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How to Decorate a Rented House? 9 Simple Ideas for Rental Home Decor

If you’re a renter, you need to check out these thrifty ideas right away


13 Ways to Decorate With Flowers to Give Your Home a Fresh and New Look

These tips on artificial flowers for home decoration will give you some serious inspiration!


Room Partition Ideas: 11 Modern Jali Designs To Choose From

Give your room partitions a style upgrade! Use these modern jali designs for a stunning look.


10+ Smart Room Divider Ideas for Space Optimisation and a Breathtaking Look

Here’s the best of room divider ideas that are aesthetically pleasing and high on functionality


How Has Interior Design Changed Over the Years? A Journey From the 1970s to the 2020s

A comparison of popular trends of interior design over the years (decade-wise). Be ready to surprise yourselves!


Home Decor Ideas: 15+ Home Decoration Designs to Make Your Interiors Beautiful

A little bit of decor can go a long way in making your interiors pop. Here are some house decor ideas that can get the ball rolling.


16 Different Types of Windows You Can Choose From to Suit Your Style

With window styles as stunning as these, you’ll be enjoying the view for years to come. Choose from casement, bay, and skylight windows to amplify your home’s aesthetic.


7 Best Blinds for Windows: Their Designs, Types, Usage and Busted Myths

Get spoilt for choice with these unique blinds for windows that can complement any style of interiors. See them first in these Livspace homes!


15 Amazing Room Decoration Ideas to Give Your Space the Change It Deserves

Narrowing down the right room decorations can be quite the task. Use these room decor ideas to save yourself the trouble.


10 Hotel Lobby Interior Design Ideas to Steal for Your Next Home Renovation Project

You can borrow these ideas for themes, furniture, artwork, lighting, and use them in your homes!

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