The more compact urban homes become, the more appealing are open floor plans as they look expansive. However, this can also blur the boundaries between your common areas, making privacy a major concern. To work around this, you’d certainly benefit from using a modern jali design to segment your space.

A jali partition design can be the perfect solution to create private zones, demarcating each area in your home. Let’s take a look at some must-have interior modern jali designs for your home!

#1: Wooden Jali Partition Design

Traditional style interiors are incomplete without a wooden jali

A modern home need not necessarily call for a modern jali design. In fact, a traditional jali partition design might just be the contrast your interiors need. Here, this beautiful wooden jali helps separate the foyer from the living room in stylish manner.

Besides wooden jalis, you can also consider going for a modern WPC jali design. Wood plastic composite (WPC) jalis are made from a mix of wooden fibres and plastic, creating a unique recyclable material. This jali material works especially well for exterior decor as it is waterproof.

#2: Modern Jali Partition Design With Webs

Try something new with a webbed jali design for your common areas

Looking to take the ornamental route? Perhaps a partition MDF jali design with a web effect can help. Since dark colours can make a small space look more compact, go for a modern jali partition design in neutral or light shades.

For this partition MDF jali design, we used a white jali bordered by wood. Together these colours help demarcate space, without making the room look too heavy or imposing. It also matches the overall colour scheme of the living room as well.

#3: Abstract Half Jali Design

Keep your space open and airy with a half-height jali design

If you think too much of a good thing is bad, perhaps a half jali is best suited for your interiors. Instead of going all out with a full jali design, you can stick to a modern jali design that covers a small area. Take this home, for example, their jali design sits right next to their entrance, carving out an entryway.

This modern jali design takes on a fairly abstract pattern which works well for most homes. Moreover, this type of design is see-through, leaving the entryway feeling airy and open instead of restrictive.

#4: Partition MDF Jali Design

MDF is a relatively affordable material to invest in for your jali

What’s more exquisite than gold accents to highlight a contemporary home? This modern MDF jali design not only separates the open layout of the house, but also doubles its charm. If you look long enough, the pattern in this modern jali design also starts to resemble the game Tetris!

As most of the home uses shades of white and brown, this modern MDF jali design is decked in gold for added effect. The choice of colour helps accentuate the blue accent furniture and ties the whole room together.

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#5: Intricate Floral Patterns for Jali Parition

If geometric patterns aren’t your thing, go for floral designs instead!

Floral patterns can do no wrong when it comes to decorating your interiors. Whether you choose to use them on your walls or in your upholstery, they’re bound to make a statement. So, why not bring this pattern to your modern jali design as well?

If the rest of your interiors are relatively plain, consider using a floral jali design to add interest. This modern MDF jali design can easily lift up the look of your interiors and help you make a flowery statement.

#6: Jali Partition Made With PVC

A simple branch design can add volumes of style to your jali

Let your modern jali design stand out with PVC. Known for the way it supports intricate patterns and designs, PVC is a material you don’t want to miss out on. PVC as a material is not only waterproof and termite-proof, but it also slows down the spread of fire in the case of an accident. It is especially handy to have if you’re designing a home that’s high on safety.

#7: Foldable Jali Design

A foldable jali partition is a great alternative to fixed room dividers

Not looking to make any structural changes to your space? No problem! You don’t have to commit to a fixed room divider with this modern jali design. Instead of committing to a full-fledged partition wall, consider using a foldable divider with a jali.

Moreover, these dividers are mobile and can be moved around depending on the need you have for it. This makes it a great addition to rental homes where investing in a fixed jali design may not be possible.

#8: Pretty Decorative Patterns

When it comes to your jali, you have a variety of patterns to choose from

If there’s one way to wow your guests, it’s with this modern jali design. You would definitely want to go for a detailed pattern that draws the eye to it. A spade-like pattern, such as the one used in this home, does just the trick! To make even more of a statement, consider painting your modern jali design in a colour that pops.

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#9: Jali Pattern Made With Steel

Add a touch of class to your interiors with a steel jali

What better material to use in your modern jali design than steel. This timeless material lends a timeless touch to modern homes, making it ideal for sleek interiors. You can either go for a metallic look or paint over them to match your overarching theme. Similarly, you can make it more interesting by painting your jali in contrasting colours.

#10: Simple Yet Sophisticated Patterns

Keep it simple and breezy with a plain white jali

For those who love simple designs, this labyrinth-style design is a great way to add pattern to the room. The closely packed design ensures that the living area stays private, without looking cluttered. We’ve used a bright shade of white to ensure this modern jali design complements the pops of blue in the interior decor. Together, all elements in the room appear perfectly balanced, both in colour and design.

#11: Traditional Geometric Motifs

Complement accent furniture with a brass toned jali design

A geometrical modern jali design can give your home a dashing appearance. The delicate floral details not only enthral guests, but also offer privacy in an open-layout home. With the help of this stunning divider, we’re able to create two separate zones in this living room.

Where Can You Use Jali Designs?

  • You can use latticework or jali patterns on internal doors or pooja room doors.
  • It can be used as a wall design with backlighting to draw more focus on it.
  • A jali partition can be used to divide space across an open-layout.
  • You can also use jali cuttings to decorate your wardrobe shutters for added effect.

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