Do you think it is possible for every builder to make sure that each home he/she builds is compliant with the rules of vastu for home? Definitely not! Therefore, if you are someone who believes in vastu shastra for home and also plans on purchasing a new house, then you might want to read further. With independent houses, it becomes much easier to follow basic vastu for home, since you have the freedom to build it from scratch. Read on for some helpful vastu for home tips.

Vastu for Home Tip #1: Direction of the House

Your home entrance must face the north, east or north-east direction

According to vastu home rules, the entrance to a house is not meant just for people but also for energy. Energies flow in and out through the main door. The favourable directions for having the main entrance are north, east or north-east, as per vastu shastra for home. Make sure you check this before you purchase your new home. If you buy a readymade home, you can renovate it to change the direction of the entrance.

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Vastu for Home Tip #2: What Direction Should the Rooms Face?

Did you know that every room has to be built in a certain direction according to vastu for house? It is best to take these vastu shastra for house directions into consideration while purchasing your house. Let us talk about some of the specific rooms:

Did you know there are Vastu rules for each room in the house?
  • Kitchen: Ideally, the kitchen should be placed in the south-east direction of the house. Never buy a house where the kitchen is built in the north direction.
  • Master bedroom: According to vastu tips for house, the master bedroom should be built in the south-west direction. Never in the south-east, since the fire element governs that direction.
  • Kids’ room: Your children’s room should be placed in the south-west direction. Make sure that your kids sleep with their heads towards the south or east, for peace of mind.
  • Toilet: According to vastu for house, the toilet/bathroom should be in the west or north-west direction. Avoid purchasing homes that have toilets built in other directions since there are no corrective measures that can negate the effects of this dosha, as per vastu shastra tips.

Vastu for Home Tip #3: How About Shapes and Forms?

Vastu experts say that the rooms at home should have definite lines

One of the vastu tips for home is to pay attention to the shapes and forms of your furniture. Vastu experts spell out several house vastu guidelines on the shape of your rooms. Although circular rooms look more stylish and trendy, they are not compliant with vastu for home. Make sure your rooms follow straight lines and are square or rectangular in shape.

Vastu for Home Tip #4: Where Should the Overhead Water Tank Be Installed?

Among the most important vastu tips for a new home is the placement of the overhead water tank. Ideally, you should place the overhead tank in the west or south-west direction of the house. If you place it in the south-west direction, then make sure you place it two feet above the topmost slab.

Vastu for Home Tip #5: Don’t Forget Ventilation

Keep your home as ventilated as you can to allow positive energy to flow in

Proper ventilation and ample sunlight are essential elements for your home. These bring positive energy into the house. Proper ventilation can facilitate the inflow of money. So, it is important that your new house is well-ventilated. If you are lucky to have a balcony, then take a look at these 6 Easy Tips for a Vastu-Friendly Balcony.

Vastu for Home Tip #6: Mind the Septic Tank

A septic tank holds the waste from the kitchen and bathrooms until it is flushed out. Therefore, experts in the field of vastu for house believe that it harbours negativity. If placed incorrectly, a septic tank can have adverse effects on the people living at home. As per vastu shastra for house, the septic tank should only be placed in the north-west direction. Make sure it does not touch the compound wall at any cost.

Vastu for Home Tip #7: Maintain Your Health and Home

Health is wealth! When it comes to vastu tips for house, it’s crucial that you also consider your health. Here are the main vastu shastra tips for health:

  • Plants in your space can promote good health
  • Lighting a candle or lamp in the north-east direction is good for health
  • Store food in the south-west direction in the kitchen
  • Ensure there are no dripping taps
  • Burning camphor once a week can remove negative energies

Vastu for Home Tip #8: Promote Positivity

If you want some tips to promote positivity in your home, read on:

  • Place a tulsi plant at the entrance of your home
  • A Buddha statue can help remove negative energies
  • Do not sleep with your head towards the north direction
  • Avoid using broken cutlery
  • Wall clocks should always be in working condition

We are sure that if you follow these vastu for home tips while building your new house, it will be filled with positive energy. Although corrective measures can always be taken, it is best to follow certain practices in the construction phase itself.

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Check out vastu tips for your pooja room:

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