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Interior Design in Bangalore: Latest Trends, Cost, Popular Designs and the Best Designers

Have questions on interior design in Bangalore? Wondering how much the interior design of a 2BHK will cost in Bangalore? Read on for answers

Here’s the Best Way to Finance Your Interiors

Here’s the Best Way to Finance Your Interiors

With a Livspace guarantee!


Does Dark Palette Interior Design Work in Indian Homes? Here Are 20 Beautiful Examples by Livspace

You don’t have to shy away from decorating with a dark palette for your interiors. Let these dark interior design ideas show you how it’s done!


How to Get the Perfect Modern House Design for Your Indian Home

Modern house design is often confused with contemporary design. This article will clear up that confusion and also give you designer tips on how to get the modern house interior that is best suited for Indian homes! Examples from Livspace homes included.


20+ Hilarious Design Fails That Will Instantly Make You Want to Hire an Interior Designer

These interior design fails will not only make you laugh, but also make you realise how some of them are downright dangerous. Stay safe out there, call us and avoid these design mistakes by getting the services of experts!


How Long Does It Take to Finish My Modular Interiors?

Good things don’t have to wait. Thus, we make sure we deliver your homes fast and functional. Here is how long it takes us with a breakdown of each step.


What Is Interior Design and Should You Invest in it?

Because you have the habit of making informed decisions and we don’t want you to break it


10 Secrets to Help First-Time Homeowners Get a Low Budget Simple House Design

Shush! Hacks for a low budget simple house designers exclusively stated by our designers.


30 Indian Superstitions That Invite Good Luck and Prosperity Into Your Home

Indians take the effects of superstitions in India quite seriously. Here are a few Indian superstitions that can help you bring good fortune to your side.

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7 Best Secrets That Will Make Your 1BHK Interior Design Look Bigger

Here’s how you can optimise the available space on budget

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