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The 9 Best Kitchen Designs by Livspace Across all Budgets

Find out what affects the cost of a modular kitchen design

small kitchen designs-cover

Kitchen of the Week: 50 sq. ft. Vibrant Kitchen Designed in Just ₹2 Lakhs

If you have a small kitchen, you must read this


How This Home Chef Got Her Stunning 50 sq. ft. Kitchen Under ₹2 Lakh

From congested to convenient

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How This 20-Year-Old Kitchen Went From Basic to a Modern Masterpiece

Check out the unique layout of the kitchen

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How We Transformed This 20-Year-Old Kitchen Into a Stunning Small Modern Kitchen

With monochromatic colours and sleek finishes


This 3BHK at Celebrity Serenity, Bangalore Makes the Best Use of Space in a Compact Kitchen

You should optimise corners like this!


Kitchen & Wardrobe Design on a Budget

With a cosy reading corner too!

Believe It or Not, This Family Cooks in a Glass Kitchen

Believe It or Not, This Family Cooks in a Glass Kitchen

That & more unique features inside!


How This Compact 65 Sq. Ft. Kitchen in Dwarka Turned Modular

And it’s as bright as a new penny!

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Compact Kitchen With Plenty of Storage

With exclusive in-drawer lighting!

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