A beautiful bouquet deserves a stunning vessel to call home. Flowers brighten things up with colour and fragrance, and the right vase can make them look even more amazing. Here are 28 special flower vases picked out just for your living room, to turn it into a beautiful space filled with core memories.

Things to remember while choosing a flower vase for your living room

Before we get into these stunning flower vases for a living room, let us tell you about the things to remember when choosing the perfect vase.

  • Proportion to the room: Large floor vases work well in spacious living rooms, while smaller bud vases are ideal for side tables or shelves
  • Proportion to the flowers: The vase should be tall enough to support the stems without the flowers appearing overcrowded or lost in the vase
  • Complement the flower type: Tall and slender vases are suitable for roses or lilies, while bulbous vases work well for rounder flowers like peonies or hydrangeas
  • Colour: Transparent vases allow the flowers to be the centre of attention, while coloured vases can add a pop of colour or complement the flower’s hues
  • Create a centrepiece: A statement vase with a beautiful floral arrangement can be a focal point on your coffee table or dining table
  • Group vases of different sizes and styles: This creates a dynamic display and adds visual interest

How to decorate the living room with flower vases?

Vases are a great way to add some life to your living room! Put your favourite one on the coffee table. You can add other things around it, like books, candles, a tray, or anything you like. Don’t forget about small vases too, they look great on shelves or ledges!

#1: Vintage flower vase for living room

Crafted from ceramic, glass, or even metal, they often boast hand-painted motifs, delicate floral patterns, or subtle imperfections that speak of their rich history. The most crucial step for finding an antique flower vase for your living room is to examine the bottom of the vase for markings like signatures, logos, symbols, or even numbers.

#2: Modern vase with flowers for a living room

Modern vases embody clean lines, geometric shapes, and a minimalist aesthetic. This is reflected in vases with simple shapes like cylinders, spheres, or cubes. Modern palettes tend to favour neutral tones and muted colours like black, white, grey, or other subdued shades.

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#3: Eclectic vase and flowers for living room

Eclectic flower vases combine different materials like ceramic with metal accents, glass with wood bases or even upcycled items like vintage bottles or woven baskets repurposed as vases. These designs also often stray from the standard cylindrical vase shape. Look for vases with organic forms like curves, asymmetry, or geometric shapes with a twist.

#4: Minimal vase for a living room

Minimalist vases typically shy away from intricate details and ornamentation. They favour clean lines, geometric shapes, and a focus on the essential form. Colours like white, black and grey are commonly used that allow the beauty of the flowers themselves to take centre stage.

#5: Mid-century modern flower vase for living room

Mid-century modern vases capture the essence of the 1950s and 1960s design era. These vases are known for their organic shapes, tapered forms, and pops of bold colour. Think curvy ceramic pieces in mustard yellow or teal, or glass vases with geometric etching. These vases add a touch of retro flair to your living room and pair beautifully with brightly coloured flowers or sculptural greenery.

#6: Bohemian vase for living room

Vases that turn blooms into breathtaking works of art

Traditionally, Bohemian glass is used to create such flower vases. Look for vases made with hand-blown or cut glass. Expect rich jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst, and ruby red. Intricate engravings and geometric patterns are achieved by cutting through coloured glass layers to reveal contrasting colours underneath. This technique, known as “cut to clear,” is a hallmark of Bohemian pieces.

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#7: Coastal flower vase for living room

Channel your inner mermaid with coastal vases!

Coastal vases often feature natural materials like seashells, driftwood, or woven fibres, and calming colours like white, blue, and sandy beige. Think seashell-encrusted glass pieces, ceramic vases in calming shades of blue and green, or woven baskets with a natural, organic feel. They may have a rough or textured finish, reminiscent of seashells or weathered materials.

#8: Rustic vase with flowers for a living room

Vases that tell age-old stories

Rustic vases are often made from ceramic, wood, or even metal, showcasing a weathered or distressed finish. These vases pair perfectly with wildflowers, branches, or dried floral arrangements. Vases that appear old or come from flea markets or antique stores often have a naturally rustic feel. That way vintage and rustic are almost similar but again rustic flower vases feature rough, unfinished surfaces, cracks, or chipped paint to add to the aged look.

#9: Art Deco flower vase for living room

Art Deco favours strong, contrasting colours like black, white, gold, silver, and even pops of red, green, and blue. Glass, ceramics, metal (particularly chrome), and even bakelite were commonly used in Art Deco design. They also sometimes incorporate elements from Egyptian, Aztec and other ancient cultures, often in a geometric and stylised manner.

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