No matter the size of your bedroom, your bed often forms the focal point of the space. Since this is the first thing you might see when you walk into a bedroom, your bed headboard design can be a crucial element of design. The style and design you pick can further accentuate or tone down the look of your room. So, it helps to know exactly what design to use in different types of rooms.

While you might already be familiar with basic bed headboard designs in India, there are a few unique styles you can try too. Let’s take a look at some interesting bed head designs from our Livspace homes:

Bed Headboard Designs That Are Perfect for Indian Homes

#1: Traditional Carved Headboard Design

Embrace a touch of tradition with an intricately carved wooden headboard

Intricate botanical patterns add a touch of ethnicity, perhaps even a bohemian chic vibe, to this bed headboard design. Though this style carries its own personality, you can also customise it to suit modern tastes. For a slightly more modern headboard design, paint it in white to complement modern interiors.

#2: A Mid-Century Modern Woven Bed Head Design

Relive childhood memories with a mesh-detail bed headboard design

This rustic bed headboard design is sure to remind you of idyllic days that you may have spent at your grandparent’s home. Heighten that nostalgia by combining your bedroom headboard with chintz wallpaper for a cosy theme. If you’d like to keep it natural, consider using materials like rattan or cane for the woven mesh inlay of your headboard.

#3: Add Some Rustic Character to Your Bed Headboard Design

Get creative with an atypical bed headboard design that shows off your uniqueness

Tired of exploring boring and basic headboard designs that are commonly seen in many other homes? Why not experiment with colour and atypical shapes like this bed headboard design.

This colourful and asymmetrical bed head design acts as an eye-catching focal point. Not only that, it can also lend a playful, eclectic vibe to your space when combined with large, open windows and wooden furnishing.

#4: Go Luxe With a Velvet-Upholstered Headboard

Have a thing for the art deco movement? This bed head design is sure to encapsulate it

Add a sophisticated touch to your walls with luxurious art deco bed head designs. It’s all in the textures, so be sure to play up materials like velvet for that luxe look. Subsequently, use rich bold colours like green, red, or blue to make a solid statement. To tie the look together, go for gold accent wall sconces or brass ornaments as decor.

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#5: Make Your Modern Headboard Design Pop With Some POP Material

Use designs made of POP to add interest to your bed headboard design

Besides putting up artworks on your wall, there’s another way to decorate them. In fact, this method can even double up as creative bed head designs! Consider using a bit of POP (Plaster of Paris) to create an intricate mould for wall art.

You can either place this on your ceiling or on the wall behind your bed to create the impression of a headboard. If you’re going with white POP, be sure to accessorise the rest of the room in pops of colour to add visual interest.

#6: Wraparound Headboard Designs Embrace You With Their Curved Edges

Allow the snug edges of this headboard to envelop you each morning

More often than not, we find ourselves lost in the embrace of a comfortable bed, especially on dreary weekday mornings. So, why not boost the cosiness of your bed headboard design by introducing curved edges?

While tufted upholstery and curved edges tend to look stately, they can still pass for a modern headboard design. Opt for neutral wall colours or simple wallpapers to ensure there’s no visual clutter.

#7: Get Timeless Appeal With Canopy-Style Headboards

With a floor-to-ceiling bed headboard design, you either go big or go home!

What do you visualise when you think of a canopy? Does it look like a cascading net, or are you reminded of trees on a boulevard? However you visualise it, it still takes up space above you and has a cosy vibe to it. And now, you can even recreate the look of a canopy using an extended bed headboard design!

This style of bed headboard designs extend beyond the wall and go right up to the ceiling, stationed above the bed below it. Besides adding character to the space, it can also help elongate the room. Due to its vertical length, it creates the illusion of height, which can be great for rooms with a low ceiling.

#8: Extend Multipurpose Utility to Your Headboard Design

Storage is always a blessing to have, especially when it’s built into your headboard

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find matching furniture for something in your room. This is especially true when it comes to your bed frame, as you’d want bedside tables that support the overall theme.

This bed headboard design removes the struggle of finding matching bedside tables for your room as it comes with its own storage. As it extends on either side, this headboard ensures that there’s ample space for your phone and other items. Take advantage of its short height by putting up floating shelves to hold your potted plants and travel souvenirs.

#9: Explore Cushioned Panelling for a Luxe Bed Headboard Design

Fans of the lush life are sure to find the cushioned bed headboard design to be a success

Vertically arranged upholstered velvet slats are quirky yet graceful, creating a relaxing space. Moreover, owing to the cushions, they can also be a comfortable backrest for reading or watching movies in bed. If you’re interested in a modern headboard design that encapsulates the opulent style, this one’s for you! 

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#10: Stick With Tufted Upholstery for Your Headboard Designs

Accentuate your tufted headboard with fun wallpapers and pops of colour

In line with keeping it comfy and cosy, you can also explore a tufted headboard design instead of cushioned panelling. It’s a simple yet effective way to add elegance to your bedroom.

The tufted design can attract a lot of attention, making it the focal point of the room. If you’re not a fan of maximalism, keep the rest of your room simple to prevent this bed headboard design from overpowering your space.

Unique Headboard Design Ideas to Consider

#11: A Bed Backrest Design Illuminated By Ambient LED Lights

Set the right mood in your bedroom with ambient lights in your bed backrest design

Looking for a bed headboard design that can set the right mood in your room? You might want to consider going in for an LED panel wall as your bed backrest design. These LED strips help add ambient lighting to your space, ideal for winding down after a long day.

#12: Embrace Antiquity With a Colonial-Style Bed Headrest Design

Carved wood is a great choice for a colonial-style bed headrest design

There’s something charming about the way antique furniture complements modern interiors. The way it’s carved and designed adds volumes of style to the room it occupies. If you want to get that colonial-style look you might have seen in decor magazines, now’s your chance.

Pick out a four-poster bed with a carved headboard design to make a bold statement. You can further accentuate the look with subtle wallpaper and antique decor items.

#13: Add Uplights to Your Bedroom Headboard for Mood Lighting

Keep your space well lit with warm uplights behind your headboard

The wrong lighting can make it hard to wind down and relax in your bedroom. White lights that are in your direct line of sight can be overwhelming as well. Instead, consider softening the intensity of your room lighting by placing them behind your headboard.

This helps throw the light upward and casts a soft, warm glow around the room. What’s more, the light doesn’t directly hit your eye either, which is ideal for creating a cosy vibe.

#14: A Simple Slatted Bed Head Design Perfect for Minimalist Interiors

Slatted headboards can either be dressed up or dressed down based on how you style them

For those of you who like to keep things simple, a minimalist slatted bed head design works best. You can also make a statement with your simple bed headboard design by using textured pillows and detailed bed accessories. 

#15: Here’s What Headboards for a Double Bed Can Look Like

For bigger beds, stick to a simple headboard design to prevent overpowering the space

The bigger the bed, the more imposing your bed headboard design can be. However, this doesn’t mean it’ll entirely overpower your space, either. It’s just a matter of picking the right design. Here’s where it might help to go for a bed headboard design that doesn’t draw too much attention.

Stick to minimalist colour palettes and a simple design and allow the rest of your interiors to take centre stage, especially if you have a feature wall.  

#16: A Modern Headboard Design With Built-In Storage 

Who doesn’t love a bed backrest design that can hold all your bedside items too

For an easy-to-maintain modern headboard design, consider using a wall niche with built-in storage. This way, you won’t have to worry about the upkeep of your bed headboard design since it is a part of the wall. You also get the added bonus of storage in your bed head design! 

#17: Stay Classic With a Stylish Bedroom Headboard Design

Embrace classic-style interiors with a framed bed headboard design

If you’ve ever wanted to live in a fairy tale, now’s your chance! This classic-style bed headboard design is the perfect addition to an all-white bedroom. Notice how well this bedroom headboard design pairs with the bedside tables and wallpaper to create a cohesive look? You can recreate it with a framed headboard and matching furniture sets.

#18: Lean Back Into Your Cosy, Full-Length Bed Backrest Design

The right bed backrest design can make working from your bed a comfy experience

Love staying up all night reading a gripping book? You can protect your posture with a full-size bed backrest design. However, if you are opting for this style, be sure that your bed headboard design is made of soft materials that can also offer support. A firm tufted or upholstered bed backrest design might be ideal for this.

#19: A Bed Headboard Design That’s Straight Out of Bridgerton  

Take a page out of any historical TV show with a headboard design that reflects royalty

Here’s where you can go all out with your double-bed headboard design if you’re going for a regal theme. Embrace shades of white, gold and blue for a hint of royal glam. However, avoid crowding the room with other statement pieces and allow the double-bed headboard to speak for itself. 

#20: A Bed With a Headboard Design That Matches Its Interiors 

Go for irregular shapes and designs for your bed head design to keep things interesting

Matching your bed with the rest of your interiors is always a nice feeling, especially if you enjoy continuity in design. You can get the look by pairing your bed headboard design with colours or textures that complement each other.

#21: Get Creative With a Butterfly-Themed Headboard

Give your child the bedroom of their dreams with a butterfly themed headboard

Whether you’re looking for a bed headboard design for your child or for yourself, some themes are timeless. Though a butterfly themed headboard might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s a nice way to relive childhood dreams.

If you’d prefer something more subtle, you can also go for headboards with curved or rounded edges that offer a similar vibe. Also, consider padding or cushioning the wings for added comfort.

#22: Wall Panelling as a Half-Height Headboard

What type of wall panelling would you like to try as a headboard design?

What if you could get the benefit of wall panelling and a headboard in one unified design? You’d definitely want to try it out, especially if you’re on a limited budget. By doing so, you can get the benefit of both elements without splurging on them separately.

So, all you need to do is pick out the wall panelling of your choice and place it on the lower half of your bedroom wall. Since it covers the entire wall’s width, it can also double as a subtle wall accent.

#23: Introduce Some Wall Art Into a Plain Headboard Design

The cherry blossom wall mural is the perfect tribute to Japanese style interiors

Art is a great way to liven up plain furniture. Take a look at this bedroom, for example. Though plain, this bed headboard design is complemented by a wall painting of cherry blossoms. When you look at them together, it looks almost as if the painting is framed by the headboard below it.

Together, these elements create a unique approach to styling headboards. So, if you have a wall mural in mind that you’d like to try out, consider this method!

#24: Love Latticework? A Jaali Headboard Design Is Perfect for You

There’s nothing that adds a subtle desi touch to your interiors like a geometric jaali

If there’s one element that’s common in most Indian homes, it’s a jaali. Besides decorating your common areas or helping you partition your rooms, you can also use this wondrous decor element in your headboard.

Pick out your preferred jaali pattern and use it to inlay your bed headboard design. Alternatively, you can also consider adding backlights to it for a unique look.

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