Vastu Shastra considers the north to be one of the most auspicious, for it is the direction of Lord Kuber, the God of wealth. If vastu rules are observed properly, a north-facing home can be brimming with positivity. Here’s where we would like to help by providing you with a north-facing house vastu plan. 

So, if your house faces the north, refer to this exhaustive guide and make your home vastu-compliant. 

North-facing House Vastu Plan

#1: Entrance and Living Room Vastu in a North-facing House

The west or south-west direction is best for heavy furniture 

Let’s start from the beginning: the main door. The main door obviously faces the north. But, interestingly, the crucial aspect to consider here is the pada or step. The north zone, i.e. from northeast and northwest, divides into 9 padas. And according to the north-facing house vastu plan, the 5th step is the most propitious as it is the dwelling of Lord Kuber and brings you wealth.

If the 5th pada is not feasible for you, you can consider the 3rd, 4th and 8th padas that aids in increasing wealth too. 

Coming to the living room, it should be in the northeast or northwest. Ensure that the heavy furniture such as the sofa is in the west or southwest direction of the living room, while the electronics and appliances go in the southeast zone.

#2:Where should the kitchen be in a north-facing house?

The kitchen shouldn’t have a black marble countertop

The heart of the home, the kitchen, should be in the southeast according to the north-facing house vastu plan. It is so because agni or the fire element governs this direction. A northwest facing kitchen is also favourable if the southeast isn’t doable.

#3: What direction is best for the bedroom in a north-facing house?

The bed should never be opposite the door

For the master bedroom, the southwest direction is suitable with the door either in the north, west, or east walls. Avoid the agni-governed southeast direction as it can cause quarrels and misunderstandings.

As for the bed placement, it should be in the south or east direction and never opposite the door. You can find more bedroom vastu tips here: Vastu for Bedroom: Must Know Tips to Boost Positive Energy

Point to remember: 

West is the ideal direction for a kids’ bedroom, while the northwest is ideal for the guest bedroom.

#4: Where should the pooja room be placed in a north-facing house?

Allow the sun’s energy to enter the pooja room

You wouldn’t want to go wrong with the placement of the pooja room. The divine presence is in the east or west zones of a home. Hence, Vastu Shastra highly recommends the northeast direction in a north-facing home for mandirs as it is the spot that receives the maximum energy from the sun.

#5: In which direction should the bathroom be in a north-facing home?

Bathrooms should be built in the south or south-west directions

The placement of the bathroom is crucial as it is a place for cleansing and elimination of waste. Hence, the vastu-approved directions for the bathroom in a north-facing house are south, west, southwest and northwest.

Bonus Point: Where should the staircase be in a north-facing home?

Staircase must not be fixed in the north as it can cause financial issues

Note this point if you are planning on having a staircase inside your north-facing home. The favourable directions for an internal staircase are the southwest, southeast and northwest. Definitely avoid the north and northeast for the staircase as it can cause financial instability and health issues. 

Which colour is best for a north-facing house?

White and neutral colours are vastu-approved colours

North-facing house vastu plan mandates white and neutrals such as cream, khaki and warm grey as the best colours. Warm blue and green are also good options if you are looking for bright colours. Vastu Shastra does not prescribe the use of darker shades like red and maroon in a north-facing home.

As for the exteriors, red and yellow are a definite no.

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Who are suitable for north-facing homes?

Businesspersons are believed to do well in north-facing homes

North, being the home of the God of wealth, is perfect for businesspersons and those working in the finance sector (bankers, chartered accountants, investors, etc.) A north-facing home is believed to boost their growth on the career front. 

Some Important Points to Keep in Mind 

Maintaining a neat and clutter-free home reaps a lot of benefits


  • The main door should be made of wood and the biggest in the house. It also helps to have a doormat to shut out negativity
  • Maintain a neat and tidy home
  • If you like having plants at home, aglaonema, ferns, bromeliads and hedera are most recommended by the north-facing house vastu plan
  • The wastewater outlets should be in the south or north corners of the house


  • The kitchen, bedroom and bathroom should not be in the northeast
  • The main door or entrance shouldn’t be in the 6th pada
  • Don’t place mirrors in the south or southeast side of the house
  • Avoid using black marble for the kitchen countertop

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