Do you often feel low? Or does it seem like everything is going wrong for you? It could be a case of bad vastu in your home. We’re sure you have heard people say that south-facing homes are bad as per vastu. If you have a south west facing house, you need to ensure that each and every room follows vastu principles to avoid any doshas (defects). This guide will help you.

South West Facing House Vastu Tip #1: The Main Entrance

Place Ganesha photos or statues at your entrance

Your main entrance allows positive energies to enter into your home. In a south west facing house plan, a door that opens towards the south can have some negative repercussions. Ideally, your main entrance should open towards the north, east or north-east. Now, if your door already faces the south, here’s what you can do. Install an internal way that leads to the east entrance via an interior lane along the south-east wall. This will nullify the effects of the south-facing entrance. You can also fix two Hanuman tiles with Gada or Gayatri Mantra outside the door. If you have a blank wall, place a picture or statue of Ganesha.

South West Facing House Vastu Tip #2: The Living Room

Opt for clean lines

The living room in a south west facing house should follow all the principles that will make the home vastu-compliant. Vastu experts say that clean lines and rectangular spaces are auspicious. So, if you are looking for remedies for a south west facing house, ensure that your living room is in the shape of a rectangle. Choose furniture with clean lines and opt for a vibrant colour theme in this room.

South West Facing House Vastu Tip #3: The Kitchen

The kitchen should have a vibrant colour theme

As per vastu, the kitchen in a south west facing house should be in the north-east corner. However, agni (or the fire element), which rules over the kitchen, is also the ruler of the south-east direction. Hence, having the kitchen in the south-east direction or even placing the stove in such a way so that you face the south-east while cooking is auspicious and will get rid of negative energies. While choosing the colour theme for your kitchen, opt for vibrant shades that will spread positivity throughout the space.

South West Facing House Vastu Tip #4: The Bedroom

Your health is affected by your bedroom direction

Earth, which symbolises stability and prosperity, is considered the governing element for the south-west. As such, it is auspicious to place your bedroom in the south-west direction as this will ensure a stable and prosperous life. In addition, this direction also has a positive influence on the health and well-being of you and your family members. On the other hand, the bedroom should not be in the south-east or north-east directions as this can cause conflicts within the family.

South West Facing House Vastu Tip #5: The Bathroom

Bathrooms can be a carrier of negative energies

Most people ignore bathroom vastu while designing their homes. But the bathroom often festers negative energies; not following vastu principles can harm the happiness and well-being of you and your family members. If the toilet is in the south-west direction, keep the doors closed at all times. This will ensure that negative energies do not enter your home. Ideally, your bathroom should be in the north or north-east directions. Do not build the bathroom next to the pooja room or kitchen as this can cause health issues. Septic tanks should be placed in the north-east corner.

Other Tips That You Must Consider:

  • Paint Om, Trishul and Swastika symbols on all doors in the house
  • Try to place a big water body in the north-east
  • Leave open spaces in the north-east
  • Place a borewell in the south-west zone
  • Build a sloping balcony in the north or north-east direction

These vastu tips for a south west facing house will ensure good luck and prosperity. Read on to know how you can improve the vastu of a south-facing home.

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