Terrazzo flooring is making a comeback as the flooring of choice. From public office floors to residential terrazzo flooring and everywhere in between, terrazzo tiles trend has its own special place in the Indian market. Given the hold it has on design, it’s worth taking a look at what terrazzo floor tiles are and why it is re-entering the limelight. 

Here’s a quick introduction to terrazzo floor tiles as well as the estimated terrazzo flooring cost in India:

What Is the Terrazzo Texture All About?

Bless your kitchen with strength and durability when using a terrazzo countertop

The term ‘terrazzo’ refers to a style of flooring where marble chips have been laid in concrete. The word itself means ‘terrace’. Its origins date back to Italy, when craftspeople realised that marble chips laid in concrete become extremely durable and resilient as flooring. 

Modern-day renditions of the terrazzo floor include a host of colours and patterns typical of mid-century modern interiors. This is partly why terrazzo tiles are racking up a huge following over wood and carpeting, too! The marble chips flooring cost in India can range anywhere between ₹2 – ₹1,950/tonne. The variety and cost range makes it a lucrative choice.

How Is Terrazzo Made?

Terrazzo is made with marble or stone chips combined with epoxy-resin or concrete

Traditionally, marble chips and concrete composite went into the making of terrazzo flooring. Today, it sees combinations of marble or stone chips with concrete or epoxy-resin. Depending on the use and the surface area to cover, you can use terrazzo tiles or pour it in situ. The latter allows custom surfaces like stairs, countertops, walkways, and even furniture to be covered in terrazzo.

Advantages of Terrazzo Flooring

Consider terrazzo for durable nature, low-cost and low-maintenance

Terrazzo flooring cost in India is affordable, making it a popular choice. This material also has unlimited colours and pallets to experiment with. From terrazzo kitchen floor tiles to bathroom tiles, the opportunities for infusion are endless when it comes to terrazzo. Here are a few reasons why the terrazzo texture has retained its popularity over the years:

1. Terrazzo Tiles Are Highly Customisable

Make an economical choice for your bathroom with customisable terrazzo tiles

A terrazzo floor can pack all the colours you want with chips of any size you prefer. This makes it an extremely versatile option when you’re trying to create a dramatic impact and visual interest with flooring alone. This terrazzo tile can be laid in tile or poured on site, depending on the installation arrangements. In fact, that’s what makes it easier to have smooth flooring without joints or the need to break tiles.

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2. Terrazzo Tiles Are Durable

Terrazzo is even more resistant than marble floors

Durability is the main reason behind installing a terrazzo floor in high-footfall areas. It stands the test of time and holds up to wear and tear. It doesn’t need frequent replacing or polishing (if installed correctly, that is).

3. Terrazzo Tiles Are Eco-Friendly

Source your terrazzo tiles to make an eco-friendly spot

Love sustainable homes? Then we’d recommend you use terrazzo floors. Waste materials like porcelain and broken glass are the raw material for terrazzo tiles. Fascinating, isn’t it?

4. Terrazzo Tiles Are Also Low-Maintenance

Use a natural cleaner to swiftly clean the terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo flooring doesn’t need a lot of shining or polishing; a quick sweep and mop will do just fine. This makes it a worthwhile investment because it doesn’t need a structured maintenance routine.

Pro Tip: If you choose to install a terrazzo floor in your home, make sure you contact the right team. It is most certainly not a DIY project. Furthermore, the way you install it goes a long way in ensuring that it doesn’t crack or wear out quickly.

Infuse some personality to your bathroom with terrazzo

Disadvantages of Terrazzo Flooring

Skip terrazzo kitchen floor tiles as they can be slippery

Some terrazzo tiles may not be the best elder or child-friendly options when it comes to flooring. Thus, they require polish when installed in the kitchen or bathroom to avoid accidents. That may add to their cost. Another disadvantage is that they do not retain heat during winters, thereby making them inconvenient in lower temperature areas.

Terrazzo Flooring Cost in India

Get terrazzo tiles on an avg. cost of ₹250 per sq. ft. in India

Though terrazzo packs a punch when it comes to design and benefits, it can be equally heavy on the pocket. Typically, the terrazzo flooring cost per square foot in India averages at about ₹250. However, the terrazzo stone price can differ depending on the quality, tile size/thickness, seller and type of terrazzo you choose to go for. 

Similarly, a terrazzo floor could set you back a fair bit, especially when compared to ceramic or vitrified tiles. If you’re keen on going for a material that lasts in the long run, the overall terrazzo cost you splurge on is worth it. As terrazzo flooring is durable, easy to clean and attention-grabbing, it becomes a relatively smart investment for your home. 

Additionally, you can also lower the cost by swapping out marble chips for stone and opting for installation in situ for terrazzo tile. To know more about what kind of tiles to go for based on affordability, check out affordable designer flooring options

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How to Use the Terrazzo Texture at Home?

You can even try out the pattern on furniture for a unique look

Our interior designers tell us to take terrazzo out of just the floor and merge them into the interiors of your home as well. So, think of pouffes, headboards, lampshades, or even vanity worktops! 

Similarly, you can also use them in your kitchen backsplash for a touch of retro design. Alternatively, use a small pattern on your floor to inculcate different colours and patterns. It’s a no-fuss, effortless way to spice up your home interiors! 

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Types of Terrazzo Floor Tiles

A terrazzo floor is a statement on its own. This, combined with its many perks, makes terrazzo a popular and trend flooring option. Here are the different types of terrazzo flooring available in the market: 

  • Sand Cushion-Terrazzo: They are typically used in areas that receive a lot of friction or foot traffic. 
  • Epoxy Terrazzo: Topped with epoxy resin, this type of terrazzo flooring has non-slip properties in addition to chemical resistance. Given these properties, they can be useful to have in bathrooms. 
  • Bonded Terrazzo: They are suitable for use in interiors and exteriors of the home.
  • Rustic Terrazzo: Has non-slip properties that give it good traction, making it suitable for outdoor areas. 
  • Monolithic Terrazzo: These are one of the more budget-friendly types of terrazzo floor tiles that allow for relatively quicker installation. 

Method of Terrazzo Flooring Installation

Lay the terrazzo tiles on concrete

Terrazzo floors require professional help for installation. They are laid on a concrete subfloor, which is made even by applying pressure. Terrazzo doesn’t sit well on uneven foundations. Professionals use a wet saw to cut terrazzo tiles to size. The tiles then sit overnight. Grouting is the next step. After the grouting is done and the excess cleaned, your terrazzo tiles are installed. Polishing and other treatments can be done after grouting.

Pricing of Terrazzo Flooring

The price to install terrazzo tiling depends on the labour charges. On average, the range can be anywhere between ₹35 sq. ft. – ₹1,000 sq. ft. It can vary if the tiles are fashioned in a kitchen countertop or backsplash.

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