We can’t keep calm as Diwali has arrived! Given the past couple of years we spent coping with the pandemic, we all deserve some good cheer and festivities! So, we decided to make this Diwali a little easier for you by giving you a crash course on everything related to Diwali and a Diwali diya!

Importance of Diwali Diya lighting 

Diyas are associated with auspicious and positive vibes

As per Vastu shastra, people believe that the ghee or oil in a diya signifies negativity in your mind and the wick symbolises the Atma or soul. By lighting the diya, you dispel negativity from your mind and soul. This clears up space for positive thoughts to enter.

Lighting Diwali diyas signifies the victory of good over evil. Generally, we celebrate Diwali on Amavasya or the no moon night. Lit diyas help to dispel the darkness of this night and radiate light. 

In many parts of India, people worship the deities Lakshmi, Ganesha and Kuber on Diwali. By lighting diyas in different parts of your homes, you welcome them in, thereby ushering in good luck, wealth and prosperity.

What is the ‘right way’ to light a Diwali diya?

Tip #1: The placement of the diya

Diyas in the pooja room welcome positive energy

Whether you welcome positive or negative energies into your home depends upon where you place your diya. 

  • Light the first diya in your pooja room.
  • Vastu associates the tulsi plant with Goddess Lakshmi. If you have a tulsi or holy basil plant, place diyas near it. 
  • If you do not own a tulsi plant, place diyas in your kitchen.
  • Welcome wealth into your life, keep diyas facing north or northeast.
  • To improve your health, position diyas facing east.
  • Diyas kept near water containers can banish negativity, protect against diseases and increase wealth.

Tip #2: The timing makes all the difference!

Diyas should remain lit throughout the night

In Indian culture, time plays an important role. When it comes to Diwali diya lighting, this is what Vastu experts say:

  • Goddess Lakshmi only enters well-lit homes. 
  • Thus, begin lighting diyas after the Lakshmi puja to welcome her into your home.
  • Keep the diyas lit throughout the night to ensure that darkness and negative spirits do not enter your home. 

Tip #3: Metal and mud diyas usher in divinity

Use brass and mud diyas to attract and preserve holy spirits

The material of your diyas can significantly affect the flow of holy energies into your home. Thus, 

  • Use brass or mud diyas to attract positive vibes into your home and dispel negativity.
  • Metals like brass are good conductors of positive energy.
  • Mud is a good reservoir of good spirits.
  • Using brass and mud diyas creates a happy and contented aura in the house.

Pro Tip: Use the following colours in your diyas to create a happy home – blue for north, green for east, red for south, dark blue for west, orange for southeast, pink or grey for southwest and blue or grey for northwest.

Tip #4: Use ghee to banish negativity

Ghee contains positive divine particles

Generally, we use ghee or oil while lighting diyas. Which is the better option?

  • Use ghee in diyas as it contains stronger divine particles than oil.
  • Ghee diyas emit sattvik or divine frequencies, filling your home with happiness.
  • Only use ghee prepared from cow’s milk.
  • While you can also use mustard oil, avoid using sunflower oil.

Tip #5: Straight wicks to attract superior deities

Straight wicks will herald positive vibes

You can either use straight wicks or puffed wicks to light diyas. Confused about which to choose? Here is what Vastu experts say:

  • It is always better to use straight wicks instead of puffed wicks.
  • Straight wicks attract superior deities while puffed wicks attract inferior ones.
  • The straight wick signifies the absolute fire element. 
  • This heralds positivity and happiness in the mind of the worshipper.

Apart from these Vastu tips, you should keep in mind that a Diwali diya should remain burning throughout the night. Vastu shastra considers a burning diya to be auspicious. For this purpose, people generally use an Akhand diya. An Akhand Diya or Akhand Jyot is an unbroken flame. Here, the question arises, how to light Akhand diya to keep it burning? The following pointers will help you.

Light an Akhand Jyot

How to light Akhand Diya?

Burning of the Akhand diya holds special significance on Diwali. Diyas that remain lit throughout the night keep evil forces away from your home on the moonless night of Diwali. In addition, a diya that is lit all night is meant to show light and welcome in Lakshmi and Ganesha. 

  • Keep filling the Akhand diya with ghee (or oil) at regular intervals.
  • Keep the diya covered at all times. You can use a glass cover.
  • If the wick goes off, do not reburn it. Place a new wick beside the old one.

Now that you know the Vastu rules behind Diwali diya lighting, you can go ahead and get yourself some exquisite diyas. You can also go all traditional this year and make them yourself. Wondering how to make Diwali diya at home? Help is on the way!

How to make Diwali diya at home?

Materials Required: Clay, a drying rack or tray, paint, paintbrush.

Knead the clay with slightly moistened fingers

Step 1: Slightly moisten your fingers and roll the clay into a smooth ball.

making-diyas-at-home-knead-clay-into -diya
Shape the clay into diyas

Step 2: Use your hands to shape the clay ball into the shape of a diya (this might take a few tries to perfect!). You can also create other shapes if you want to add a contemporary twist to your diya.

Step 3: Place the diyas on a tray or drying rack and let them air dry.

make-diya-at-home-paint diyas
Paint diyas in auspicious colours

Step 4: Once they are completely dry, paint them with the colours of your choice. Use the Vastu-compliant colours mentioned above to welcome good vibes into your home. 

Step 5: Let them dry. Your handcrafted diya is ready!

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