Choosing your bathroom tiling designs can alter the entire look and feel of your bathroom and one easy way to go about it is to find the design that appeals to you most. When it comes to deciding your bathroom tiling designs, the possibilities are endless. From an arena of colours to shapes, sizes and textures, your morning thinking space can get a complete makeover with some Livspace inspiration.

Read on to find out the trending bathroom tiling designs and which can best suit your dwelling.

Bathroom tiling designs #1: Geometric tiles

bathroom tiling designs - geometric tiles
For all you straight line lovers

Check out this monochrome miracle; these classic elementary school shapes stand the test of time and never go out of style. They come in a wide array of materials, colours, shapes and sizes. You can mix and match colours for the floor or walls, or even have a single wall with the geometric tile design. Additionally, they are quite unique and bring out a contemporary element to your home. Your walls and floors will leave you feeling subtly luxurious.


Lucky for you, these tiles are quite durable and fairly easy to clean. Just use water, soap, and a sponge, and you’re good to go. 

Bathroom tiling designs #2: Herringbone pattern

bathroom tiling designs - herringbone pattern
All the right angles

Asymmetrical and eye-catching, the Herringbone design adds a minimal yet classy look to your bathroom walls. What is considered as a popular design for backsplashes in kitchens, they work as great bathroom backsplashes, too. These standard subway tiles give an unmatched depth and variation while giving your bathroom a Scandinavian feel.


These tiles are an investment and won’t go out of style anytime soon. You can clean away dust and dirt from the tiles and wipe them with clean water and a mild detergent. If required, you can also lightly polish them with a soft pad to retain its shine. 

Bathroom tiling designs #3: Moroccan tiles

bathroom tiling designs - moroccan tiles
Old is gold

Your Insta-worthy bathroom is on the way if you choose these unique Morrocan tiles. Moreover, it’s an extremely cost-effective way to revamp your bathroom. Inspired by Moorish art form with heavy detailing from Moroccan architecture, the striking designs and patterns of these tiles will make you go gaga. They come in wide varieties of colours, designs, and textures. Lay them on walls or the floor of your bathroom to make a statement. 


These tiles are not very hard to maintain. They require only water and a neutral cleaning agent. A mixture of vinegar and warm water with a soft cloth would be your go-to solution. For tougher stains, use water and bicarbonate soda. 

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Bathroom tiling designs #4: Terrazzo tiles

bathroom tiling designs - terrazzo tiles
Bits and pieces make me whole

Marble, granite and everything nice… now you have terrazzo tiles. Terrazzo is essentially bits of marble, shell, glass, quartz and/or granite set into concrete and thereby giving it a smooth finish. In fact, terrazzo is so on the rise that it might just knock marble right off her throne. These are customisable to suit your needs, and come loaded with benefits as they are both durable and extremely long-lasting. Did we mention they provide an aesthetic luxury effect to your bathrooms as well?

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Terrazzo floors are not difficult to maintain once they’re properly grouted and sealed. With a damp mop and a neutral cleaning solution, cleaning these tiles can be an easy task.

Just make sure the solution stays on the surface for a few minutes for the dirt to fully dissolve.

Bathroom tiling designs #5: Combination of two shapes

bathroom tiling designs - combination tiles
A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Love two different styles but can’t pick? Yeah, we’ve been there, too, and our experts recommend going for both of them! We’ll find a way to piece them together and make your bathroom look stylish. Here, two different gradients of green and two tile designs have been used. Generally, the usage of vertically stacked subway tiles visually adds to the height of the wall, making the bathroom look more spacious. The different shades of geometric tiles give an outdoorsy appearance making it the right choice for this bathroom. The addition of the wooden storage space completes this stylish bathroom. 


Keep a mix of water and vinegar handy to spray on your subway tiles in case they accumulate dirt or grime. You might need to reseal the grout once every few years to keep it protected. As for your geometric tiles, a simple formula of soap, water and your classic sponge should do the trick. 

Bathroom tiling designs #6: Hexagonal tiles

bathroom tile designs - hexagonal tiles
Edgy designs to stay trendy

Commonly known as the honeycomb pattern for tiles, these bathroom tiling designs are trendy and come in a range of different sizes and colours. The design possibilities are infinite when it comes to mixing and matching these tiles. They are perfect for a backsplash and/or the floor, and you can get as creative as you please. They’re also well-suited for unconventional spaces (like alcoves or creative murals) as you have the liberty to experiment with three to four different colours. Just make sure that they are a harmonious combination of colour tones so it doesn’t seem too overwhelming. 


Cleaning the grout for these tiles is important as they will tend to gather dirt in the crevices. These are slightly harder to clean as they aren’t laid out in a straight line. Essentially, the grout should be cleaned weekly or on a bi-weekly basis with water and baking soda paste. Ideally, a grout brush is used for this purpose, but any old toothbrush would do. As for the tile itself, warm water and a neutral cleaning agent should work the magic.

Bathroom tiling designs #7: Bold statement wall

bathroom tile designs - statement tile wall
Be bold and make a statement

Bathrooms were once a fairly utilitarian space; but now, this utility has paved the way for personalisation. The inclusion of an accent wall in your bathroom with patterned tiles gives it a more spa-like feel. Besides, who wouldn’t want a touch of luxury in this everyday space? A layer of pretty printed porcelain tiles didn’t hurt anyone! Additionally, it also helps in livening up a bathroom with a neutral palette. Notice the camouflaged space to hold your bathroom essentials? Phew! We almost missed it, too. 


These tiles are quite easy to maintain as you can just clean the tile thoroughly with clear water. If required, you can use a mild cleaning solution to wipe off any residue. 

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Bathroom tiling designs #8: Terracotta tiles

bathroom tile designs - terracotta tiles
Keep a piece of mother nature with you

Terracotta tiles are the perfect choice when it comes to giving your bathroom that authentic and earthy look. This bathroom has used terracotta in two ways – the painted grey tiles for the walls and the original red for the flooring. Creative, don’t you think? These tiles look rustic and provide pleasing aesthetics to your bathroom. They come in glazed and unglazed forms, so you can choose what suits your fancy. They come in pretty patterns and shapes and are eco-friendly, too.


Since terracotta tiles are porous in nature, they easily absorb water and other liquids. So, it is very important to ensure that they’re installed properly. For routine cleaning, use a gentle floor cleaner. 

Bathroom tiling designs #9: Metallic accents

bathroom tile designs - metallic tiles
Oh so glamorous!

Give yourself a spa-like luxury experience everyday with stunning golds, stylish silvers, and bold bronzes. Or how about charming copper tones?

Gold, silver, copper and bronze tones into your bathroom to add a piece of luxury everyday experience. Metals are durable and resistant to high temperatures. So if you’re planning a hot tub installation, then metals are the way to go. Tiling the walls or shower cubicles with metallic tiles will ensure you’ll leave your guests in awe. Additionally, you can even bring in industrial accents with burnished copper tiles and industrial accessories for a fresh take on this trend.


Avoid using abrasive cleaners like bleach, ammonia or other polluting compounds. Do not use products like steel wool, sandpaper or scouring pads on metallic surfaces as these will leave scratches. They can be cleaned with warm soapy water or a dish washing agent. 

Bathroom tiling designs #10: Monochrome tiles

bathroom tile designs - monochrome tiles
Mono magic

Monochrome tiles can be used to give your bathroom a sophisticated look. They can be used for floors, backsplashes or even shower cubicles. Our recommendation is to use different patterns and textures to create the perfect bathroom interior. Go for vinyl tiles as these have high durability, are easy to install and, of course, aesthetically pleasing. 


Ensure that the vinyl tiles are properly sealed during installation to prevent debris and dirt from getting trapped in their seams. For regular maintenance, soap and warm water should do the trick. 

If you are looking for vitrified tiles for your home, we’re here to give you some advice.

Bathroom tiling designs #11: Grid stacked 

bathroom tile designs - grid stacked tiles
Simple and clean

For a basic and elegant design, grid stacked tiles are your go-to option. Grid stacked tiles are a design pattern where the same tiles are set in straight lines to bring out a contemporary look. Generally, rectangular tiles of the same colour palette are used to create a timeless and modern look. For a more classic look, square tiles can also be used. Use bold prints or textured tiles to create a statement in your bathroom. To enhance your grid stacked walls, keep the colours in the rest of your bathroom neutral. The aspect of versatility can be enhanced based on the design style and tiles you pick.


These tiles require very basic maintenance. Use a non acidic, non alkaline cleanser to keep your tiles clean. For regular cleaning, use warm soapy water and a sponge. 

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