Plants, in general, always bring about a positive ambience to any home. They are responsible for improving air quality, providing the home with good aesthetics and even improving your mental health. But did you know that money plants have added benefits along with these? When buying a money plant (devil’s ivy), it is important to remember that money plant vastu plays an important role. As per vastu shastra, the placement and direction of your money plant has a powerful effect on your financial and mental well-being. Follow these money plant vastu tips to reap maximum benefits from your money plant.

Money Plant Vastu Tip #1: Placement Matters

Guess money does grow on trees!

The name ‘money plant’ stems from the wealth this plant can attract, which is one of the main money plant benefits for homeowners. It helps in warding off financial obstacles and brings good luck and prosperity to your home. The money plant plays an important role in vastu shastra, particularly in the context of its placement. So if you are wondering where to keep money plant at home, we’re here to help!

South-east Direction

The perfect money plant direction as per vastu is the south-east, the direction of the planet Venus. Lord Ganesha, who is known as the remover of obstacles, is the god of the south-east direction. This is a sign of removing obstacles and ensuring your financial well-being. Both Lord Ganesha’s presence and the planet Venus are auspicious signs which ensure wealth and prosperity.

North-east Direction

Keeping your money plant indoors in the north-east direction of your home can cause trouble. Placing them in this direction leads to some  money plant disadvantages,  including the possibility of financial problems, and if you’re married, arguments and marital issues as well.

Money Plant Direction Tip #2: Auspicious North Entrances

Gateway to possibilities

If you have a northern entrance to your home, then you’ve found the perfect place to keep your money plant. The north entrance as a money plant direction brings immense career opportunities and newer sources of income for the occupants of the house. So, if you’re stuck hunting for new career opportunities, then money plant vastu recommends placing your money plant, also known as, golden pothos at the north entrance. You might just find a new career opportunity coming knocking at your door!

Money Plant in Home Tip #3: Don’t Let it Touch the Ground

Up, not down

With a money plant, the aim should be to make it grow upwards. Since these vastu plants for money are creepers, they need support to grow. In this case, they’ll catch onto anything which provides them support. The stems and leaves, being heavier, tend to droop and grow downwards. Don’t let this happen to your money plant at home; make sure they grow upwards. Letting them droop and grow downwards is considered a sign of negativity. Harness all the positive energy by letting these creep towards the sky. You can prune the stems periodically to prevent them from touching the floor.

Vastu Plants for Money Tip #4: The Power of Absorbing Radiations

Bye bye, radiation!

In today’s day and age, we live in a virtual world of computers, cell phones and, of course, the quintessential WiFi router. These devices emit high amounts of radiation and are very harmful to the human body and mind. Money plants are one of the best radiation absorbers for your home and protect you from the electromagnetic radiation from your beloved gadgets. So place your money plant indoors near the television or the WiFi router to reduce radiation.

Bonus Tip

If you’re keeping the money plant at your bedside, avoid placing it near the headrest or footrest. Keeping the plant in your bedroom improves sleep quality and also helps fight anxiety.

Money Plant Vastu Tip #5: Maintenance

Nature requires nurture

They look after you, now it’s your turn.

While there are several money plant benefits that you can accrue, they don’t ask for much in return and only require average maintenance. Even with very average maintenance, they can grow up to 7 feet. With good care, sufficient light and regular watering, they can grow up to 12 feet! Money plant vastu suggests that maintenance is of high importance to keep the good luck flowing in. Here are some top money plant growing tips:

  • Change the water frequently — ideally, once a week 
  • Don’t over-water the plant as it can become detrimental to its growth 
  • Trim the plant regularly. If not, it tends to become difficult to maintain
  • Direct sunlight can dry out the plant. Indoors would be a better alternative
  • Remove dried or dead leaves to keep the plant healthy
  • Misting the leaves would be beneficial for its growth as dry conditions tend to hamper its growth
  • Do not use artificial fertilisers or pesticides

Money Plant Tip #6: The Colour Red and its Problems

Red? No, thank you!

Red is a powerful colour to depict emotion; rage, love and often even danger. In the case of a money plant, avoid placing it near any red objects or red surfaces as this has the tendency to draw bad luck. It has negative effects on the overall well-being of your household. Keeping these vastu plants for money against red backgrounds, especially near red kitchen utilities such as washing machines, grinders, dustbins, etc., will harness negative energy in the household.

Money Plant in Home Tip #7: Incorporate Greens and Blues

50 shades of blue and green

One of the ways to attract more wealth and positivity is by increasing the green and blue hues surrounding your money plant. Grow your money plants in blue- or green-coloured vases or bottles. You can upcycle old plastic bottles to grow them in or paint your pots using vibrant shades. You can also add in a painting for a scenic backdrop to intensify the positive energy flow into your home.

Vastu Plants for Money Tip #8: Pick Airy Corners

A pop of colour for your corners

Money plants require light, but exposure to direct sunlight causes them to dry up. If you’re growing them outdoors, make sure you pick airy corners with partial shade. If you plan to place it in your bathroom, ensure it’s near a window in the south-east direction so they can get rid of any negative energy. What’s more, apart from the multiple money plant benefits, they also add a pop of colour to any room.

Money Plant Vastu Tip #9: Keep Them Indoors

Your new indoor companion

We recommend you grow your money plant indoors rather than outdoors. This also helps foster the flow of positive energy into your home. Grow it in shade or partial sunlight with regular pruning and care. A fact to note here is that the healthier the plant, the more your luck will be. So keep it interesting with bottles, vases or pots. And get as creative as you want with it!

Money Plant Tip #10: Heart-Shaped Leaves and Their Benefits

Matters of the heart

For all you star-crossed lovers out there, this one’s for you. If you’re out to get a money plant for yourself, ensure you get one which has heart-shaped leaves. It is believed that heart-shaped leaves of the money plant help foster healthy and happy relationships. They also aid in good fortune, wealth, peace and prosperity for your home.

Money Plant in Home Tip #11: Don’t Let Anyone Prune Your Money Plant

Hands off my money plant!

Well, we do believe in love thy neighbour, but let’s have them keep off the money plant. Money plant vastu says that allowing someone to prune the stems from your money plant can bring bad luck. This can be anyone — from your family, friends or neighbours. Allowing someone else to cut away the leaf, stem or tips signifies that you are giving away your wealth. This also brings about a negative effect on the money plant.

Bonus: Types of Money Plants

Now that you know how to make the most of your money plant with vastu, it’s time to bring home this baby. Now, there are several different money plant varieties available that you can choose from. The 9 types of money plants include the following:

  • Golden Money Plant
  • Split Leaf Money Plant
  • Marble Queen Money Plant
  • Marble Prince Money Plant
  • Silver Money Plant
  • Swiss Cheese Money Plant
  • Big Leaf Money Plant
  • Jade Plant
  • Neon Money Plant

Among money plant varieties, the golden money plant, also known as golden pothos is the most popular.

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