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What is the Wardrobe Price Calculator?

The wardrobe price calculator lets you skip the hassle of guesswork and get an accurate price estimate for your modular wardrobe. Answer five simple questions, and let us do the math for you!

5 steps to get a quote

It's simple, it's quick, it's convenient.
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    Select wardrobe length

    Let's start with the basics. The dimension helps us understand the scope of work better.

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    Choose the wardrobe type

    What's your type? Tell us if you like a sliding or swing door wardrobe to get the quote right.

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    Pick your preferred finish

    Finishing matters, especially when it comes to calculating the wardrobe price.

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    Pick a core material

    The material you choose becomes a core factor for us to calculate an accurate price estimate.

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    Select smart accessories

    Have some add-ons on your mind? Tell us now and we'll include them in our final estimate.

Since one type doesn't fit all

No matter your style, our wardrobe price calculator has got you covered.

Here's how the wardrobe price calculator works

The Livspace Wardrobe Price Calculator considers factors like dimension, type, material, finish, and accessories to generate the price estimate. By answering a few simple questions, the estimate for your wardrobe with price is calculated in real-time.

  • Length of the wardrobe

    The dimension of a wardrobe is a significant factor in calculating its price. The modular wardrobe cost calculator will make a few assumptions based on your input and will give an accurate wardrobe price.

  • Type of the wardrobe

    The make of a wardrobe is another contributing factor towards wardrobe price estimation. Based on your selection, the wardrobe price calculator will give you a wardrobe price. Depending on your need, you can choose between a sliding door wardrobe, which is suitable for small spaces, or a swing door wardrobe, which provides more storage space.

  • Material and finishes

    The kind of material and the finish you pick determines not only the cost of a modular wardrobe but also the quality of your wardrobe. Our wardrobe price calculator will highlight popular materials and their features to ease the process of decision-making for you.

  • Accessories

    There's always scope for accessories, especially when you get to choose from our trendy options. Select accessories that suit your lifestyle and our wardrobe price calculator will add them while calculating the final wardrobe price.


1. Will the wardrobe price calculator throw up the cost based on location?

2. How will the wardrobe price calculator make assumptions on materials, accessories & other products?

3. How accurate is this? Can I expect my designer to share a similar quote?

4. What if I want to change the style of my wardrobe? How will the estimator factor in the cost of demolition?

5. Can I customise my wardrobe and get a cost basis?

  • Why Choose Livspace To Estimate Your Wardrobe Cost?
  • Livspace is the most trusted interior design and home renovation platform that connects interior designers, homeowners and vendors. We provide homeowners with personalized and efficient home interior designs.
  • Planning to bring home a modular wardrobe but stuck in the loop of getting a price estimate? With our wardrobe price calculator, we are here to make the experience hassle-free for you.
  • Use Our Wardrobe Cost Calculator For Instant Estimates
  • The Livspace modular wardrobe price calculator is a comprehensive guide to help you understand the factors that are taken into consideration while estimating a modular wardrobe's quote. This helps you get an idea of the estimate for a modular wardrobe including any customisation that you may opt for. The wardrobe price calculator allows you to choose from a range of core materials, accessories, and types while giving you an accurate price estimate of a wardrobe.
  • Oh, we also provide expert tips so that you are thoroughly informed of the choices present and make a balanced decision. We believe every product or package you choose needs to fit your needs and lifestyle perfectly. The final price of your modular wardrobe may be lower or higher than the estimate depending on the choice of products and accessories you make. Further, our designers will make sure you understand the process better by providing you with all the additional details you would need. So get started with our modular wardrobe cost calculator, make your choices, and get your modular wardrobe cost with our fairly accurate calculator.