What is interior design? How much does it cost? Is it necessary? If you’ve ever found yourself asking these questions, this article is for you! In this holistic guide, we’ve answered 20 commonly asked questions to help you navigate the world of interior design. Let’s start with the basics!

#1: What Is Interior Design?

From sketch to reality

From planning to creating beautiful functional spaces, interior design covers everything for your home. Additionally, it combines aesthetic art with science, to ensure that your home is both stunning and comfortable.

#2: Who Is an Interior Designer?

A designer transforms a space from blah to wow!

An interior designer is someone who manages, coordinates, plans and executes an interior design project. The role of a designer is to ensure that the homes they design not only meet the needs of the homeowners but are also aesthetic, functional, safe and comfortable spaces.

In addition, interior designers also offer support throughout the execution process and oversee the construction and overall project management.

#3: What Are the Interior Design Styles Popular in India?

The following interior design styles are popular in India:

Interior Design StyleDistinctive FeaturesLivspace Stylist Tips
Indian Traditional— Vibrant colours
— Solid wood furniture
— Handicrafts and folk art items
— Use wood-carved
— Rich colours
Minimalism— Clutter-free
— Neutral colour palette
— Concealed storage
— Uncluttered space
— Monochromes
— Use colour as
an accent
Contemporary— Natural light
— Neutral scheme with few pops
— Statement walls and clean design
— Mix different
textures and
Bohemian— Variety of patterns
— Low seating
— Curios and refurbished furniture
— Free-spirited
— Curation and
layering of
multicultural textiles,
artworks, decor
Scandinavian— Understated style
— Light furniture
— Natural light
— Natural textures
— Artwork as
focal points
Mid-Century Modern— Simplicity and functionality
— Organic forms
— Iconic decor pieces
— Function over ornament
— Use of teak, oak,
rosewood and metal
Transitional— Mix of old and new designs
— Clean lines
— Neutral colours with subtle patterns
— Modern materials
— Clean lines
— Decorative detailing
Eclectic— Neutral + accent colour
— Decor should have some commonality
— Gallery wall
— Use objects you love
— Handmade items
— Statement decor
Art Deco— Deep wall colours
— Arched windows
Sunburst patterns
— Geometric designs
as ornamentation
— Rich materials and
— Ornamental
light fixtures
Industrial— Neutral colours
— Warehouse look
Exposed brick walls
— Raw, natural and edgy
— Unfinished walls
and exposed pillars
— Steel and
wood beams

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#4: How Much Does Interior Design Cost?

Check out this Indian traditional home

The cost of interior design will depend upon multiple factors like location, size of your home, scope of the project and materials used among other things. However, in general, the interior design cost can range between ₹5,00,000 to ₹25,00,000*.

*These Livspace interior design costs per square foot are for reference only; exact costs might differ according to the nature of your requirements, size of home and location. Talk to our designer to get a free quote today.

#5: The Big Question: Should You Invest in Hiring an Interior Designer?

Improve the value of your home with the help of an interior designer

If you lack the professional and technical expertise to carry out the mammoth task of designing your abode, we recommend you opt for designer services. It will help you:

  • Prevent costly mistakes: Your designer will be aware of high-quality products that fit your budget. They will help ensure there are no hidden costs that sneak in at the last minute.
  • Save time: Getting interiors through several people can be stressful, tiring and time-consuming. A designer will work efficiently to ensure everything finishes on time, thereby creating a hassle-free experience for you. Moreover, this will also help in getting high-quality interiors with minimum effort
  • Get quality assurance: Since interior designers know how to pick the right products and services, your home will certainly have the edge in terms of quality! Additionally, at Livspace, we provide 146 quality checks

#6: What Does the Design Process at Livspace Look Like?


#7: How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With an Interior Designer?

Check out this Scandinavian-style home in Gurgaon

It helps to do a little homework before meeting with an interior designer. Here’s what you can do:

  • Bring the floor plan: This can give the designer a better visualisation of the place. Additionally, you can also note down the room-wise dimensions
  • Define the scope of work: Give them a brief of all the changes you need in your home. You don’t have to give them a complete plan, even a rough idea will do
  • Tell your budget: Give your designer a range. This helps them calculate expected expenses. Moreover, this also helps in selecting products quickly
  • Talk about your style: Colours, elements, design style—give them a brief of your preferences. This helps them design your home according to your taste

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#8: What Is the Difference Between Interior Design and Interior Decoration?

We love this traditional South Indian style pooja room

Interior design refers to the art and science that goes behind creating the interiors of a home. This process involves creating a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Moreover, interior design takes into account various technicalities of your space as well. On the other hand, interior decoration refers to adding decor to a space and adorning it so that it matches a specific aesthetic.

#9: What Are the 7 Elements of Interior Design?

Here are the 7 elements of interior design:

SpaceThe space to be designed
FormThe shape of features
or objects in a space
LineThe lines of features
in a space
LightNatural and artificial light
ColourColour schemes
PatternDesigns and patterns used
TextureTactile surface or finish

#10: What Are the 5 Concepts of Interior Design?

Tour this transitional-style home

The five concepts of interior design are:

  • Balance – Ensuring a room is visually balanced. Additionally, ensuring the balance of visual weight in a room
  • Harmony – The home should be thought of as a single unit and not separate space. Moreover, the design of every room should be in harmony with other rooms
  • Focal Point – This helps to create a striking impression on the viewer
  • Rhythm – To create an organised look in a room with the help of repetition. In addition, design continuity and transition also helps in creating a rhythm
  • Details – Paying special attention to minute details

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