With preparations for Diwali in full swing, we thought we’d add a little more excitement and lend a helping hand for the upcoming festivities. These Diwali decoration ideas for homes can serve as a final checklist to deck up your home before your guests come calling.

Follow these simple steps to have a fun-filled, bright and prosperous Diwali with your near and dear ones.

#1: Start with the pooja room

Diwali decoration ideas for home_pooja corner decoration
Let the lamps glow in your pooja room

Your pooja room is essentially the centre of all the activity during the holy festivities and needs special attention at this point. Go all out while decorating your pooja corner whether it’s an elaborate or compact one. Get some antique brass finish lamps and place it around the pedestal. Also, do not forget to decorate it with fresh flowers and diyas on all the days leading to Diwali.

#2: Get going with ‘genda phool’

Diwali decoration ideas for home-floral door decoration-diyas-fairy lights
Add a traditional touch to Diwali decor with flowers and diyas

Do you know why homes are decorated with marigold flowers during this season? These flowers are also called the “herb of the sun” and the its fragrance helps improve your mood and ward off stress! The vibrant yellow and orange colours also mark new beginnings and prosperity in life.

So, we suggest you grab some fresh bundles of these from a nearby flower market and decorate your entryways with them! You can also have an arrangement on your dining tables where the sweets and namkeens will be put out. We’ll leave it to your imagination to use these flowers best!

#3: String up lights outside the house

Diwali decoration ideas for home-staircase-rangoli-lamps-diyas
Nothing beats diyas on Diwali

Diyas are symbolic of Diwali and the more diyas you light around your home, the brighter your home is bound to look. Grab some decorative and embellished ones from the nearest store and light up each corner with them. For outside the house, string lights that cover the length of your walls.

#5: Deck up the door

diwali decoration ideas for home-door hangings-home decor
Hang up some trinkets on your door

While decorating your home for Diwali, do not forget to get your hands on some pretty torans, available in various shapes and sizes. You can keep these hanging even after the festivities to make your home feel welcoming through the year. Torans mainly decorate the main door to welcome guests and goddess Lakshmi with colour and happiness. This is the first thing that people see when they enter and it is sure to lift their spirits.

#5: Follow the muhurat

diwali decoration ideas for home-pooja thali-pooja timing-lamp-flowers
Pooja thalis and all things auspicious

We all usher in Diwali with a festive mood, beautiful decoration and crackers, but the essence of this festival is obviously the puja that we conduct with the whole family. While we believe that faith lies in our hearts, it becomes essential to follow the muhurat during such festivals. This year, the muhurat is between is at 06:01 PM to 08:00 PM on 14th November.

#6: Ramp up on the best rangoli designs

diwali decoration ideas for home-rangoli
Elaborate rangolis to usher in the Gods

Making rangoli on the eve of Diwali is an age-old practice that we still follow. Draw colourful patterns on the entrance of the main door to welcome guests and please goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesha. While traditional motifs are a popular design for rangolis, you should avoid making Swastika and Om symbols on the floor. Also, draw small footprints made from a mix of rice flour and vermilion in the direction of entering the house. It symbolizes the goddess’ entry into your home.

PRO Tip: Cleaning is the key!

Diwali cleaning in Indian homes is the equivalent of Spring cleaning in the West. So before you start with diwali decoration at home, cleaning up is an inevitable task.But if you have been lazy and kept your cleaning chores till the fag end, you need these shortcuts to clean up quickly.

While you round up your Diwali preparations, keep this checklist handy to avoid missing out on little things. Last, but not the least, enjoy the festival of lights with gratitude in your heart and gleam in your eyes with these Diwali decoration ideas for home.

Here’s wishing you a safe and fun-filled Diwali from the Livspace family!

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