According to Vastu Shastra, the north is one of the most auspicious directions, as Lord Kuber, the god of wealth, presides over it. By following the right vastu rules, a north-facing home can brim with positivity. So, if you have a north-facing home and are in need of some easy tips to help you make the most of it, you’ve come to the right place. This detailed guide can help you improve and strengthen your north-facing house vastu plan. Let’s see how!

What Does a North-Facing House Vastu Plan Mean?

Considering the auspiciousness of the north direction, you might think there isn’t much to do to maximise its positivity. However, this is untrue. There are several minute details you can leverage in your north-facing house plan to make it more vastu-compliant. This, of course, includes following the right Vastu Shastra principles for each room. 

In short, a north-facing house vastu plan refers to planning and designing your home in a way that maximises its effects. With the right plan, you can reap the many benefits that vastu for north-facing homes has to offer.

What Are the Dos and Don’ts of a North-Facing House Vastu Plan?

Ensure you have a wooden main door, which should also be the biggest in the home. It also helps to have a doormat to wipe away negativity upon enteringThe kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom should not be in the north-east
Keep your home neat and tidy The main door or entrance shouldn’t be in the 6th pada
Aglaonema, ferns, bromeliads, and hedera are most-recommended plants for north-facing homesDon’t place mirrors in the south or south-east parts of the house
The wastewater outlets should be in the south or north corners of the houseAvoid using black marble for the kitchen countertop

What Are Some Simple Vastu Tips for North-Facing Homes?

1. Entrance and Living Room Vastu in a North-Facing House Plan

The west or south-west directions are best for placing heavy furniture

Let’s start from the beginning. That is, the basics of main door vastu for north-facing homes. The main door obviously faces the north. However, the most crucial aspect of your north-facing house vastu plan lies in the pada or step.

The north zone, ranging from the north-east to the north-west, divides into 9 padas. And for a north-facing house vastu plan, the 5th step is the most propitious as it is the dwelling of Lord Kuber, bringing you wealth.

If the 5th pada is not feasible for you, you can consider the 3rd, 4th, and 8th padas. These aid in increasing wealth too, as per north-facing main door vastu rules.

And What About the Living Room?

Ideally, your living room should be situated in the north-east or north-west direction. Ensure that you keep heavy furniture such as the sofa in the west or south-west direction of the living room, while your electronics and appliances stay in the south-east zone.

2. Bedroom Vastu for a North-Facing House Plan

As per vastu, the bed should never be opposite the door

For the master bedroom, the south-west direction is suitable with the door either in the north, west, or east wall, as per the rules of bedroom vastu for north-facing houses. Avoid the agni-governed south-east direction as it can cause quarrels and misunderstandings.

As for the bed placement, consider the south or east direction in your north-facing house vastu plan. Also, never place your bed opposite the door.

3. The Ideal Placement for Kids’ Bedrooms in a North-Facing House Plan, As per Vastu

Light shades of yellow and blue are ideal for a kid’s bedroom

West is the ideal direction for a kids’ bedroom, while the north-west is ideal for the guest bedroom. While selecting colours, go for cosy yet subtle shades like yellow or blue to keep the space vibrant.

However, avoid dark or loud colours like red and black as they can be distracting or too stimulating, preventing your kids from winding down.

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3. Kitchen Vastu for a North-Facing House

The kitchen shouldn’t have a black marble countertop

The heart of the home, the kitchen, should be in the south-east as per your north-facing house vastu plan. This is because agni, the fire element, governs this direction in north-facing homes.

A north-west facing kitchen is also favourable if the south-east isn’t doable, according to the principles of kitchen vastu for north-facing houses.

4. North-Facing House Vastu Plan for Your Pooja Room

Marble is a great vastu-compliant material to consider for your pooja room

The wrong approach to your north-facing house vastu plan can cause pooja room vastu doshas. To remedy them, it’s important to remember that the divine presence lies in the east or west zones of a home.

Hence, Vastu Shastra highly recommends the north-east direction for pooja room placement in a north-facing house plan. This is because it’s the spot that receives the maximum energy from the sun. In terms of vastu-appropriate materials, you can consider using either wood or marble for your pooja room design.

5. Bathroom Vastu for North-Facing Houses

Bathrooms should be built in the south or south-west directions

Since the bathroom is a place for cleansing and eliminating waste, where you place it is important. Here, the vastu-approved directions for a toilet in a north-facing house are south, west, south-west, and north-west, as per the principles governing bathroom vastu for north-facing houses.

Be sure to follow these placements to rid yourself of any possible vastu doshas while planning your bathroom.

6. Where Should the Staircase Be in a North-Facing House Plan?

A staircase must not be fixed in the north as it may cause financial issues

If you have a staircase inside your north-facing home, you will certainly benefit from making a note of this placement in your house plan. The favourable directions for an internal staircase are the south-west, south-east, and north-west.

Avoid the north and north-east directions for the staircases in your north-facing house vastu plan, as it may cause financial instability and health issues.

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7. Which Colour Is the Best for a North-Facing House Plan?

White and neutral colours paired with wooden decor are ideal from a vastu standpoint

A north-facing house vastu plan mandates white and neutrals such as cream, khaki, and warm grey as the best colours. Warm blue and green are also good options if you are looking for bright colours.

Alternatively, do not use darker shades like red and maroon in a north-facing home. They typically signify anger or excitement and can be negatively stimulating. As for the exteriors, red and yellow are not a vastu-compliant option.

Homeowners in Which Professions Benefit From North-Facing Homes?

North, being the home of the god of wealth, is perfect for businesspersons and those working in the finance sector (bankers, chartered accountants, and investors), as per north-facing house vastu principles. A north-facing home is believed to boost their growth on these career fronts.  

Tips for North-Facing Duplex House Plans As per Vastu

Master bedrooms are meant to be placed on the first floor of a duplex as per vastu
  • Decorate the first floor with vastu-compliant plants
  • Place your master bedroom on the first floor along with your balcony
  • Your duplex home’s balcony must face the north-east direction
  • The pooja room should also face the north-east direction in your duplex
  • Focus areas like your study room should be devoid of distractions and placed in an area that’s calm and quiet

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