Is a west-facing house good or bad? Irrespective of the direction of your home, it’s vital that you follow vastu principles that help you attract good vibes. Typically, west-facing houses rank behind north- and east-facing ones, but they’re not inauspicious. You can follow these 10 tips for a west-facing house vastu plan to reap profits and gain prosperity.

What Is a West-Facing House?

A house is called west-facing when its entrance door opens in the west direction. This means that when you stand inside your home and look outside the main door, you’re facing westward.

Advantages of a West-Facing House Vastu Plan

The west-facing house receives sunlight for a longer duration in the evening. You’ll love watching the sun set every day! These homes are also ideal for people who are in the fields of business, politics, education, or even for youngsters.

Is a West-Facing House Good or Bad According to Vastu?

Whether a west-facing house is good or bad depends upon vastu rules. In fact, vastu principles say that the West brings profits as well as non-monetary gains. But you can bring your home to the same levels of harmony and positivity as the top two choices, that is the north and the east, by following this west-facing house vastu plan.

Vastu Tips for West-Side Facing House:

#1. Placement of the Main Door in the Right Pada

Place the main door within the right padas to avoid any negative impacts

According to west-facing house vastu plan, it is important that homeowners who are building or buying new properties ensure that the main door is located within the right ‘padas’ or steps. Derive the count of padas by dividing the house into 9 equal parts, starting from the northwest corner to the southwest end, as per west-facing main door vastu. The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th padas are the most auspicious for main doors in west-facing house plans as they usher in positivity and good vibes. If the above-mentioned padas can’t be used, then padas 1 and 2 can also host the main door as these are neither good nor bad areas, according to west-facing door vastu.

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#2. Placement of Living Room by Vastu for West-Facing House

The best placement for a living room in a west-facing house is the east

The living room can be placed in the east, north, northeast, or northwest parts of the west-facing house plan. Additionally, you can also try and make sure that your furniture is kept along the west wall that has your main door.

#3. Placement of Master Bedrooms by Vastu for West-Facing House

Ensure that the position of the master room is in the southwest

In a west-facing house plan as per vastu, the position of the master bedroom should be in the southwestern wing of the house. Moreover, if the west-facing house has multiple storeys, the master bedroom should ideally be located on the top floor.

#4. Position of Kid’s Rooms in a West-Facing House Vastu Plan

Plan you kids’ bedrooms in the southern part of your home

The choice of direction is wider for the children’s bedrooms in a west-facing house vastu plan. But ideally, they should be positioned in the south, west or northwestern sides of the house.

#5. Guest Room

Plan your guest bedroom after you have placed your master and kids’ bedrooms

Guest bedrooms can also be set up facing the northwest as per vastu for a west-facing house. But make sure you prioritise you master bedroom and kids’ bedrooms before finding a place for the guest bedroom.

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#6. Kitchen Placement in a West-Facing House According to Vastu

The direction of the kitchen optimises positive power

The kitchen is the workhorse of a home and a site of good health and positivity for all who live there. This is why it’s critical that believers in vastu build their kitchen in the right direction. According to a west-facing house plan, you must place the kitchen in the southeastern or northwestern part of a west-facing house. Doing so ensures that the positive powers of the kitchen are at their strongest, according to the west-facing house vastu plan. Avoid the southwestern wing of the house for building a kitchen.

#7. West-Facing House Vastu Plan With Pooja Room

Evoke divine vibes

The pooja room is the most auspicious room in your home. According to a west-facing house vastu plan with pooja room, your mandir should be towards the north-east direction. Other vastu-approved directions include the east and the north. Additionally, make sure that your pooja room is not built beside a bathroom or under a staircase.

#8. Staircases

Staircases should be placed in a clockwise direction in the southern or western part of your home

According to vastu for west-facing houses, the staircase is best placed in the south, southwest, or west direction. It is also important to make sure that you build it in the clockwise direction.

#9. Wall Colours

Opt for a neutral colour palette

According to west-facing house vastu principles, colours such as white, silver, yellow and beige are best suited for west-facing homes. Moreover, these colours maximise profits and gains that come from the western direction as per west-facing house plan. However, if your house has a bigger floor area on its west side than the other directions, then a light shade of blue can also be used in combination with other neutral colours. Off-white and creams are vastu neutral colours and thus safe picks when overwhelmed by the choice of colours.

#10. Best Plants for a Home Garden

West-facing gardens don’t receive enough morning light, but they do experience some of the scorching southern light in the afternoons. Hence, plants like daffodils, tulips and roses do well here as they don’t particularly love shade.

Things to Avoid

Avoid constructing a swimming pool in the west

Whether a west-facing house vastu is good or bad depends on how well you are following some mandatory vastu rules. For instance, swimming pools, water storage tanks and water pumps shouldn’t be built facing the west, according to the west-facing house vastu principles. Open spaces are best kept away from the western direction. In fact, they perform positively when placed on the eastern side.

Using these vastu tips, you can maximise the power of this direction and channel harmony and positivity throughout your home.

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1. Is West-Facing House Good for Vastu?

Yes, a west-facing house can bring money and success to you. But there are a few issues that can be avoided if you follow vastu rules.

2. Who Are Suitable for West-Facing House?

Politicians and young people benefit the most from west-facing homes.

3. Is West-Facing Entrance Good for House?

West-facing entrance can bring profits and prosperity to your home; however, it comes with its own challenges which can be avoided by following vastu rules.

4. Which Face is Best for House?

Many, in India, consider east and north-facing home to be the most auspicious.