Marble is a striking natural material with great versatility. It’s easy to clean, long-lasting and offers timeless beauty, especially when used as flooring. When it comes to marble flooring design ideas, you’ve a lot of options to choose from.

Given this multitude of choice, more often than not, people are confused about how to adorn their homes with marble flooring design. Our hand-picked collection will help you through:

Beautiful Bordered Marble Flooring Designs

1. A Classic White Marble Flooring Design With Black Boundary

A simple and plush marble design for home interiors

The marble flooring design for this living room creates a subtle yet plush vibe with its black borders around the white marble tiles.

Consequently, this marble design in hall interiors, with its deep borders, sets off the furniture that is of similar colour tones.

2. Marble Design in Hall to Separate the Dining Area

A transitional-style marble design in room flooring to demarcate open areas

Image Courtesy: Jennifer Bevan

In this open-concept home, the dining chairs and table are framed beautifully by this latest marble flooring design to set them apart from the rest of the house. This versatile marble floor border design is easy to pair with transitional and modern dining sets.

3. A Raised Marble Floor Border Design

Try to match the furniture with your marble floor designs

This is one of the latest marble flooring design ideas that can be raised to form a ledge, which is the perfect place to sit and read or hurdle together and relax.

4. The Coordinated Marble Design in Room Flooring

A colour match elevates the look of the space

Borders define the wet and dry areas of this bathroom. The same hue and texture from the marble border floor design are used in the vanity sink, giving the bathroom a cohesive look.

Marble Flooring Design With Intricate Motifs

1. Marble Design With Rich and Colourful Embellishments

The ornate marble flooring design is the focal point of the room

Such intricate marble flooring designs borrow hues from its surroundings and work as enchanting focal points for entryways. Essentially, areas that do not have a lot of furniture such as the lobby or the entrance hall will be better for these marble flooring designs.

2. Marble Flooring Designs with Symmetry

An elegant black-and-white geometric marble flooring design

Image Courtesy: Fine Art Marble Floors

If the idea of a single motif doesn’t seem appealing, then go for an expansive marble flooring design like this that draws the eyes to the centre of the room using lines or striations. Moreover, you can also emphasise the marble design by adding a chandelier or a pedestal table at the centre.

Statement Textures in Marble Flooring Designs

1. The Veined Marble Flooring Design

The single-toned sofa sets complement the veiny flooring

This is one of the latest marble flooring design ideas in India. Straight-lay marble tiles boasting veined patterns add drama and visual interest to the crisp drawing room. Hence, they lend it a flowy yet edgy feel.

2. The Classic White Marble Tiles Lightly Veined in Black

A classic marble flooring design that goes perfectly with wooden furniture

The white marble flooring design ideas with traces of black in it never really go out of fashion.

3. The Dynamic Marble Design With Stripes

Create a waterfall effect in the bathroom with striped tiles

Image courtesy: Zillow

Striped marbles used around the tub and floor add a dynamic dimension to this modern bathroom. Such herringbone patterns in striped marble design are also gaining popularity.

The Timeless, Chequered Marble Flooring Designs

1. The Distressed Marble Design Look

Chequered marble tiles can be used for the outdoors too

With its stylish weather-worn look, this chequered marble flooring design made of alternating black-and-white tiles, delivers understated classic elegance to the patio.

2. The Old-World Charm Marble Design

A bright and refined marble flooring design for kitchen

It’s bold, it’s bright and full of old-world charm. Consequently, the classic chequered marble design can bring a touch of monochrome magic to your home.

3. The Glossy Marble Flooring for Living Room

The chequered pattern goes well with all design styles

This glossy marble design look is a classic and can be used in any room of your home. Not just that, it acts as the perfect backdrop for a multitude of colours.

Pattern Play in Marble Flooring Designs

1. The Marble Design With Diamond Motifs

Add a glossy touch with black marble

Image Courtesy: William E Eubanks

Glossy black marble tiles interspersed with diamond accent tiles adds a sleek touch to this hallway. Subsequently, if you are looking for other simple variations like this marble design in hall, try pinwheel and basketweave marble floor patterns.

2. An Uber Chic Marble Design For Home

Combine different marble tiles for a unique design

Size need not restrict the scope of motifs. You can create larger motifs with a combination of marble tiles like this.

Furthermore, the diverse types of marble flooring designs can be used to adorn any part of a house. With these designs, we hope you can come to a better decision on how you want to style your home. If you are confused, then consult the expert designers at Livspace. Book an online consultation now!

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