Vastu for doors and windows is all about regenerating positive energy inside closed spaces. And as far as homes go, energies flow in and out through these doors and windows. Experts believe that there are specific directions in which the openings should be placed so that they can promote a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

Homeowners who are keen to build a vastu-compliant home should pay special attention to doors and windows (think of their positioning, direction and the materials used) for numerous reasons. Not only do they serve the purpose of letting in air and sunlight, they also let in positive energy and prevent negative energy from entering the home. 

So if you’re building a new home or renovating your old one, this is what you need to know about vastu for doors and windows:

#1: The Proper Main Door

The main door should be the largest door in the house

According to home entrance vastu, the main door of the home should be the largest door in your house, and should be placed in the north, east or north-east direction. A two-shuttered door that opens inside is considered auspicious. Try and incorporate beautiful designs on the main door, with bright lights and good colours. Basically, do not keep the main door dull and drab.

#2: The Right Number of Doors As per Vastu

Even numbers signify positivity in Vastu Shastra

Positivity also comes in even numbers. Vastu experts say that the number of doors and windows at home should always be even and in multiples of two, like two, four, six and so on.

#3: The Consistency in Door Size

All bedroom doors should be of the same size

The sizes of all the internal doors at home should be the same, with the exception of the front door. Varying door sizes are discouraged by vastu experts. The only door that should stand out, is the main door. If you still want to make some doors bigger, then make sure they are placed in the south or west direction, instead of the north or east.

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#4: The Faultless Door Mechanism

Creaky doors are a bad omen

When it comes to the mechanism of doors at home, door vastu experts say that it is best to have hinged doors that do not creak while opening or closing. Apparently, there will be more quarrels at home with creaky doors and windows. Smooth hinges reflect better relationships at home. It’s also best to avoid self-closing doors.

#5: The Function of Windows

All windows should be of symmetrical shape and height

All windows should ideally be of symmetrical shape and proportionate height. Since windows are the source of fresh air and sunlight, they should always be placed opposite doors. This will ensure that there is maximum ventilation at home. The number of windows at home should also be in even numbers.

  • Avoid the south-west direction in general for windows as the sun’s harmful UV rays are projected the most in this direction
  • The bigger the windows, in the north, east or north-east direction, the better! The north brings prosperity while the east brings progress and health

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#6: The Ideal Door Materials

Opt for wooden doors for the main entrance

There is more to vastu-compliant doors than just the direction. It’s important to carefully pick materials for your doors as it can determine how auspicious the placement is. A wooden door is always the best option when it comes to picking materials for doors. 

You can also take a look at the materials that are most favourable for these directions:

  • North: Opt for doors with silver accents like metal or iron
  • South: Doors with wooden and metal elements are ideal for south facing doors
  • East: Choose a door design that is predominantly made of wood
  • West: Choose a door that is predominantly made of metal such as iron

#7: The Positive Colours for Doors and Windows

Blue attracts positivity and also makes the exterior facade look appealing

Bright colours lead to cheery and energetic moods inside your home. Therefore, choose colours like yellow and blue for your front doors. What you must avoid is the colour black. Dark colours often induce arrogance and foul moods inside your home.

#8: The Vastu-Approved Decorative Items

Keep an idol of Hanuman or Ganesha in front of the main door for protection

It believed that placing a Hanuman or Ganesha idol in front of your door can help ward off evil energies. Similarly, keeping water in a brass bowl can also help you trap and prevent negativity from flourishing in your home. Make sure you keep changing the water in this bowl daily to avoid the omen that comes from stagnant water.

Alternatively, you can also keep a Buddha statue or a wind chime near the entrance to attract fortune and wealth.

Door and Window Direction As per Vastu

The ideal positions of doors and windows as per vastu

The most important factor when designing a vastu-compliant home is to ensure that the doors and windows are vastu-compliant as well.

Take a look at the vastu effects of these directions in a home:

  • North: Doors and windows in the north or north-east direction let in fresh air and powerful sunlight in the morning. This enhances the purification process at the start of the day.
  • South: It is considered the bank of all good energies. Therefore, if placed accurately and in the center, south-facing doors and windows harness all good energies.
  • East: This direction is the most powerful of them all. Entrances here can attract prosperity, power and festivity. 
  • West: Ideal for homeowners who enjoy the setting sun. This direction promotes wealth and prosperity.

Vastu Shastra Dos and Don’ts

North facing windows harness the good energy from the morning sun


  • Start with always having a threshold at the main door. Vastu-compliant homes have a step or threshold to attract wealth.
  • Subsequently, ensure the main door should always be above ground level.
  • Bedroom doors should be smaller than the main door, making the main door the largest in the home. 
  • Ensure all doors open in a clockwise direction.


  • Avoid having main doors that face another main door or exit door directly. Similarly, main doors shouldn’t face a compound wall or an abandoned site.
  • Avoid placing the main door beneath an underground tank or a septic tank.
  • Do not keep shoes or garbage right in front of the main door. Keep it aside.
  • Avoid obstructions like poles, trees, wires and so on, in front of the main door.
  • Do not display images of God on the outer side of the door or exit door. This might lead to misery, according to door vastu.
  • If there are more floors in the house, make sure you do not place doors over one another on each floor.

Who ever thought there would be so much to consider about something as small as doors and windows! If you want to look at the bigger picture, then take a look at these general vastu tips to bring prosperity at home.

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