Every designer would agree that the living and dining areas are the most crucial spaces in a home. These are the areas where we entertain our guests. As a result, we always want these rooms to be well-designed and attractive. Nowadays, smaller apartments have resulted in having a common living and dining area instead of separate rooms. In order to create a distinction and maintain a stunning look, people are opting for partitions between living and dining areas. Here, we have curated 10 gorgeous partition designs between living dining areas from Livspace Homes. Read on. 

Partition Designs Between Living Dining Idea #1: Glass

hall dining partition-stained glass
Colourful and glamorous

While partitions can be made of several materials, glass ones are our personal favourite! This stained glass hall-dining partition idea from a 4BHK villa in Bengaluru is a stunning masterpiece! While the partition itself serves to demarcate the living and dining areas, the colourful pattern adds a touch of glamour.

Know more about this stained glass partition and take the full home tour here.

Partition Ideas Between Hall and Dining #2: Crockery Unit

partition designs between living dining-crockery unit
With statement lighting

No budget for a separate living-dining partition? Not an issue! Why not use a crockery unit as a demarcation between the spaces? At Harshitha and Rohit’s 3BHK apartment in Hyderabad, our designer has used a laminate crockery unit from the Livspace catalogue. The statement pendant lights further help to segregate the spaces. 

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Partition Designs Between Living Dining Idea #3: Customised Laminate Partition

hall dining partition-laminate partition-customised partition
Customised with the owner’s initials

A great way to amp up the look of your living and dining areas is to opt for a customised partition. When it comes to stunning partition designs between living dining areas, this one steals the cake! Belonging to a 3BHK in Noida, this laminate partition doubles as a display unit and is customised with the initials of the homeowners.

Take the home tour of this 10-year old home makeover.

Partition Ideas Between Hall and Dining #4: Wooden

partition designs between living dining-wooden partition
Timeless charm

One of the most classy and evergreen materials for partitions is wood. Wooden partitions look great with all types of décor styles and are easy to maintain. Saritha and Satyanarayan decided to go for a timeless wooden partition at their 3BHK residence at Madhavaram Serenity, Hyderabad. Stunning and functional, this wooden partition perfectly separates the living and  dining areas. 

Take a tour of this bright and lively Hyderabad home.

Partition Designs Between Living Dining Idea #5: Compact and Intricate

hall dining partition-compact partition
For small spaces

Hall-dining partitions are especially important in small homes to create the illusion of space. In small homes, compact partitions work best! Take tips from Karthik and Vinitha Krishnaraj’s 3BHK in Pune where they opted for this simple and compact partition. While the partition itself does not take up too much space, the intricate pattern gives it a remarkable look. 

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Partition Ideas Between Hall and Dining #6: Jaali

partition designs between living dining-jaali partition
Exuding elegance

If you are looking for partition designs between living dining areas, jaali should be at the top of your list! Jaali is one such material which fits in seamlessly in Indian homes. No wonder Niveditaa Pal chose this beautiful jaali partition for her 4BHK in Gurgaon. Coupled with the elegant décor, this jaali partition is a design marvel!

See how this 4BHK strikes a balance between comfort and elegance.

Partition Designs Between Living Dining Idea #7: Contemporary and Artistic

hall dining partition-contemporary
For the modern home

Not everyone likes traditional and ethnic designs. Many of us live in urban apartments and prefer minimal décor styles. Above all, we look for contemporary designs that fit in with our modern apartments. So was the case for Kasivishwanathan’s lavish 4BHK in Gurgaon. And our designer proved her mettle with this unique and contemporary laser-cut partition design. This type of dining hall partition is perfect if you are looking for something artistic and bold.

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Partition Ideas Between Hall and Dining #8: Stone Finish

partition designs between living dining-stone finish partition
Minimal and elegant

Wood, MDF, jaali, laminate – all seem very common, don’t they? But do you want something unique and innovative? If you do, then why not go for a stone finish partition? Dr Sanjay Kapoor and Dr Jyotsna wanted a rustic and desi décor for their home. Therefore, the stone-finish partition design is the perfect rustic touch to this lovely home in Gurgaon.

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Partition Designs Between Living Dining Idea #9: Tree of Life Etched

hall dining partition-glass partition-tree of life
Keep it simple!

Partition designs between living dining areas need not be larger than life and dramatic. Simplicity always wins! So is the case for this elegant partition design in Gaurav Kumar’s Bengaluru home. Considering the bold interiors, our designer kept it minimal by choosing a simple glass partition. However, she added a touch of drama with the tree of life design etched into the partition.

Take the full home tour.

Partition Ideas Between Hall and Dining #10: Metal With Duco Paint

partition designs between living dining-metal partition-duco paint
Grand in gold

Finally, metal partitions are a great option if you are looking for trendy choices. This partition at the Mahindroos’ Dwarka home is a gorgeous piece. Both the metal framework and the bright Duco paint give it a lavish and bold look. 

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These partition designs between living dining areas will transform the look of your home! Looking for more partition ideas? Check these out.

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