It is said that energy, like people, enters your home through the main door. An entryway designed to follow the principles of Vastu can facilitate the movement of good energy, and bring prosperity into your home. Vastu considers the elements of nature with man and material to postulate a set of guidelines for home design. Here are some main door Vastu tips to design your main door as per Vastu to maintain the good flow of energy and prosperity in your home.

Main Entrance Direction Tip #1: Door Should Face North, North-east, East, or West

Entrance should face the North, North-east, East or West

According to Vastu, the entrance should ideally face the north, northeast, east, or west, as these facilitates prosperity. If you have to place the main entrance facing south, place a Vastu pyramid for main door or helix, in order to correct the main door Vastu. Talking about main door opening direction as per Vastu, the main door opening anticlockwise is a Vastu defect. The door should open inwards in the clockwise direction. However, some people come to us with a concern ‘Should doors open left or right as per Vastu?’, we’ll say it’s up to you as there are no strict rules for it and it totally depends on the hinges.

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Main Entrance Coordination Tip #2: No Other Doors in Line with Main Door

Nothing in line with the door

Make sure that the entrance is not in line with any other door, such as the main gate. This not only prevents any shadows falling on the entrance door. It also keeps bad energy and dust out. Note that there should be no bathrooms near the main door as per Vastu guidelines.

Main Door Size as per Vastu Shastra, Tip #3: Main Door Should be the Biggest

Carved to perfection

The main door size as per Vastu Shastra needs to be the biggest in the house. The main door design as per Vastu Shastra is even better if it comes in two parts rather than one big unit. Ensure the doorway is well-spaced and away from corners.

Main Door Material Tip #4: Prefer Wood

Warm and wooden

Wood is considered auspicious as far as materials go. Although it is recommended that you keep away from metals, if you have a liking for metal, you can adorn the wooden door with metal accessories. So, your safety door as per Vastu must definitely contain wood as a material for bringing in prosperity.

Main Door Colour as per Vastu Tip #5: Go for Soft Colours

Paint me pastel

Your main door colour as per Vastu should be soft such as light yellow, beige, or earthy shades such as wood. Stay away from bright colors like red or orange.

Steps in Front of Main Door Vastu Tip #6: Choose an Odd Number

Steps to success and prosperity

If you have steps at your entrance, an odd number of steps bring good fortune. So try to keep the steps to an odd number. It is supposed to bring success to your home.

Main Entrance Decor Tip #7: Go for Potted Green Plants

Go green for harmony

It is best not to place any mirror opposite the main door as it causes energy to bounce back. Make sure the entrance is well lit. Decorate the entryway with potted green plants as they exude refreshing positive energy that is contagious. 

Main Entrance Vastu Tip #8: Get a Wooden Nameplate

Putting a name to your home

A nameplate is believed to direct the flow of cosmic energy into your house. Get a wooden nameplate with embossed or inscribed details.

A Few Last Tips

Good vibes only

Main entrance Vastu Shastra discourages the use of water-centric elements and animal figurines in the entrance. Avoid water fountains and statues of animals in the main door decor. If you have concerns about main door opening clockwise or anticlockwise Vastu, then we recommed choosing clockwise as preferred direction.

We hope these guidelines on Vastu for home entrance help you in designing your dream home and usher in bundles of good fortune. If you found this useful, also explore 9 Easy Vastu Tips to Set Up Your Kitchen.

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