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Need Inspiration for a Timeless Kitchen? Discover 5 Secrets from this Kochi Space

Focusing on timeless design elements, quality materials, and avoiding overly trendy features can help you create a timeless kitchen. Learn about other achievable hacks from our in-house experts!


Choosing the Right Cooktop: Built-in Hob vs Freestanding Gas Stove Design

Why are built-in hobs gaining more popularity than traditional gas stove designs?


Designed Under ₹2.5 Lakhs, This Budget Chennai Kitchen Will Teach You 5 Interesting Design Tips

Designed under ₹2.5 lacs, this kitchen in Chennai has multiple design tips for you; from bold colours to smart storage


Who Will Win In This War of Colours? Pink Kitchen in Chennai vs Blue Kitchen in Jaipur

Whimsical pink or serene blue – which colour do you choose?


How We Transformed This 100 sq. ft. L-Shaped Space Into a Contemporary Kitchen Interior Design for Sobha Winchester, Chennai

Find out where this kitchen saves money and where it splurges to render this luxurious look!


9 Must-Have Modular Kitchen Fittings With Their Prices From Real Livspace Homes

The modular kitchen fittings you choose have a critical impact on your kitchen interior budget. You don’t need all of these fittings, but you can choose your perfect combination of these to save your budget and meet all your needs at the same time!


Efficient and Stunning Membrane Kitchen Design in Jaipur Under ₹3.5 Lakhs

Welcome to our first home design photo shoot in Jaipur! Take a tour of this beautiful kitchen that has it all.


This 90 sq. ft. U-Shaped Kitchen Renovation From Delhi Is Under ₹2.5 Lakh

A U-shaped kitchen renovation and a tight budget. See how Livspace designers tackled both to make this U-shaped kitchen makeover stunning. (Bonus: Scroll to find how you can budget your kitchen renovation too!)


A Budget Kitchen Renovation Under ₹2.5 Lakhs in Kochi That’s Functional and Stunning

A proper renovation needs keen eyes to identify all the challenges of your old kitchen and a sophisticated strategy for an improved, new design. Check out how Livspace managed all of this for Charles Joseph on a budget!


5+ Design Secrets You Can Copy From This U-Shaped Kitchen Design, Gurgaon

Learn how to use negative space in your favour and turn a peninsula into your impromptu work desk

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