In India, buying a house, like more or less everything else, is a traditional process. Vastu Shastra is a major factor in the decision-making process of a buyer. Usually, a north-facing house is the most auspicious. However, an east-facing one is also favourable given that it is vastu-compliant. Some buyers who are strong believers in vastu also tend to pay extra just to make sure that their home complies with the rules of vastu. If you’re facing east when you face the main door of your house from inside, then your house is an east-facing house. Looking for an east-facing house vastu plan? We got you. 

Here are some ways you can make your east-facing home vastu-compliant, and some vastu tips for home.

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#1: What is the best vastu plan for the entrance and living room in an east-facing house?

Make sure your door is placed right in the centre

Let’s start from the very basics, the front door. Our east-facing house vastu plan is to always make sure your front door is exactly placed in the centre. If your front door is in the northeast corner, make sure you leave a 6-inch gap between the wall and the main door. Avoid placing your main door in a southeast facing direction. Although, if it is unavoidable you can place the vastu pyramid on each side of the door and one in the middle on top of the main door. Similarly, you can also use a Swastika sign, a trishul or an Om symbol in the same positions to eliminate the negative energy due to door placement. Additionally, there should be no object such as a pole or a tree overshadowing the entrance of the house.

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#2: Where should the kitchen be in an east-facing house?

The kitchen should face either the southeast or the northwest direction

An east-facing house vastu plan suggests the kitchen be in the southeast direction of the house. Similarly, the person who is cooking should be facing the east direction in the kitchen. If the placement cannot be helped, a northwest-facing kitchen would also be vastu-compliant. The person cooking will then have to face west in a northwest-facing kitchen. The placement of the cooking stoves, toasters and oven etc. should be in the southeast-facing area. This is believed to invite positive energy into your home. An east-facing house vastu plan also states that storage units and refrigerators should face the southwest direction.

#3: What direction is best for the bedroom in an east-facing house?

Avoid hanging a mirror directly in front of your bed

The bedroom in an east-facing house vastu plan should face the southwest direction. If you’re going for a master bedroom, it should be larger than the other rooms in the house. The bed should be placed in the south or west of the walls in the room. Ensure that your legs are in the north or east direction while your head is in the south or west direction. Always avoid hanging a mirror or any reflective surface directly in front of your bed. The bathroom inside the master bedroom should face the bed directly and the door must always remain closed.

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#4: Where should the pooja room be placed in an east-facing house?

Make sure the pooja room is not adjacent to the bathroom

According to an east-facing house vastu plan, one has to ensure that the ceiling in the  room has to be lower than the other rooms. The pooja room must face the northeast direction and there cannot be a bathroom adjacent to this room. According to vastu rules, the northeast direction is very auspicious, and as this is quite an important room for many people, there cannot be alterations or adjustments in the vastu in this room.

#5: In which direction should the bathroom be in an east-facing home?

The bathroom must not face the northeast direction

The bathroom in an east-facing house should be in the southeast or northwest corner. To reiterate, ensure that the bathroom is not adjacent to the pooja room. No toilets can be in the northeast direction.

Which colour is best for an east-facing house?

Blue and white get a definite nod!

Some vastu tips for home to keep in mind are related to decor and interiors. An east-facing house has ample sunlight in the morning. The colour of your home should be in the hues of green or blue. These shades are recommended for east-facing homes as they utilise the natural as well as artificial light in the house. These colours also keep the look and feel of the house calm and cool.

Who should be staying in east-facing homes?

As per vastu, the east direction represents air, creativity as well as power and elegance. Hence, east-facing houses are popularly said to be good for creative professionals such as musicians, dancers and artists, or people who have businesses and work with the government. 

Some Important Points to Keep in Mind (Dos and Don’ts)

  • A wooden nameplate is suitable for a house that has the main door facing east 
  • Keeping a crystal globe in the northeast zone of the house is considered auspicious for students in the house
  • One must avoid placing stairs in the northeast direction
  • Do not plant trees in the north or east direction 
  • The northeast of the house must be heavily packed 
  • If your plot slopes from north to south, it is best to avoid buying it 
  • If your plot is attached to your property in the northern direction, it is considered to bring luck and prosperity 
  • There should be no septic tanks in the northeast corner of the house

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