Has it ever happened to you that you woke up in the morning feeling lethargic and low for no reason? Or moved into a new home and suddenly your finances took a hit? It could be the vastu of the space. The energies that flow around you constantly affect your health, wealth and prosperity. These 5 easy vastu for money and health rules will ensure that your life is filled with happiness, good health and financial well-being.

Vastu for Money and Health Tip #1: Significance of Lord Kuber

Always place a Kuber Yantra at your home

In India, Lord Kuber is considered to be the deity of wealth and prosperity. He symbolises gold and affluence. So, to welcome wealth into your home, it will be a good idea to place a Kuber Yantra, a symbolic design of the God of Wealth, somewhere in your home. The Kubera corner as per vastu is the north-east, as it is believed that this direction is ruled by Kuber. As such, this is where you should place a Kuber Yantra. Also, vastu for money rules say that you must make sure that the north-east part of your home is free from clutter and all types of negative-energy spaces or accessories like toilets, shoe racks and heavy furniture.

Vastu for Money and Health Tip #2: A Clutter-free Space

A cluttered home can cause you health issues

Clutter in your home can cause more harm than you can ever imagine! A cluttered, dirty space creates negative energies which can harm both your physical and financial well-being. As per vastu for money and health, always ensure that your home has several clean and open spaces that allow positive energies to flow throughout the house. Don’t keep anything that you do not use and follow the principles of minimalism. Also, keep your doors and windows clean to allow good vibes to enter your home.

Vastu for Money and Health Tip #3: Vastu for the Entrance

Decorate your entryway to welcome divine vibes

Positive cosmic energies will enter your home through the main entrance. But for these energies to enter, you need to make your entrance welcoming. The auspicious direction for your entrance is the north-east. As per vastu tips for wealth and happiness, your front door should be sturdy with no cracks or disfigurations. Also, make sure that the entrance has secure locks that do not get jammed. Finally, vastu for wealth and health rules say that you can decorate your entrance with nameplates, plants, chimes and religious symbols but avoid mirrors.

Vastu for Money and Health Tip #4: Vastu for the Bathroom

The bathroom can store negative energies

The bathroom is one of those spaces that can collect and retain a lot of negativity. This can not only affect your financial capabilities but also harm your health. As per vastu for money and health, the bathroom should be towards the south or south-west directions in your home. Never place the bathroom near the entrance or in the centre of your home, as it can deplete divine energies from flowing from the entrance towards the centre. Avoid corners while building your bathroom. You can also place some air-purifying plants and natural materials like wood in the bathroom to purify the space.

Vastu for Money and Health Tip #5: Placement of Water Bodies

Ensure there is no stagnant water in your home

Vastu for money rules says that flowing water can bring wealth and prosperity to your home. Do not place any water bodies like swimming pools or fountains in the north-east or south-east corners of your home as this can cause health problems. You can opt to decorate your home with a small water fountain or an aquarium and place them  in the north-east direction, as these will attract financial prosperity. However, ensure that there are no water leakages anywhere as a leakage signifies loss of wealth. Also, as per vastu tips for good health and wealth, do not place the overhead tank in the south-east or north-east corners of your home.

These vastu for money and health tips will ensure that you remain in good health and your life is filled with prosperity and well-being. 

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