Gone are the days when different types of tiles were used only as flooring options. Since we’ve moved away from using them as types of floor tiles in India, they now feature on backsplashes, countertops, kitchen counters, backlit panels, accent walls, and more! Here’s a look at some varieties of tiles and where to use them around the house. 

Types of tiles #1: Ceramic

Ceramic tiles are perfect for accent walls or statement flooring. Although there are countless styles, textures and colours to choose from, the most popular types of floor tiles in India are those that recreate a rustic wooden look. When used in the bathroom or kitchen, they make the space feel inviting and cozy!

Types of tiles #2: Porcelain

Porcelain emerges as an all-round winner, among all the tiles available.  They are scratch resistant, water resistant and stain proof, making them the preferred option for your kitchen or bathroom.

Types of tiles #3: Glass

Decorative glass tiles have the power to transform any room. In addition to their rich natural sheen, they also offer a light-enhancing effect that we love! Being incredibly easy to clean, this type of tile works well in the kitchen, dining room or the living room.

Types of tiles #4: Cement

Embrace an inlaid pattern in your home with cement tiles! We suggest using them in small spaces to enhance their uniqueness. Once you install these, they will effortlessly last till your next home renovation project, making these the preferred floor tiles in India.

Types of tiles #5: Marble

The stain resistant property of marble makes it a delight to use as countertop, backsplash, or even on furniture such as coffee tables and end tables. Alternatively, you can use encompassing marble tiles in your bathroom to make it the ultimate wellness destination. Marble is one of the most prevalent floor tiles in India, that give your home a feeling of luxury!

Types of tiles #6: Mosaic

Bright colours of mosaic can be overwhelming, so we suggest you refrain from going all out with these tiles, and use them in small portions instead. Mosaic tiles as a kitchen backsplash add a playful vibe, while installing them in the shower area lends an eclectic feel.

Types of tiles #7: Granite

Granite tiles are extremely heat resistant, making them one of the preferred types in India, especially in parts of the home that are exposed to sunlight. You can use them in swimming pools, balconies, or in rooms that have a lot of natural light streaming in.

Types of tiles #8: Limestone

Limestone tiles are natural stones that are easy on the pocket. These tiles normally come in lighter shades like beige or ivory, or earthy tones of red or brown. They are also extremely durable, and are known to stand the test of time, making them one of the most used floor tiles in India.

Types of tiles #9: Onyx

Onyx is now hailed as the new marble for it’s chic finish. However, it also has a unique property of being opaque, making it great for use in backlit walls, or spaces with a lot of ambient lighting.

Types of tiles #10: Stone

Stone tiles recreate the feeling of exposed brick and add a quaint and rustic charm to your place. These are weather resistant and are typically used as outdoor tiles. They can also double up as a great option for the pathway leading up to your house, or in your backyard.

Experiment with different tiles for different parts of your home. After all, there’s no rule against mixing things up!

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