Every blank space in a home is an opportunity to get cracking on creative ideas. But why restrict it to walls and flooring alone? To take things up a notch, look to the ceiling! POP designs for bedroom interiors are sure to elevate the look of your bedroom space without compromising on functionality or eating up too much square footage.

POP Designs for Bedroom #1: Wall Decor
For that plush and elegant look

Thinking of adding an accent piece but not sure what it should be or how permanent you want it to be? POP to the rescue. Use this versatile material to craft unique pieces of décor. These can elevate your bedroom design while ensuring there’s nothing quite like it in other houses. With POP, you can be as intricate or bold as you want to be; for the minimalists, using a single colour and playing with detailed designs can leave you with a statement piece that’s custom-made.

POP Designs for Bedroom #2: False Ceiling
Perfect for adding extra lighting

False ceilings add extra depth to a room, no matter how big or small it is. With POP-based false ceilings, crafting the design of your dreams isn’t that hard; neither is mixing elements. Account for a ceiling fan by building the shape around it and add wooden rafters to break the all-white monotony.

POP Designs for Bedroom #3: Wall Trims
Add an interesting element to bare walls

For distinctly regal interiors that don’t look out of place in an otherwise contemporary home, use POP to make wall trims on one bedroom wall. In this room, the blue wall is statement enough, but add to the mix the panelled wall trims, and you have an accent wall that’s bold and refined. Rectangular shapes are fool-proof ways to execute this idea– however, if you’re prepared to go bold, then use POP for faux wainscoting or to highlight contrasting colours.

POP Designs for Bedroom #4: Ceiling-to-wall
Maintains visual continuity in design

For an interesting way to connect ceiling and wall without going the usual interior routes, consider using POP to bridge the gap. The perks of this material are that you can douse it in all the colours you need to make the room interesting or pull together colour palettes. Adding spotlights and raising the panels off the wall ever so slightly will add extra definition to the space.

POP Designs for Bedroom #5: Media Consoles
Add a designer touch to boring TV units

POP designs make for interesting media consoles because they add an extra element of interest without having to install an entire frame, cupboards et al. You could choose to stick with a minimal rectangular shape which is the ideal base for added shelving and cabinets. If you’d like to switch things up a bit, consider playing with the shape of the console or add bright backlighting.

When decorating a new home or redoing an existing space, look beyond four walls to the fifth above your head. White ceiling space is often left blank save for light fixtures and ceiling fans. With POP designs for bedrooms, you can add dimension and add elements of interest out of a versatile, malleable material!

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