Whether you live in a studio apartment, or have an open kitchen plan that you would like to do more with, a well placed partition design can do wonders to enhance storage, aesthetic appeal, privacy, and functionality. If you are looking to fashion one in your space, take cue from these expert room divider ideas that work well for every room in your home.

Room Divider Ideas #1: Foyer
room divider ideas-white partition-room divider-blue and white theme
Opt for minimalistic dividers
room divider ideas-wooden partition-console table-wall art
Wooden partition designs

Fashion a simple foyer with a thoughtful partition design, and couple that with a console table or a sit-down storage option. This creates a sense of privacy, limiting direct view of the living area to entrants. The open wooden slat partition facilitates an organic flow of light and space, while the more intricately carved ones act as doors. Moreover, include eclectic art to give the space some character!

Room Divider Ideas #2: Living Room
room divider ideas-jaali designs-white partition-accent chair
Elegant partition designs
room divider ideas-gold and grey partition designs-wine cabinet-dining table designs
Add an abstract feel

Create a cosy living room out of your open plan space with a simple partition design. However, the divider can complete the aesthetic of the space with patterns. This perfectly complements an accent wall, rug, fashionable drapes, or a stellar wine rack. It also functions as a fourth wall when you push one of your sofas up against it, or draws attention to the geometric design when illuminated with spotlights.

Room Divider Ideas #3: Kitchen
room divider ideas-breakfast counter-grey cabinets-white bar stools
Break the monotony
room divider ideas-breakfast counter-pendant lights
Warm wooden dividers

Breaking up an open kitchen plan is as simple as implementing room divider ideas that incorporate a floor-to-ceiling partition, or a glass partition over the breakfast counter. Opt for a contrast color such as maroon in a blue themed kitchen, to eliminate any sudden changes in the themes of adjacent rooms. Subsequently, you can highlight the breakfast counter with accent lights that nicely reflect off the glass panels.

Room Divider Ideas #4: Bedroom
room divider ideas-wall partition-jaali partition-white partition designs
Elegant and plush
room divider ideas-wardrobes-bedroom designs-tv unit
A unique way to divide a room

If you live in a studio apartment, section off your bedroom from the adjoining hallway with a sliding partition or with ingenious partitions. Furthermore, you can use a wide partition with floral prints for a soft bedroom aesthetic with a neutral or pastel palette. On the other hand, the partition design can be a strategic entertainment station that visually separates the bedroom, but doesn’t break the flow of light and space.

Room Divider Ideas #5: Pooja Room
jaali partition-yellow wall pooja room
A classy jaali option
pooja partition-white partition designs

Turn any unused niche or corner into a pooja room with clever use of a partition design. A simple pattern, coupled with an accent wall and a pendant light, can create a bright, beautiful, sacred space. In another implementation of room divider ideas, you can create a shrine in an open space with fence-like partitions. This offers enough space for diyas, idols, bells and wall decor. A monotone color scheme can further add to the luxurious outlook of a minimalistic design.

Give any of these innovative and imaginative room divider ideas a shot, and let us know what you think!

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