Vastu shastra literally means the science of architecture. This ancient Indian science describes the principle of design, layout, measurements etc. integrated with nature to create a positive and happy living environment. While vastu can help you create a peaceful home, a lot of vastu principles doing the rounds today are just myths which will do you no good. In this article, we have answered some FAQs and debunked the most common vastu myths.

#1: Is the Northeast the Most Auspicious Direction for Your Entryway?

A: This is a myth. While it is.true that the northeast might be considered the most auspicious direction for your entryway, it also all depends upon energies flowing through the home as well as the names of the people residing in that space. To know more about vastu principles for your home entrance, read this.

#2: Is It Fine to Paint the Master Bedroom and Living Room in Generic Colours?

A: You will often hear that it’s alright to paint the master bedroom, the kids’ room and the living room in any generic colour. This is a vastu myth. According to vastu shastra, the direction of the room determines the colour. For instance, a master bedroom in the southwest can be painted in peach. Know more about the best vastu colours for each room.

#3: Is It Unlucky to Have the Toilet in the Northeast Corner?

A: People often say that the toilet should not be built in the northeast corner of the home. This is because the northeast direction is associated with worship and toilets are associated with toxicity. However, this is a vastu myth. Today’s modern toilets can definitely be built in the northeast. Add plants and paint your bathroom in pastel shades to attract positivity.

#4: Can the Entrance Be Towards the Southeast?

A: A southeast entry is unlucky as it is the place of the Agni Kund — again, a vastu shastra myth. In reality, the southeast can prove to be lucky for you. As per vastu shastra, no direction is ‘bad’ and the best direction for a home depends upon the people living in it.

#5: Does Vastu Have Any Scientific Significance?

A: A lot of people believe that vastu shastra involves religion and superstition. This is a vastu myth. Vastu shastra literally means the science of architecture. Vastu rules take into account factors influencing the construction of a home.

#6: Is It Unlucky to Dig a Hole or Well in the Southwest Direction?

A: Many vastu experts might say that you should not have a deep hole or a well in the southwest direction as the negative energies emanating might harm you. However, you can prosper despite the presence of a well, as long as you balance out the negative energies with positive ones inside your home.

#7: Does the Eldest Member of the Family Have to Occupy the Master Bedroom?

A: Another vastu shastra myth. The master bedroom is the seat of leadership and should ideally belong to the functional head of the family. This does not necessarily have to be the eldest member. For instance, when parents retire, the functional head of the family would be the eldest earning child.

#8: Is the Southeast the Only Ideal Direction for Your Kitchen?

A: This vastu shastra principle used to be applicable at one time but is no longer so today. In ancient times, kitchens did not have exhaust fans. As such, building the kitchen in the southeast corner ensured that wind would enter the home and get rid of smoke and smells. Today, most homes are fitted with exhaust fans, chimneys etc. Thus you do not have to build your kitchen in the southeast. Read our kitchen vastu tips.

#9: Can I Place Mythological and Nature-Inspired Photos Anywhere in My Home?

A: This depends upon the type of photos. According to vastu, you should never place images depicting violence, war, disaster or death in your home. So, you can definitely keep mythological or nature-inspired photos in your home provided they depict peaceful scenes. 

#10: Is a South-Facing Home Bad?

A: This is a very big vastu myth commonly propagated by vastu experts and other people. No direction is bad for you. Even if you have a south-facing home, you can definitely prosper and be happy there. In fact, several successful and well-known business personnel have south-facing homes. Read more about south-facing house vastu.


10 Vastu Shastra Myths Busted!
Myth #1: Northeast is the most auspicious direction for entryway
Vastu Myth #2: You can paint the bedroom and living room in generic colours
Myth #3: The toilet shouldn’t be in the northeast corner
Vastu Myth #4: The entryway shouldn’t be towards the southeast
Myth #5: Vastu is a religious subject and not a scientific one
Vastu Myth #6: There shouldn’t be a hole or a well in the southwest direction
Myth #7: The eldest member of the family should occupy the master bedroom
Vastu Myth #8: The kitchen should only be in the southeast corner
Myth #9: Mythological or nature-inspired photos can be placed anywhere in the house
Vastu Myth #10: You should avoid buying a south-facing home

We hope these FAQs about vastu myths helped you. Check out the 5 vastu-approved decorative items to bring good luck into your home.

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