Diwali is one festival that Indians really look forward to. Irrespective of where each of us is, the festival of lights brings everyone together. So, have you started prepping for the upcoming festivities yet? If not, this might be the best time to do so. We thought these super easy vastu tips for Diwali might help you get started. Follow these basic rules to usher in positive vibes and prosperity.

#1: Diwali Cleaning 101

Diwali is incomplete without a thorough deep cleaning of your home

According to vastu experts, the first step to a happy home is cleanliness. We are sure, almost every Indian kid must have faced the wrath of their moms before Diwali if you didn’t help her with cleaning. Well, mothers emphasis on  it for good reason. Cleaning every little corner at home is very essential in order to remove negative energy and blocked vibes. It is one of the most basic vastu tips for Diwali. Make sure you remove spider webs from the deepest corners and do not miss out the kitchen or even the store room during your Diwali cleaning.

#2: Declutter for Diwali

Declutter first to remove negativity and then decorate to usher in positivity

You must have heard that having too much stuff lying around home is not a healthy habit. But why? The more you clutter your home, the lesser the chances of good vibes flowing freely around the space. Let go of junk, broken electronics, broken crockery and things that you haven’t used for the past six months. You do not need these unwanted things lying around. Also, make sure you do away with any broken mirror pieces, since Diwali vastu says that they are a bad omen.

#3: Clear the Entrance

Clean the path for prosperity to enter your home

One of the most important tips for Diwali is that your entryway should be clear as it is the path for positive energies to flow into your home. It becomes increasingly crucial to clean your foyer during this time. While we all know that we place the footprints of Goddess Lakshmi on our main door, we should make sure that we welcome her into a clean and uncluttered space. Also, make sure that you keep it bright and well lit.

#4: Move Things to the Right Directions

There is a Vastu-compliant direction for everything

While cleaning your home, an important tip as per Diwali vastu is to make sure that the north and northeast zones of the home are free of any clutter. This will ensure that there’s free flow of wealth. Greenery is always welcome and vastu shastra recommends placing lightweight and small plants in between the east and north directions. Try and keep the central zone of the house clean and clutter-free to ensure financial gains.

#5: Spray Salt Water

This is a desi jugaad for vastu

Mix some salt and water in a spray bottle and spray it all around the house. Vastu experts say that spraying saltwater in all corners of your home, especially during Diwali, is a good practice. Salt is believed to absorb negative vibes and purify the atmosphere at home. You can also try using sea salt instead of regular salt.

#6: Light Up Your Home for Prosperity

Light it up!

While you’re thinking about lighting up your home for Diwali, do not forget to consider directions according to vastu shastra. There is a plethora of options in the market when it comes to decorative lights. You can choose from colourful fairy lights, bulbs, designer lamps and so on. Let us tell you some of the directions as per Diwali vastu that are suitable for different colours of lights:

  • North: Blue, yellow and green lights can be placed in this direction to decorate your home
  • South: White, violet and red lights are ideal for this
  • East: This is the direction for auspicious colours like red, yellow and orange
  • West: Add more of yellow, orange and pink lights here

PRO Tip: How to Light Diyas the Right Way

Are you lighting diyas the right way?

Another name for Diwali is Deepavali. Thus, the small oil lamps called diyas, usually earthen, are central to this festival. However, most of us are not aware of the rules surrounding the right way to light a diya. 

  • Firstly,  never light a diya facing the south as it is inauspicious
  • Diyas should be lit with pure ghee on Diwali to bring forth prosperity
  • Never use sunflower oil to light diyas
  • The diya’s wick should be long enough so that the fire does not reach the centre of the diya
  • Always start by lighting diyas in the pooja room 
  • Place diyas on either side of the main entrance on Diwali to welcome home Lakshmi and Ganesha

Vastu Dos and Don’ts for Diwali day

While the above tips are great to follow in order to have a prosperous Diwali, you should also keep in mind what not to do according to vastu:

Make sure your main door is new or repairedThe main door should not make any creaky sounds
Goddess Lakshmi’s footprints should always point inwardsDo not place symbols like the Swastika, Om and rangoli decorations on the south or west walls and facing those directions
Only use a new and clean cloth to clean idols and photos of deitiesDo not gift antique items to friends and family
Try not to make rangolis with Goddess Lakshmi or Lord Ganesha on the doorstep

You can simply follow these rules to usher in Diwali with a positive aura around your home. Also, do not forget to take a look at the 6 Easy-Peasy Vastu Tips for your Pooja Room.

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