Most Indian homes today follow the rules of Vastu shastra. But if your home is not Vastu-compliant, don’t worry! Also, you don’t have to go for a complete renovation. Invest in these simple Vastu decorative items that are not just auspicious but also pretty to look at:

Vastu Decorative Items #1: Plants

Plants can never fail to create a relaxed and soothing environment. Additionally, these are believed to influence the well-being of the home’s inhabitants.

There are a huge variety of indoor plants that are readily available in nurseries. However, if a major part of your home does not get enough sunlight, choose low maintenance varieties. This also applies if you forget to water your plants often. 

Avoid thorny plants like cacti as they bring in a lot of negativity. Also, avoid bonsai plants as they are experts believe they hamper growth. If you love big plants, ensure that you don’t keep them in the north eastern corner of your home.

Vastu Decorative Items #2: Paintings

Paintings that depict calm landscapes or scenery in soft colors are considered important for a balanced rhythm in the house. Hence, pick ones that depict a sunrise, water fall, birds or flowers.

Avoid paintings that depict war, devastation, sadness or poverty.  These are said to have an unpleasant effect. Moreover, abstract paintings are not really favoured according to Vastu either.

Vastu Decorative Items #3: Mirrors

Mirrors hold a significant position in the laws of Vastu and are considered crucial in maintaining positivity in the household.

So, you can place these on walls facing east or north. Try to keep these four to five feet above the ground to attract positive vibes. In the bedroom, it is inauspicious to have a mirror placed directly in front of the bed.

Vastu Decorative Items #4: Water feature

Vastu loves all things nature. Water elements are believed to be auspicious. It helps to keep good energies flowing and remove tensions. 

A small indoor fountain or an aquarium can be a great addition to the house. You can place these in the north, east or north-east. Try to place the fountain in such a way that the water flows in that particular side. 

Vastu Decorative Items #5: Curtains

The colour blue helps in absorbing negative energy. As a result, Vastu suggests using blue curtains to deflect negative vibes. Place them in the north side of your home. 

In addition, avoid colors like black and deep red. Although dark colors can be used in the living room, it is advisable to use lighter hues all around the house.

Vastu decorative item #6: Lights

Soft lights are important to create an atmosphere of positivity and peace. Make sure that large shadows do not form on walls and tables as it can cause imbalance in your home. Use lamps, candles or any source of natural fire along with regular sources of light to give your home an uplifting feel.

With these Vastu decorative items, you can easily easily usher in positive energies without making any major changes to your home.

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