Wardrobes are often the biggest pieces of furniture in the bedroom. Therefore, how they are placed heavily impacts the energy and harmony within the room. Vastu Shastra outlines a few principles that govern the location, colours and shapes of ideal, energy-giving wardrobes. This concise list of Vastu for wardrobe in bedroom is the perfect starting point.

Vastu for wardrobe in bedroom #1: Place the wardrobe in the south-west
The shutters should ideally open towards the north

The south-west direction is the ideal location to place a wardrobe within your bedroom. The northwest is second in line– both directions are said to increase the flow of positive energy. The doors of the wardrobe also play a role in harmonising energy. They should ideally open up towards the north or the east because, that way, they double up as a bulwark against the hot evening sun.

Vastu for wardrobe in bedroom #2: Keep the wardrobe well-maintained
Say no to squeaky wardrobes

A well-maintained wardrobe is key to sustain positive and harmonious energy throughout the bedroom. Squeaky hinges are considered inauspicious according to Vastu for wardrobe in bedroom. Similarly, you must keep the surface of the wardrobe in mint condition at all times, without unsightly nicks and scratches.

Vastu for wardrobe in bedroom #3: Choose natural finishes
Opt for light wood tones & textures

Although contemporary materials are quite tempting, choosing natural finishes to deck up your wardrobe should be in line with Vastu principles. This is because they help to ground the room and connect it to natural elements, bringing the outdoors inside the home, in a way. Lighter wood tones and textures are preferable as they are light and easy on the eyes and create visual harmony. It’s best to steer clear of natural stone such as marble or granite because they can turn out to be bulky, cause visual strain and are cooler in nature.

Vastu for wardrobe in bedroom #4: Keep valuables in the south-west
It will also help multiply wealth

If you keep valuables and money in a safe in your wardrobe, consider placing the said safe towards the south-west. This ‘earth corner’ is auspicious according to Vastu for wardrobe in bedroom and also has the potential to multiply wealth. Avoid placing safes on shaky platforms and towards the north-east.

Vastu for wardrobe in bedroom #5: Avoid mirrors on the facade
This is to avoid the reflection of the bed

Vastu Shastra dictates that you should not place mirrors on the doors of a wardrobe as it may reflect negative energy and cause arguments within a home. In general, it is best to avoid mirrors in bedrooms. However, in the case of compact spaces, they can be used in such a way that the mirror doesn’t reflect the bed as this might bring ill fortune upon the person in the reflection.

Pro tip: Along with natural finishes, choose lighter colours for your wardrobe. White, greys and beiges are ideal as they open up the space and allow air and energy to flow more harmoniously.

Following Vastu for wardrobe in bedroom will put you on the right track towards promoting positive energy and establishing a harmonious relationship with loved ones and members of the family. Want to know what vastu approves of colours in the bedroom? Check this out: 6 Vastu-approved Bedroom Colours.

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