Expert advice by Dr Raviraj Ahirrao, Co-founder, Vastu Raviraj

Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India. It illustrates the victory of good over evil. And it also represents new beginnings in the financial years for traditional Indic business models. This is the time to renew and refresh our minds and our homes. So here are 5 tips for vastu for home to help generate positivity from this auspicious occasion from Dr Raviraj Ahirrao, Co-founder of Vastu Raviraj, a vastu shastra consultancy enterprise.

Vastu for Home Tip #1: Making Your Home and Workplace Clutter-free
vastu for home-home cleaning
Clear away negativity

Around this time of the year, you might experience peak energy levels at homes and workplaces. This is due to festive rituals and vastu cleaning efforts during chaturmas (four months of abstinence, an important period in the Hindu calendar). Families celebrate by first cleaning their homes and then cooking special food and conducting poojas. By cleansing the premises, we boost energy levels, while the additional calories in tasty food enhance productivity. Ultimately, efficiency and creativity for physical growth and spiritual activities purify our soul, leading to optimal satisfaction and peace of mind.

We can maximise our health and happiness by managing optimal energy levels with vastu tips for home throughout the year. In short, vastu shastra lays emphasis on cleanliness by removing clutter. A clutter-free environment means clearing spaces from non-working instruments, old clothes, chipped plates, and old and condensed dirt. This festival season, get rid of unwanted things and make space for the new.

Vastu for Home Tip #2: Use Coloured Diyas & Draw Rangolis
vastu for home-rangoli-mud lamps
Rangolis and diyas enhance positivity

Eradicate stagnant and negative energies by lighting up the corners and in general, every nook and front with lights. While the market has lamps in all shapes, sizes and makes, mud and metal (silver, brass and alloys) are most preferred as per vastu. Similarly, sesame seed oil or ghee are the best fuel for these lamps.

Traditionally, metals and mud lamps have great significance. While metals are good conductors of energy, mud lamps can become excellent reservoirs of the same. Place blue-coloured mud lamps in the north, green in the east, red in south and dark blue in west to enhance positive energy in and around your premises. Similarly, use orange in the southeast, pink or grey in the southwest and blue or grey in the northwest.

Holy symbols like Swastik and Go-Padma, when drawn near the main entrance, prevent negative energy from entering your home. Most importantly, the entrance should be well-lit and have a pooja diya that burns through the night.

Vastu for Home Tip #3: Meru Yantra Worship
vastu for home-meru yantra
Correct vastu doshas with the Meru yantra

According to ancient texts, the Meru Shri Yantra is the Master Yantra helpful in correcting vastu doshas (defect). Be it financial problems or personal setbacks, the Meru Yantra is the answer. The Yantra acts as a strong medium, removing obstacles and paving the way for a happy, healthy and wealthy life.

As per Hindu mythology, Meru is a sacred mountain and a spiritual power house. Worshipping the yantra radiates the same spirituality and power. During Diwali, the pooja of the Meru Yantra holds special significance as the energies in the universe are most conducive. You should ideally place the Yantra in the pooja place facing the east.

Vastu for Home Tip #4: Kuber Lakshmi Pooja
vastu for home-lakshmi idol-kubera idol
Worshipping the gods

While Lakshmi pooja is a universally accepted tradition, business people can worship Kubera along with Lakshmi. While Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, Kubera is the keeper of this wealth. Kubera does not belong solely to Hindu mythology but spans a wider tradition through existence across Jainism and Buddhism. In every demographic, though, he is the eternal keeper of wealth. Therefore, worshipping Kubera in conjunction with Lakshmi can be done by business establishments.

Vastu for Home Tip #5: Importance of Timings
vastu for home-puja thali
Find out the right time for worship

Pooja should be done at the appropriate muhurat (timing) as given in the panchang (Hindu calendar). The muhurats are set considering fixed lagna, pradosh time and amavasya tithi. Prescribed rituals, chanting of the Lakshmi suktam and other hymns form an important part of the pooja – if you do not know these, worry not! A purohit (priest) can help you out.

This year, the Lakshmi pooja muhurat is at 06:42 PM to 08:11 PM on the 27th October (Pradosh kal is slated between 05:36 PM to 08:11 PM. Amavasya tithi starts at 12:23 PM on 27th October and ends at 09:08 AM on 28th October, 2019).

What else you can do

Diwali is very relevant when observed from the vastu angle. You can decorate your home with rangoli designs and rows of lights to welcome Lakshmi. Rangoli designs and lights encourage the positive urja (vibes). You can hang auspicious torans, kandils, lamps and lanterns at the entrance of your home to welcome positive energy, good luck, and prosperity. Finally, the overall feeling of festivities, love, purity, religion, knowledge and prosperity together make Diwali the most vastu-oriented festival. Wishing all the readers a very Happy Diwali!

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