The right vibe for your bedroom is essential to set a positive tone for your life since it is the room you wake up and go to sleep in. Getting the right vastu colours for bedroom interiors is also a quick and easy way to ensure good vibes and positive energy in the space.

This brief guide on bedroom colours as per vastu and their impact on your psyche will help make it easy for you to decide the best colour for your private sanctuary! We have specifically curated this list to ensure that all the bedroom colours are vastu-approved.

#1: A Blissful Bedroom Colour as Per Vastu

Blue is perfect for unwinding

Which colour is best for bedroom according to vastu? Light or pastel shades of blue in a large bedroom can create a cosy and serene vibe. It’s the perfect master bedroom colour as per vastu for unwinding after a long day. However, when used in a smaller room, the colour can make the space feel tiny and claustrophobic. In such cases, you can mimic the Grecian home aesthetic, which uses an all-white palette with blue-painted doors, windows and furniture.

#2: Healing Vastu Colours for Bedroom

Green promotes healing

Among the colours for bedroom according to vastu, green represents nature, growth, healing and abundance. Those with low immunity or the elderly should take advantage of the healing properties of this shade. Don’t want to paint the whole room green? That’s okay. You can bring in elements of green through a plethora of indoor plants. They purify the air in the room and add life to your space.

 #3: Bright Vastu Colours for Bedrooms

Yellow adds a mellow glow

Yellow is a great wall colour for bedroom as per vastu. This vastu colour for bedroom interiors channels happiness, positivity, optimism and intelligence. Use this vibrant shade in small-sized bedrooms to make the space feel expansive and welcoming. An accent wall with trailing floral wallpaper in this shade also goes a long way in adding a mellow glow to your space.

#4: Pink Bedroom Colour as Per Vastu Principles

Pink is the colour of joy

Which colour is best for master bedroom as per vastu? Pink is the universal colour of love and amongst the best bedroom colours. It also stands for joy, intimacy and creativity. However, if you or your partner aren’t keen on pink walls, you can incorporate the shade through a few small decor elements. Rose-gold metallic pieces such as knobs, vases or side tables are great ways to add hints of pink to your room.

#5: Warm Vastu Colours for Bedroom Interiors

Brown adds warmth

Ruled by the earth element, a south-west room has the best vastu for bedrooms. Shades of brown and beige are the perfect vastu colour for bedroom interiors here. Wood tones in the furniture are the quickest way to infuse brown into a space and they don’t necessarily have to look dull. But if you want a chic and cosy bedroom, opt for brown walls with off-white bedding and decor.

#6: Glamorous Purple Vastu Colours for Bedrooms

Purple represents self-respect

Purple, the mixture of soothing blue and boisterous red, represents wealth, mercy, self-respect and poise, making it perfect for those with anxiety. If you aren’t sure about such dramatic vastu shastra colours for bedroom interiors, you can always use a soft lilac shade on the walls, for an airy and dreamy room. Add strip lights under the bed or behind the headboard to create a dreamy effect to your bedroom.

#7: A Vibrant Orange Bedroom Colour as Per Vastu

bedroom vastu colours-orange
The colour of vitality

When it comes to the bedroom colour as per vastu, orange is a great choice. The colour symbolises ambition, health and vitality. But if you don’t like bold colours in your bedroom, don’t worry! Opt for an orange-and-white theme with a softer shade on the walls and bright orange on the bed and wardrobe.

#8: Whimsical Whites as Vastu Colours for Bedroom Interiors

vastu colours for bedroom-white
Pristine and pure

A favourite vastu colour for bedroom, white is versatile and timeless. Symbolising peace, freedom and purity, white in your bedroom ensures tranquillity and serenity. If you love white, get yourself such a stunning bedroom design with gorgeous pops of blue and gold!

#9: Glorious Shades of Grey Vastu Colours

vastu colours for bedroom-grey
The symbol of responsibility

According to vastu shastra, grey symbolises sensibility and protection. Grey is also a very popular colour in contemporary-, minimal- and Scandinavian-style homes. The combination of grey and white is not only stunning but also vastu-compliant.

#10: Radiance of Gold in Vastu Colours

vastu colours for bedroom-gold
The optimistic colour

As per vastu shastra, gold symbolises intelligence and optimism — and who doesn’t either? A royal colour, gold is a stunning shade for any bedroom. Instead of going all gold, why not add some gold accents for an elegant and opulent look?

#11: Ravishing Red Bedroom Colour as Per Vastu

bedroom colours as per vastu-red
The colour of love and passion

We all know that red symbolises love, passion and excitement! If you are looking for vastu colours for bedroom interiors, red is the perfect shade! Bold and beautiful, it can add some much-needed warmth to any room.

Vastu Colours According To the Room Direction

Get the direction right and then choose a colour

North-facing rooms: Pick from a soothing green palette

Northwest-facing rooms: Think neutral tones like shades of white or grey

Northeast and East: A clear sky blue colour

Southeast and South: Yellow and orange

West: Ocean hues

We’re sure that you are now better equipped to choose the best vastu-approved colours for your bedrooms. If you are still looking for more inspiration, read our article on Vastu Tips for Your Bedrooms. You can also read our Room-Wise Vastu Guide as well.

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