Why do we follow vastu? Well, for many of us, this 5000-year-old science has been passed on for generations, to the point that we often forget to stop and understand what we follow and why. But you can follow something blindly for only so long. While the word “vastu” means a site or foundation of a home, “shastra” means science. So, if you choose to follow vastu shastra tips in this age, let’s quickly remember what we had set out to achieve with each of these pointers!

Basic vastu for home #1: Vastu shastra tips for direction of home

vastu shastra tips-house exterior
An east, north, or northeast-facing house is considered most auspicious

Vastu suggests that houses should face north, east or noth-east. Why? Simply put, we follow the direction of the rising sun, which brings light and positivity into our lives. But not all of us have the luxury of building our own homes! So how do we handle homes that do not face vastu-appropriate directions?

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Basic vastu for home #2: Vastu-approved colours for the living room

yellow wall-blue couch-living room
Yellow tones for optimism, while blue increases tranquility and contentment

It’s no secret that vastu guidelines suggest specific colours for each room. But what we often forget is that the directive is not merely for the walls – even a symbolic representation works! Each colour sets a different mood, and works towards a different cause. So play around with wallpaper, upholstery, or even decor items!

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Basic vastu for home #3: Design a vastu-friendly kitchen

vastu shastra tips-orange kitchen
Blazing orange hues reminiscent of fire are a good fit for your kitchen!

Did you know that your hob and sink should never be next to each other? Well, the former uses  fire, while the latter contains flowing water. When these elements are at constant war with each other, why place them together? For more such tips, refer to How to Design a Vastu-friendly Kitchen? 

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Basic vastu for home #4: Vastu shastra tips for the pooja room

pooja unit-jaali-bells
Stars and bells add to the sanctity of your pooja room

Your pooja room should be in the north-east of the home, or in the north or east. Like with the direction of the house, the reason behind choosing this direction also lies in the effortless harnessing of the Sun’s energy. Vastu experts suggest doors that help maintain the sanctity of the space!

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Basic vastu for home #5: How to make your bedroom vastu-compliant

vastu shastra tips-master bedroom design-wooden wardrobe-peach wall-floral wallpaper
Never place the bed opposite to the bedroom door!

Your bedroom is your place to relax after a long day at work. Vastu shastra points to the use of a softer colour palette to aid in the process of unwinding. At the same time, it also has suggestions on the choice of decor – and pictures of war or strife are a strict no-no! This can cause unsavoury feelings to linger in your subconscious, and why would you want that in your place of rest? 

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Basic vastu for home #6: Ensure that your bathroom is vastu-friendly

Opt for square or rectangular mirrors on the north or east wall of the bathroom

Did you know that vastu dictates that your bathroom not share a wall with high-footfall areas like pooja rooms, kitchens or bedrooms? We hear you tutting as you read the bedroom bit! So, ensure that your bed stays away from the walls of the en-suite bathroom instead!

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Basic vastu for home #7: Vastu shastra tips for children’s room

kids room-study unit-bed
Ensure that your kids’ room has plenty of light

Vastu often defines the colour of your child’s room according to your child’s nature. Moreover, vastu shastra tips suggest that the kids’ room be in the east, north-east or north. This ensures an abundance of natural light! In case of insufficient natural light in this room, ensure that there’s plenty of ambient lighting, with focussed lights in the study area. 

Use these tips to Usher Good Vibes into the Kids Room & Study Area!

Basic vastu for home #7: Make sure your balcony is vastu-friendly

vastu shastra tips-balcony
The floor and roof of your balcony should always be lower than the rest of the house

Vastu shastra dictates that your balcony face the north, east or north-east direction, where it receives maximum sunlight! Doesn’t that make it the best place for your early morning cuppa?

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Basic vastu for home #8: Don’t leave out the doors and windows!

main door
Your main door should be two-shuttered, rather than a single large unit

Since vastu focuses on regenerating and retaining energy within the house, we must also consider the placement and size of doors and windows. For example, you should never have a mirror facing the main door – it will reflect away the energy entering through the door! 

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Basic vastu for home #9: Your staircase should follow these vastu shastra tips

vastu shastra tips-staircase-dining table
Staircases should be built in the southern or western parts of the home

If you are planning to build an independent house and you think that the staircase can be placed at any convenient location, you’ve never been more wrong! Vastu has directives for the direction in which your staircase should be placed, the colour choices and even the number of steps! So, if you Wonder Why Staircases Have an Odd Number of Steps, vastu shastra tips might just give you the answer!

Basic vastu for home #10: Light your homes right

vastu shastra tips-dining room chandelier
In the dining room, position the lights over the dining table!

Vastu dictates that the lighting in each room should vary with its usage: the living room should be bright overall, while the bedroom lights need to be more relaxed. Similarly, the path to the main door should be well-lit. Cause why would Lady Luck walk into a home with a dimly lit entryway?

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Basic vastu for home #11: The do’s and don’ts for mirrors

dining room-mirror panel-wooden false ceiling
A mirror that reflects the dining table is considered auspicious

Mirrors are an important element according to vastu. When they reflect positivity, they double it, but they do the same with negativity! So, position it to reflect the beauty that surrounds you, and it shall come back doubled!

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Basic vastu for home #12: What about plants and decor items?

plants-buddha bust
The right plants and decor pieces can make a difference in your home

Your choice of even the smallest of items in your home matters in improving the vastu positivity of the home. For example, vastu shastra tips suggest that you steer clear of thorny plants at home, as they attract negative energy!

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Basic vastu for home #13: Vastu shastra remedies

vastu shastra tips-leatherette sofa-l shape
Keep the north-east clutter-free to allow cosmic energy to enter your home

We know that it’s not always possible to have a vastu-appropriate home. But you can always make it better! We’ll tell you how.

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Basic vastu for home #14: Guidelines for a new home

vastu shastra tips-balcony-furniture-swing
Keep your home as ventilated as you can to allow positive energy to flow in

When you are constructing a new home, all the vastu advice can become a little overwhelming. That’s why we summed up the things you need to know. From the direction of each room to the placement of the septic tank, we’ve included everything.

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