offsetting the sharpness 
  • An easy way to introduce curves into your homes is to bring in curved furniture like couches and ottomans

What will probably fade out in 2024?

According to Livspace experts, open plans, window seat designs and contemporary glam styles are slowly inching towards the exit. 

  • Recently, privacy has become an important factor for many. You will notice a rise in partitions as they divide the space and provide privacy. Glass and metal partitions usually allow some transparency and openness. 
  • As people look for ways to allow natural light into homes, French windows have been the go-to design. As a domino effect, window seating is slowly going out of style but is a personal favourite of Natasha Gomez. 

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