Not all houses have staircases but in the ones that do, the staircase plays a pivotal role in enhancing the aesthetic of the house. A badly made staircase design has the potential to ruin the whole look, and we certainly don’t want that to happen! Here are some stairs design options that will help you to choose the right one for your home.

#1: Plant a Mini Garden Under the Staircase Design

stairs design-garden below stairway-hanging creepers
Add indoor plants for a breath of fresh air and a vibrant accent

Who doesn’t like to bring in some greenery? This stair design has a mini garden tucked under it conveniently. If you want to bring in some plants but lack the space, this is a great option. Make sure that you use only indoor plants in your under-the-staircase garden. Also, do not miss the hanging vines leading up to the first floor. It’s like a green carpet of its own!

#2: Employ Marble and Glass

stairs design for Indian houses-marble and granite-glass railing-steel rods
Get a trendy partition staircase design

Modern stairs design is all about using the right materials. Thus, if you want a touch of elegance, opt for marble. No other material makes a grand grand statement in homes. This staircase design goes well with glass and steel railing. 

#3: Decorate Your Stairs Design with a Hedge Wall

types of stairs design-industrial-exposed brick wall-vertical garden
Use hedge walls for some green pops of colour on the staircase

Adding an industrial touch to the modern stairs design is quickly becoming popular in Indian homes. The best part? It isn’t difficult to incorporate in your staircase design. All you need to do is to use something like exposed brick on the wall along your staircase and you are good to go. Don’t forget to add a bit of that vertical garden for a fresh and alluring look.

#4: Tuck in Some Storage Under Your Modern Stairs Design

stairs design-storage under stairs-glass shutters
Use the space under the stairs to give your house a storage boost

Staircases can give you a dead space under it which can be easily converted to add more storage. This can be helpful when you have limited space for storage. Indians love themselves some storage-efficient ideas and this is a handy stairs design trick. 

#5: Dazzling Staircase Design with Lights

Light up the way!

Want to revamp your staircase with minimal effort? We got you covered! Use statement light to revamp your stairs design. If you want to go a little further, recessed lights under that modern stairs design will add more spice to the look.

#6: Good Ol’ Zigzag Staircase Design

types of stairs design-zigzag design
Build a vintage staircase design to complement a traditional Indian home

A zigzag staircase design can range from grand to simple, depending on your personal tastes. For instance, this staircasewith a wrought-iron railing has a certain opulent old-school charm. And we just love the stair pattern, which adds to the appeal!

#7: Keep it Minimal

stairs design-sleek and simple-glass and wood
Small home? This is a perfect choice for you

When it comes to Indian designs, a heavy look may easily become overwhelming visually. Thus, sleek and simple stairs design goes a long way to define the house. This modern stairs design, with a glass and wooden railing, is a perfect minimal design option.  

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#8: Attain Homely Charm with a Wood and White Design

stairs design for Indian houses-white and wood
Complement wood with whimsical whites

For a homely yet modern stairs design, choose wooden stairs. They can be accentuated with a colour like white. We absolutely recommend this combination as it is not just something that always looks good, but it also gives a wooden warmth to the house.

#9: A Desi Home Favourite: The Wooden Staircase

AdobeStock 232700109
Install wood-finished tiles for a wooden staircase look

A complete wood staircase design is an oldie we love. This stairs design not only evokes wooden warmth, it also brings to mind a cabin in a chilly mountain cabin. 

#10: Go Vintage with this Spiral Staircase

stairs design-spiral design-outdoors-wrought iron
Hang this outside your home for a vintage touch

Looking for a staircase design outside that can withstand Indian weather conditions? Then a metal stairs design is your best pick. It is sturdy, good for every weather condition and has a great vintage vibe to it.

#11: Go Modern with a Metallic Staircase Design

stairs design for Indian houses-metal design
Enhance the modern look with this metal staircase

Indian homes have never refrained from bringing in metallic accents. So why not bring in a metal staircase design? They impart a modern and plush look to your home. Our pick is a black or brown painted metal.

#12: Give the Floating Staircase a Chance

Get a trendy look for a modern house

A cantilevred staircase design appears to be floating as it is fixed at only one end. This modern stairs design is a favourite amongst urban homeowners as it perfectly complements a contemporary aesthetic. This wooden cantilevred stairs design is a charming and modish masterpiece!

#13: Ditch the Railings for Your Staircase Design

Keep the minimal look intact with this one!

Love yourself some edgy, modern stairs design? Then opt for a staircase design with no railings. This keeps the staircase neat and minimal. However, we advise against this in case you have elders or children living in the home. 

#14: Use Heavenly Whites for the Staircase Design

Create a grand look with an all-white staircase

Want to create a grand, modern stairs design? Choose an all-white staircase design and watch as your house transforms into a sophisticated space. Opt for simple glass railings, too, so that they do not obstruct the look. 

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#15: Maintain the Contemporary Charm with Your Staircase Design  

types of stairs design-contemporary design-floating stairs-jaali railing
Who says you cannot combine several features in one staircase design?

A contemporary staircase design will fit right in an Indian home. Contemporary can be charming, as proved by this stunning design. The cantilevred look in earthy tones like wood while a jali railing in pristine white sums up the gorgeous stairs design.

#16: Mix Traditional and Modern Stairs Design

Enjoy the best of both worlds!

Why pick between a traditional or modern stairs design when you can opt for both?  A combination of metal and wood can look beautiful in modern apartments. While choosing this look, go for earthy and neutral tones, for the metal parts to match the wood.

#17: Install Cove Lighting in Your Staircase Design

stairs design for Indian houses-cove lighting
Go the extra step for safety and aesthetics

Cove lighting is an ideal choice for staircase designs. It doesn’t only add an element of modernity but is also good from the safety point of view. This staircase comes with minimalist side lights which light up the stairs.

Vastu for Staircase Design

Like every element of your home, even the stairway should follow vastu principles for a happy and harmonious home. Check out this video for stairway vastu tips.

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