When we hear the word staircase, the first thing that pops into our mind is simple block-like steps that we used to draw as kids. But today, staircase ideas are more than just that. Staircase design is gaining popularity among homeowners and here we show you how to get creative with it. 

These staircase design ideas for Indian homes will make your homes look and feel more stylish. We have everything from glass to metal railings and floating steps to contemporary box steps.

#1: A curvy, modern staircase

Opt for a space-saving and precast curved staircase design

If you want stairs in the corner of your room that are slightly curved, then you are in luck! Numerous staircase designs await you but a simple staircase with sleek railings is your best bet. When it comes to staircases, it is very important to keep up with the theme and style of your home. A simple staircase complements almost all kinds of modern Indian homes.

Staircase wall design ideas

  • Ledge with plants or memorabilia
  • Windows
  • Paintings

Check out these subtle decor additions in Farah Khan’s bedroom revamped by Livspace:

#2: A contemporary box staircase design

Box staircases are highly efficient and can be installed anywhere

Whoever has ever had stairs at home, knows that box-like stairs are the most basic, easy, and trip-safe design to use (especially if it’s a kids’ room). A simple box-stepped wooden stairs design will do justice to the compact layout of a room and will also be easy on the eyes. You do not necessarily need railings for these modern staircases, especially if installed beside a wall.

Staircase wall design ideas

  • Wallpaper
  • Cushioned wall panels

#3: A floating staircase design

Sleek and airy, these staircases easily blend with your interiors

If edgy, striking interiors are what you wish for, then floating staircases are meant for you. These stairs change the face of your home and make it look chic. Floating stairs suit pretty much any contemporary home that is looking for an update.

  • Just make sure that one end of the stairs is against a wall and you are good to go.
  • Alternatively, you could also go for suspended railings on the open end of the stairs to give it a facelift!

A truly floating staircase would mean both ends of the stairs would be suspended (with railings from the ceiling) in mid-air. Now that could be risky business in homes with children or elderly adults.

Staircase wall design ideas

  • Faux brick wallpaper
  • Grass wall with flower patches

#4: A contemporary glass railing staircase design

The glass railing is a safe and sustainable design option

Glass railings on a modern staircase design exude a very clean and elegant aesthetic. This staircase design complements contemporary and uber-modern homes perfectly. Just make sure you keep the railings squeaky clean and try to keep your hands off them to keep away pesky fingerprints.

Staircase wall design ideas

  • Decorative plates

#5: A playful industrial staircase with mesh

The use of painted metal is predominant in industrial design style

Whether your stairs are straight landing, half landing or spiral landing, installing mesh on the underside of your staircase will make your staircase feel more secure and give it an industrial edge. Use metal mesh sheets for added effect and you will neither have completely floating steps nor plain simple steps.

Staircase wall design ideas

  • Keep it plain
  • Or add a shelf beside the wall under the stairs with beautiful decor or plants

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#6: Granite and marble stairs

Statement stairs that’ll last generations

Granite and marble, titans of the stone world, elevate stairs beyond mere passageways. Granite’s strength offers timeless elegance, while marble’s veined beauty is an epitome of luxury.

Maintaining the grandeur of granite and marble stairs requires consistent care. Here’s the key:

  • Clean regularly with mild detergent and water, avoiding harsh chemicals
  • For spills, act fast! Mop them up immediately to prevent stains
  • Sweep frequently to remove loose dirt and debris
  • Seal the stone periodically to protect it from water damage and stains

For deeper cleaning, consider professional services every few years. With this gentle routine, your granite and marble stairs will continue to shine for generations to come.

Staircase wall design ideas

  • Empty frames with spotlights
  • You can choose to add personal photographs or paintings in place of the empty frames

#7: Wooden staircase

Wooden stairs are worth the work!

Wooden stairs add undeniable vintage charm and warmth to a home, but their beauty comes with trade-offs. They require regular cleaning, polishing, and occasional refinishing to maintain their beauty and prevent scratches. Wood is naturally warm underfoot, providing a more comfortable feel than tile or stone. So, if you’re up for the upkeep, wooden stairs are a classic choice.

Note: A box staircase, often made of sturdier, lower-maintenance materials like metal or concrete, might be a more practical option, especially for high-traffic areas.

Staircase wall design ideas

  • Vintage photo frames
  • Plants

#8: Wrought iron

Wrought iron whispers, “Old-world luxury”

The use and popularity of wrought iron diminished with the wide availability of mild steel. With its low carbon content, mild steel is almost similar in properties to wrought iron. But if you want a luxurious old-world charm on your staircases, we’d suggest investing in this raw material (it is also rust-resistant!).

Staircase wall design ideas

  • Exposed brick wall
  • Vintage photo frames
  • Windows
  • Distressed planters

#9: Terrazzo stairs

Did you know that terrazzo can last up to 100 years?

Why are terrazzo tiles so expensive must be the first question that popped up in your mind. These tiles require a variety of epoxy colours, aggregates and custom-bent metal divider strips to create intricate design patterns. Terrazzo flooring with single colours and a simple divider strip pattern is always cheaper than intricate designs.

Staircase wall design ideas

  • Abstract art
  • Oil painting
  • Clerestory windows

#10: The under-tread lighting

Staircase straight from sci-fiction?

Under-tread lighting is quite an architectural way of exhibiting your stairways. This makes the floating staircases float even more (visually) and makes the normal staircases seem even more grand.

Staircase wall design ideas

  • Geometric striped wall design

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#11: Granite Mexican tile design

Olé! This staircase is ¡muy caliente!

Mexican tiles like Talavera tiles, Cantera stones and Saltillo stones bring the Hispanic culture into your homes. Granite makes these tiles even more traditional and exotic. The wrought iron railing is also another old-world touch and pretty staircase wall design idea.

Staircase wall design ideas

  • Rustic grooves with plants or memorabilia
  • Wrought iron railing

#12: Carpeted

Full or runner? Your style, your comfort

Carpeting stairs are an attractive way to protect your hardwood stairs from foot traffic. It’s not only durable but also provides comfort and warmth. durable, it also provides warmth and comfort. It covers up all the unattractive blemishes and stains too! You could either have a stair runner which is a piece of carpet that doesn’t cover the entire width of the stair or a full stair carpet; both of them come in various traditional designs and patterns.

Staircase wall design ideas

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