While grand gestures and extravagant gifts are wonderful, sometimes the most meaningful moments happen right at home. Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner for two, a cosy movie night or simply want to add a touch of love to your surroundings, we have some creative Valentine decor ideas that cater to every taste and budget.

Valentine’s Day home decor ideas #1: Embrace the V-day palette

Stunning pink Valentine decor idea

Pink, red and white: A happy Valentine day decor palette

Pink, red and white – these three colours often remind us of happier and more cheerful times. Did you know that placing pink next to red and white creates a harmonious and cohesive feel due to their proximity on the colour wheel? These Valentine decor ideas can be achieved easily by adding pink balloons, white bedroom sheets and pillows, red hearts (of course) or throws.

Red hot Valentine decor idea

Red can be an overpowering colour, so don’t be afraid to add other colours to keep things interesting! In the first picture, warm lighting helps show off the red decor, while in the second one, the grey walls and sofa make the pink and red pillows pop. See? Different colours working together can create something truly special!

A fairy tale Valentine decor idea

Soft peonies and cherry blossoms on the nightstand are something straight out of a romantic novel. It’s the perfect Valentine decor setting for a day filled with love and sweetness.

  • You can add some greenery, like eucalyptus or ferns, for a touch of natural beauty
  • You could also add a few drops of essential oil to the water in the vase
  • If fresh flowers are not available, you can use silk or artificial flowers
  • Coordinate the colours of the flowers with your other Valentine’s Day decor

Looking for Bollywood-inspired decor ideas for your bedroom? Check out Farah Khan’s bedroom makeover by Livspace:

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Valentine’s room decor #2: Set the mood with romantic lighting

Ceiling fixtures to dazzle your Valentine’s Day home decor

Forget fancy Valentine decor, all you need is the right lighting!

Lighting designs can always turn any setting into a romantic one. Plus, lighting fixtures are a lovely and lasting addition to your home, and they even make a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift!

Neon lights or bulbs: Which is your Valentine’s Day home decor pick?

Grab some fun neon heart lights or simple tungsten bulbs instead. They’ll impart a warm, inviting glow that sets the mood perfectly without the installation hassle.

Turn up the romance with fairy lights for Valentine’s Day home decor

Warm fairy lights cast a soft, intimate glow, setting the mood for love and connection. Additionally, use sheer curtains to diffuse the light and spread an ethereal glow.

  • Drape fairy lights over a wall or headboard, creating a shimmering backdrop for your celebration. Choose warm white or pink lights for a classic romantic look, or choose multicoloured lights for a more playful vibe.
  • Fill a glass jar or vase with fairy lights and add decorative elements like rose petals, feathers, or glitter. This can also be a beautiful centrepiece for your dining table or mantle.
  • String fairy lights along a garland or banner with love quotes, hearts, or other Valentine’s Day decor motifs. Hang it across a doorway or window for a festive touch.

Valentine’s table decor #3: 3 ways to wow with flowers, candles and tablecloths

Valentine’s Day flower arrangements

Flowers, wine, and a candlelit table are romantic staples, but this Valentine decor idea goes beyond the predictable. Each detail, from the carefully chosen vases to the glistening wine glasses, isn’t just about setting the scene for a meal but also about crafting a memory.

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Tablecloth tips & tricks for a picture-perfect Valentine’s table decor

A simple tablecloth can do wonders. Red or lace, both scream romance, and become the star of the show.

  • Opt for luxurious fabrics like satin, velvet or lace for a touch of elegance
  • For a more playful feeling, consider chiffon or organza
  • Make sure the tablecloth complements your dinnerware and the overall colour scheme
  • Ensure the tablecloth drapes evenly over the table, reaching at least 6-8 inches below the edge. For a dramatic look, opt for a pool tablecloth that touches the floor
  • Tie the look together by adding chair covers or sashes in coordinating colours or fabrics

Engage your senses with scented candles

Whether you choose elegant candles with decorative designs or simple tea lights, both options set the mood beautifully. Plus, they’re perfect for creating a cosy ambience any day, not just Valentine’s!

  • Group different-sized pillar candles in glass holders. Use a mix of red, pink, and white for a traditional touch, or choose metallics like gold or silver for a more modern feel
  • Fill a large bowl or vase with water and rose petals, then place the tea lights or floating candles on top. Add a few drops of rose scented essential oil for extra fragrance

Valentine’s room decor idea #4: Love is in the air and on your pillows

Give your old pillows a makeover with simple red covers, or cuddle up with adorable pink heart-shaped ones. Just like candles, pillows never go out of style!

  • Choose pillows with cute messages like “I love you” or “Be mine.” Go the extra mile and bring in pillows with personalised messages
  • Look for pillows with patterns like roses, hearts or stripes. You can also find pillows with more subtle romantic touches, like lace or ruffles
  • If you’re feeling crafty, making your own pillow covers can be a romantic DIY project

Valentine’s Day home decor #5: Wall of love

Go for a photo gallery or a neon love sign for your Valentine’s Day wall art. Photos are stories that you can easily swap with new ones and keep the display fresh. On the other hand, neon signs are perfect for general messages like “love” or “XOXO”.

  •  Choose timeless quotes from famous poets, authors or songwriters, like “Grow Old with Me, the Best Is Yet to Be” by Robert Browning or “You Are My Sun, My Moon, and All My Stars” by E. E. Cummings
  • If you have a special quote or saying that holds meaning for you and your partner, get it printed on canvas or insert it in a beautiful frame
  • Write a heartfelt love letter to your partner and turn it into wall art. You can handwrite it on a large piece of paper, or have it printed in a beautiful font

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